A Courageous Prayer of Blessing / REV. VAHEN KING

Vahen King is an author, motivational speaker and ordained minister. However, Vahen describes herself as "just an ordinary girl" loving life and seizing every opportunity to empower and inspire those around her! At the age of 23, one week after her engagement to the man of her dreams, Vahen developed Transverse Myelitis, a virus that left her physically disabled and dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Although Vahen portrayed confidence as she was trying to cope as a person with a disability, she was facing feelings of self-doubt and exclusion. Vahen reached a point when she realized she had a choice to make, either be paralyzed by fears and insecurities, or push forward. Vahen pushed forward to pursue many exciting opportunities. Most recently Vahen founded her ministry "Going Farther" which is a not for profit charitable organization fueled with the vision to: Ignite hearts with hope, Empower the wounded and Equip the willing. At Going Farther, they know life isn't easy and that many people are facing impossible challenges and paralyzing fear keeps them from moving forward. They understand that in order to take that first step, people need encouragement and support. They want to empower individuals to take that first step towards freedom. So, whether you need hope, inspiration, resources, or connections…Going Farther is there to help. https://goingfarther.org/