Half a Heart Leads to Healing Hearts Through Music / PAUL CARDALL

It's a miracle that GMA Dove Award winning artist Paul Cardall is alive. Yet the gifts of music that he brings us add up to something even greater. His story is in fact a testament to the human spirit, to determination and humility, and above all to love, expressed through actions and art.  

Born with a profound disability, Cardall would undergo critical surgeries, the first one hours after his birth. Through and beyond his childhood he lived with essentially just half of his heart. Cardall took comfort in music as a teenager and since receiving a heart transplant in 2009, it's been his life's work to use music to help heal other hearts. 

If an album was a memoir, The Broken Miracle would be a soundtrack to the pianist and songwriter's life. The Broken Miracle is a novel written by J.D. Netto based on the life of Paul Cardall.

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