Breath of Life / DANIEL KOOMAN

The world began when God, the Creator of everything said, "Let there be light."

As the wonder of the world came to life with all its intricate beauty, the most miraculous moment had yet to become reality. That's when God breathed into Adam and, with that one breath, shaped humanity.

Daniel Kooman is an award-winning director of She Has A Name and Dream: Find Your Significance, in this project he shares the creation story in a way you have never experienced it before.

Breath of Life examines three breaths from God that shaped humanity:

The first breath that brought humanity to life;

a second breath that redeemed humanity from sin;

and a third breath that continues to shape the course of human history as we know it.

Original and inspiring, it helps readers rethink something they take for granted every waking moment of the day: the very breath in their lungs.

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