Gearing up for Rio 2016 Olympics / KRISTA DUCHENE

Krista DuChene is known as "Marathon Mom". She is the second fastest marathon runner in Canada and she joins us by Skype to talk about her involvement as a Team Canada Member/runner at the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She is really excited to be representing Canada in the games especially since she just recovered from a femur injury.

As part of her daily training, Krista would do some pool running, a 25km run and end off with some stretching and weights. Top with a strict diet and appointments with physiotherapists or massage therapists, preparing to be in the best shape to compete in the Olympics is a full time job for Krista now.

Many people thought that her career was over when she got injured. However, to Krista, it was an opportunity for God to use her in a way that He wanted. She was able to rise up 11.5 months later and qualify for the Olympics. Whether it is a down time or a time of great success, it's all about giving God the glory.

Winning a medal in Rio will be amazing, but nothing compares to the faith she has in Christ.

As Krista puts it, "You can have so much on earth, but life and eternity with Christ is all that matters…"

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