Faith, Life and Leadership: 8 Canadian Women Share Their Stories

THERE IS A NEW HUNGRY generation of Christian women who believe they have barely scratched the surface of their potential and who are looking for help to become better leaders who can contribute to the healing and restoration of our country and make a difference in our world.

"8 Canadian Women Tell Their Stories" was a creative idea to fill a need of mentoring among women in leadership. The heart-cry of women, everywhere, is to have other women pour into their lives and help them to become better women and leaders.

The authors come from diverse walks of life and professional roles. All the stories are unique to the contributors yet strangely, leadership lessons are remarkably the same. You will be inspired, encouraged, and empowered in the writing of your story as you read this book.

The women featured in this interview are:

Lorna Dueck - CEO Crossroads Global Media Group
Margaret Gibb - Founder of Women Together
Georgialee Lang - Trial Lawyer and Arbitrator
Joy Smith - Former Member of Parliament, Joy Smith Foundation


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