Topic: Food & Nutrition - Weight Loss & Dieting
Marvin Netmaker grew up overweight and ended up facing diabetes due to his weight. He grew to feel unworthy and he wanted to give up, but instead he chose to trust in God and move forward.
Can You Lose Weight During the Holidays?
Joe Amaral and Magdalene John talk about the idea of losing weight during the holidays.
Project Fit Finale!
Our Project Fit comes to a close! We tahnk those who have helped on the journey.
Making the Right Food Choices
Making the Right Food Choices when Dieting.
At Home Fitness
At Home Fitness
Project Fit: Update after 2 Months!
Magdalene John and Cheryl Weber updates us with the struggles and successes as they went through 2 months of their fitness & nutrition regiment!
How You Can Change - Part 4
This week, ProjectFit life coach Merry C Lin looks at the last two strategies that can help you change your eating. "I'm particularly excited to introduce these two menu choices to you because they are so helpful in many realms of our lives."
How You Can Change - Part 3
And I'd love to encourage you and remind you that you are a beautiful child of God, and although becoming healthy and fit is a good goal, this journey is more about breaking free from the ties that hold you back from being all that God intends you to
How You Can Change - Part 2
Dr. Merry C. Lin continues to share with us 3 other techniques that can help us change our eating habits and behaviours.
How You Can Change - Part 1
Now that you know your eating triggers, it's time to learn how to manage them. Get ready to "unlearn" your old way of responding to food, and learn how to respond differently.
Project Fit: Orange Theory Fitness
Cheryl Weber takes her project fit journey to Orange Theory Fitness!
Small Adjustments = Big Gains
Since we are on this journey for healthy and lasting change, I'm digging deep to overcome every roadblock and hindrance that gets in the way of me really achieving the results I want.
What to Order at McDonald's When Trying to Lose Weight
the most important thing to understand is fundamentally portion control. This is KEY especially when going into any fast food restaurant.
No Fads, Shortcuts or Temporary Transformations
Where ever you are on your fitness journey, please join me today in re-committing to the process. This is not just about external results, but permanent, lasting change that comes from the inside out.
I Thought I Was Going to Die... Seriously
As we approached THE STAIRS one guy was just taking his last step when he exclaimed "I'm going to throw up!" You would think this would be a sign that I should just hop back in my car and drive back home but nope, I didn't!!
Project Fit: Magdalene John Goes to the Gym
Magdalene John visits the gym (Good Life Fitness) in her journey to health.
5 Strategies for Consistent Weight Management
Nutritionist Juliana Cavaleri gives us more tips on how we can manage our weight in a healthy and efficient way!
3 Strategies for Weight Management
Losing weight is much more complicated than we think it is. Nutritionist Juliana Cavaleri provides some strategies to help us achieve sustainability with our weight issues!
How to Deal with Metabolic Changes Throughout Every Decade
ProjectFit nutritionist Juliana gives us tips on how to deal with changes in our metabolism through the years.
Project Fit! Cheryl Gets Personal with Dr. Merry C. Lin
Today, Cheryl Weber will talk about her weight-loss journey with Dr. Merry C. Lin
ProjectFit Life Coach - Session 1: What Influences Our Eating?
Welcome to the first session with your Project Fit life coach, Dr. Merry C Lin. Today we will discover what influences our eating.
Perhaps my Nutritionist DOES have a point!
After years of low fat eating, Cheryl Weber is now being challenged to eat more proteins and good fats. The results of such a change will be...
Project Fit! Maggie Gets Personal with Dr. Merry C. Lin
Today, Magdalene John will talk about her weight-loss journey with Dr. Merry C. Lin.
Project Fit Life Coach: Merry C. Lin
I'll be getting you to think more about how your thoughts, behaviours and emotions interact and affect your eating.
So Working Out Doesn't Mean I Can Eat Whatever I Want?
But I'm already remembering the golden rule of weight loss: exercise only makes up about 25% of the process. 75% of it is what you put in your mouth.
The Dangers (and Benefits) of Accountability
On the plus side, I have help from 3 different avenues - fitness classes, a nutritionist and a very wise life coach. But on the downside, everyone in my life knows what I'm doing. I mean, everyone.
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips!! They Are Making Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Now?!
How could this be?? The best of both worlds sweet and salty packaged in a sleek small bag?? I have to admit I did pick it up; looked at it, even thought for about a minute about buying them...
The Junk Food Land Mine!
There are junk food land mines everywhere! The key is to stay strong... and walk away.
Project Fit: Why Am I Doing This?
I have either gone crazy or I have made the wisest decision of my life! I have made the decision to lose weight, 20 pounds to be exact and yes I have decided to do it on national television.
Recipe: Easy Quinoa Stuffing
Quinoa stuffing is light and delicious, easier to make than bread stuffing, and it is gluten free. The perfect substitute side for Thanksgiving!
Day 40 of The Daniel Plan Final Weight Loss Results
Today is day 40 for our team and we want to thank you for joining us as we started out 2014 with this healthy lifestyle program. Based on the five essentials, faith food, fitness, focus and friends, it was a plan for a total health makeover! Watch 10
360 Nutrition: Count Your Colours
Natural Foods Expert Janet Jacks explains how the more colour we have in our diet, the better, and how eating too much fruit may not be the best option!
360 Nutrition: Food Allergies
Natural Food Expert Janet Jacks shares some insights on food allergies, why we are having more insensitivity, and what foods are becoming more of a problem today.
360 Nutrition: The Problem of Sugar
Nutrition Expert Janet Jacks explains the problem of sugar, the negative effects it has, and alternatives we can try in our diets.
Becoming Myself with Stasi Eldredge
Stasi Eldredge shares her own struggles with self-worth, addiction, and her past as she shows readers how we can participate with God as he faithfully unveils who we truly are.
100 Huntley Street Producer Loses 40 lbs as Result of Healthy Living
Jennifer shares what it took, what she had to learn along the way and why she thinks the Daniel Plan is a great resource for you!
A Journey to be Whole
Shelly Calcagno shares how the journey to a healthier lifestyle has not always been easy for her family, but the Daniel Plan is helping them start again!
Rick Warren's Bestseller 'Daniel Plan' Seeks to Change Lives, Not Just Food Habits
Pastor Rick Warren spoke about his No. 1 New York Times bestseller, The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life, explaining that the book is not just about dieting, but is based on biblical principles and aimed at helping people make a difference.
Crossroads Staff Healthy Living Inspiration - Dorie
The Crossroads/CTS staff has been cheering on our follow colleague Dorie after her decision to make some healthy lifestyle changes gaining some amazing results! After losing 40+ pounds, Dorie is an in
Chef Jenny Ross Discovers Tasty Raw Profession by Necessity
From model and event planner to executive chef of a raw food restaurant, Chef Jenny Ross shares the benefits of Raw Foods