Raising Uncommon Kids

Sami Cone is a blogger, radio host, and TV correspondent. Known as the Frugal Mom on Nashville's top-rated talk show Talk of the Town, Sami hosts the nationally syndicated ‘Family Money Minute' and educates more than one million listeners every morning on the Family Friendly Morning Show. She and her husband, Rick, have two children and live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sami's new book, "Raising Uncommon Kids" is a masterpiece of parenting at its finest!  But the truth is, it takes an uncommon parent to raise an uncommon kid. Sami says that this isn't as much a parenting book as it is a mirror to turn on ourselves. Where do our kids learn from? It's us as parents. Before we can expect to have uncommon kids we really have to be uncommon ourselves. We are the first taste of God that your child will ever encounter. We have to be careful what we model. Lessons are caught, not taught. If we are seeing an issue in our kids, it is not our child's fault. It's something that they have learn from me, or seen from me, or heard from me. We have to figure out, what is it that we are living, what are my kids seeing me do. If they are not seeing me read my Bible. If they are not seeing me pray or hearing me pray, what do they really have to go off on to develop their own beliefs?

There are 12 Characteristics to incorporate into your life and your kids' lives. These characteristics can be found in Colossians 3 12-17.  She wants to help people actually put these characteristics into practice by making them simple.


Love, not a feeling but a choice. At the root of everything is love. We need to teach kids what it means to love God. We need to teach them how to be kind.

Love is God, love comes from God so we have to lay that as a foundation or the rest of this isn't going to work.


We learn to choose Joy, instead of chasing it. That is a hard thing to do. You aren't always going to feel like loving. We aren't always going to be happy with everything that's happening to us or around us. We can however be content and the sooner we can coach ourselves and help our kids learn to be content with what happens around us. You will find your kids are more compassionate in their own circles and towards the world around them.


To be quiet in spirit. Taking time to pause and reflect before we erupt. Teaching our kids how to respond to situations. With this characteristic if you start young your child will be used to it.

Our children are the best parts of us and the worst parts of us.

Another important thing Sami believes is that we can raise good forgivers. Kids are miles ahead emotionally in life this way. We need to teach kids that if we don't forgive we are the prisoners in the situation. We can't however control if the other person receives it or not. That's not up to us. How we forgive doesn't always have to be pretty but it has to be real. Choosing to forgive is a choice it is not a feeling.


Wisdom and knowledge are 2 separate things. We fill ourselves with knowledge but we don't always act on it. Wisdom means we act on our knowledge. Not just knowing what's right, knowing who God is, and what he says but being able to exercise it in a way that will be beneficial to yourself and to your family.

Sami also shares that it is important for parents to not rush in and fix things or rescue them. Sometimes it is wisdom to allow your children to travel down a difficult road. Which can be so hard.

You need to know what your families values are. Your mission statement.

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