If In Doubt: Answering the Seven Great Questions About Faith

Do you have questions about the Christian faith - Jesus Christ, creation, salvation in Christ, the validity of the word? Then pastor (New Hope Baptist Chruch) Rhys Stenner' book "If In Doubt" will be a great companion for you.

Three years ago, as a group of students go off into the university, Rhys wanted to do a series to encapsulate the heart of the faith, while addressing some of the arguments against the faith. In the middle of this series, the young people kept coming up to him saying that he had to write this down. Thus birth the book. 

"If In Doubt" centers on the fact that God is the creator, and then he asks why this does this matter - if it does matter.

There are lots of factors to the secularization that we have seen over the years. One of such factors is if you lose the view that God made everything, if you believe that everything is just random, then there is therefore no God, no accountability and we can literally do what we like. The thought today is there is no origin and there is no destiny - everything happens by random chance.

Why is it crucial to have a creator God?

If there is no greater God, if God does not exist than we do not need a Savior. But if God did make us, then we are answerable to Him.

Is there right or is there wrong? Does it matter? 

In the book, Rhys looks at the 10 Commandments. They are commandments and not suggestions.

How has the last 100 years look like after we have declared that we do not need God? Many would agree that the world is a mess right now.

Is the Bible reliable?

People often say the Bible is full of fairytales, actually in reality there are no fairytales. The characters in the bible are great historical figures - Solomon, David, Jesus Christ. Therefore, in the book, Rhys gives some evidence on the historicity of the scriptures and shows how we can rely upon it.

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