Healed from Alzheimers / MARIETTE McDONALD

Mariette McDonald was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2012 and also suffered a significant neck fracture. The chaplain from Menno Place, where Mariette was living, remembers that she didn't think Mariette would recover because of the severity of her condition. After praying for Mariette and "asking God for mercy, it was a long journey but then she came back...and suddenly she was getting so much better. Not just physically, but also cognitively."

Mariette believes it was a miracle: "There's no way, without intervention by God, it has to be God. It's a miracle, because nothing else would have taken me out of there."

Mariette's daughter, Audrey talks about how her mom wants to make a difference: "She wants to help people, she wants to ensure that people understand what Alzheimer's is, what dementia is, ‘cause honestly until you experience it, it's hard to believe that this happens. It's hard to believe that somebody comes back from this. So yeah, it's a miracle for sure. No question."