Topic: Accidents & Physical Trauma
God Never Left During Great Loss / ZELDA DUURSEMA
We will all face tragedies and loss at some point in our lives. How do we find a way through the pain and anguish? Zelda Duursema shares her heartbreaking story and how she found hope and a way forward.
Roxy Flett-Ross shares about how a near-death experience completely transformed her life and brought her into relationship with Jesus.
The Road Towards Forgiveness / MICHELLE SCHWARZ
Michelle Schwarz's father was tragically and suddenly killed by an impaired driver. This shocking event took place at a time when Michelle could not deeply process all that had happened.
8 Year Old Amputee Gets Bionic Iron Man Arm
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share a heartwarming story about a young amputee who received an "Iron Man" themed prosthetic.
Cheryl Weber talks with Captain Tammie Jo Shults who landed a Boeing 737 after engine failure and saved the lives of 148 people in 2018.
Suffered Burns on 60-70% of His Body / MARK MCDONOUGH
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mark D. McDonough shares his traumatic story of the devastating accident that brought him closer to God and gave him the inspiration to help others.
27 Minutes Under Water / ASHLYN KRELL
Ashlyn was driving by herself one night, on Highway 401 near London ON Canada, during snow squalls and her car slid on black ice. Ashlyn's car hit a concrete culvert and flipped upside down into a construction dugout that had filled with water.
Suffer Strong / KATHERINE & JAY WOLF
After miraculously surviving a near-fatal brainstem stroke at age 26, life for Katherine and Jay Wolf changed forever - and so did the way they viewed the world.
Coping with Loss After Tragedy / BOB MANUEL
Bob shares a very personal story about the loss of his only son, Matthew, at the young age of 22.
Walk by Faith / DAVID KLINE
David Kline joins Greg Musselman to share about how his life was drastically altered after he suffered a serious diving accident, leaving him paralyzed.
One Year Since the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Tragedy
Tomorrow marks one year since the Humboldt Broncos bus crash tragedy. Join us in prayer for the community as they grapple with the healing from this incredible loss.
Ethiopian Airlines Crash / PASTOR TEREFE SEREKE
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman spoke with Pastor Terefe Sereke, Senior Pastor of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Edmonton, about the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash which claimed the lives of all 157 people on board.
Finding Normal / DR. JEFF HUXFORD
In May of 2012, Jeff Huxford, M.D. was in a near-fatal car accident, escaping death but suffering a severe traumatic brain injury. Today he shares his story with Cheryl Weber.
Reclaiming Life: Faith, Hope and Suicide Loss / MAGGIE JOHN WITH KAY WARREN Pt.1
Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church with her husband, Rick, is an international speaker, author, and Bible teacher. When her youngest son, Matthew, took his life in April 2013, her life was dramatically altered by the catastrophic loss.
Cyndi was 3 months into a maternity leave in 2011 when she ended up in hospital with flesh eating disease. She lost her hands and feet, but not her spirit or her faith. Cyndi Wikens is the Author of "Shine On"
First Peoples Voices Associate Producer Crystal Lavallee welcomes Taanis Ryan to talk about her story as a survivor of the 60's scoop.
The Importance of Organ Donation
In the wake of the terrible Humboldt tragedy, Greg Musselman and Maggie John discuss the importance of organ donation.
Pray For Humboldt
Please pray for all of those affected by the bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos which has left a community and the nation in mourning.
A Drive-By Shooting Survivor / LUIS R. MONTOYA
Although he is not even yet out of his teens, Luis Roman Montoya has seen and experienced a lot of trouble, heartache and pain. Here's his story.
Grenfell Tower Fire / WILSON CHOWDHRY
Wilson Chowdhry joins Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber to talk about the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire.
Navigating Through Life's Detours / CAM TAYLOR
Survivor of a serious motorcycle accident and author, Cam Taylor, joins Moira Brown to share wisdom from his book "Detour" explaining how to navigate through all of life's challenges and emerge with strength.
The Night That Changed Our Lives
Kelly Garner shares how he overcame insurmountable odds. As he shares his inspiration, encouragement, and how God has enriched his and his family's lives throughout a horrific accident. God has provided him with a mission of being a leader and discip
A Resurrected Life after a Coma
Moira revisits an unforgettable interview she had with Amanda Legault.
Finding Life After Surviving a Horrific Car Accident
Amanda Legault had always dreamed of being an author. On April 22, 2009 God wrote a story of His redeeming love on her life. Amanda's SUV was flattened like a tin can under an 80,000-pound semi-truck.
Discovering Joy in the Book of Philippians
Linda Barrick released a DVD Bible study entitled "Total Bliss" that takes you through the book of Philippians as she shares stories about her family's journey of finding joy in the midst of pain.
Everyday Heroes of Fort McMurray
Once again, Cheryl Weber brings us compelling stories of people rising up to the occasion as the tragedy hits in Fort McMurray.
The Source of Joy / JEN & LINDA BARRICK
See how the book of Philippians has been a source of strength and joy for Jen and Linda Barrick over the past 10 years in the midst of their countless trials and difficulties.
Jen and Linda Barrick are inspiring and giving hope to hurting people all over as they share their miraculous story of God's faithfulness and healing in the midst of tragedy!
Fleeing the Wildfires of Fort McMurray
A gripping real life account of Tim O'Malley as him and his family fled their home in Beacon Hill.
Goodbye Steve
Joe Amaral talks about a sad encounter he faced on his way into the studio.
Caring for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY.
Overcoming Crisis
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome.
Look for God's Purpose When Tragedy Strikes
Jon & Adrienne Leedahl had been serving on the mission field in Papua New Guinea when tragedy hit...
A Discussion on Legalizing Euthanasia
In February of this year, the Supreme Court struck down our nation's existing law banning assisted suicide and opened the door for its potential legalization. With the current ban in place for the next 12 months while the government considers how to
Artist Joni Eareckson Tada found Hope in midst of Despair
Author, artist and disability advocate Joni Eareckson Tada opens up about her story - how she went from depression and despair to an internationally known author and radio host by simply depending on God.
Surviving a Shark Attack - Bethany Hamilton
Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old when she went for her usual morning surf. Next thing she knew, she was being rushed to the hospital after a shark bit off her left arm. Despite the physical trauma she took, she has relied on God
Beating the Odds - Craig DeMartino
In 2002, Craig DeMartino took a 100-foot fall to the ground while he was rock climbing. He lost blood, broke ribs that ripped a hold in his lung, and the fall's impact had gone up his legs and pulverized the lower vertebrae. Eventually, he had to hav
Life-Saving Prayer - Don Piper
"I was killed by an 18-wheeler" is not a sentence too many people can say today. Don Piper was pronounced dead at the scene when a truck hit him head on. His body completely torn and injured, four EMTs were unsuccessful in reviving Don's lifeless bod
Surviving His Father's Attempted Murder - Kevin Albright
When his mother's home was broken into, the intruder's gun had been emptied in an attempt to kill her. Though she survived, Kevin Albright wanted to know who was responsible. Imagine the disbelief that came to him upon the discovery that the traumati
The Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
100 Huntley Street Reporter Magdalene John speaks with John Shippam who runs his own counselling practice that helps empower and liberate people who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.