God Is The Only Hope

Tina Weidelich is joined today by her 89-year-old father, Andrew Urbanowicz - a survivor of the WWII Warsaw Uprising. During the Summer of 2014, they travelled together with International Messengers on a short-term Missions trip to Poland. While there they visited summer camps teaching English to Polish adults and kids, and gave concerts sharing their testimonies and Tina sang. Andrew was born in Poland and came from a broken home. His parents divorced when he was 3. Until the age of 10, He did not know God and felt lonely, desperate, abandoned and rejected. After giving his heart to Jesus, God became his only hope. During their trip to Poland, Andrew shared with Tina their heritage and how several times God rescued him from possible death as a Prisoner of War in a war camp, and God's hand of protection on him at the Poniatowski Bridge. Despite several divine miracles of protection, Andrew wandered from the faith and left the church. Following a dream Tina had, she came to a personal decision for Jesus, and the changes God wrought in her life, led Andrew back to faith. Tina continues to minister the Gospel through speaking & singing. God willing, Andrew plans again to travel on a short term mission to Poland with a hope of sharing how God became his only hope and how God protected him and never abandoned him.