Topic: Finance
The Key To Financial Security / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares the key to financial security is not working hard but working smart.
Success Brought Loss Of Purpose / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares about how his dreams coming true left him feeling empty and how he learned what truly brought satisfaction to his life.
Time is Your Friend When Making Investments / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares what hope there is for people in financial freedom if they invest and give it time.
Money and Status and Vigilance / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares about the 4 different categories we fall into when it comes to how we deal with money. Today he talks about how many connect their self worth to wealth. As well as what it means to live within your means.
Money Avoiders and Money Worshippers / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares about the 4 different categories we fall into when it comes to how we deal with money.
A Percentage Of All You Earn Is Yours To Keep / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares how saving 10% of your earnings can set you up for future success.
What Makes Us Successful / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares about how a high IQ doesn't immediately mean financial success and how we can truly become successful.
Can You Recover From Money Mistakes / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares how we can recover from money mistakes.
The Ins and Outs of Investing / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares how to make good investments.
Leaving a Legacy of Financial Knowledge / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares how he wrote this book to help not only his children and grandchildren but all future generations. He also shares some of the financial challenges facing young people and how they can overcome them.
Simple Wealth / DAVID ASH
Affordable Housing for Those in Dire Need / INDWELL
One organization that started more than 40 years ago with one couple that decided to take people in that were desperate for an affordable place to live is trying to make a difference in Southern Ontario.
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Bringing Faith Into Your Financial Future / KAREN BJERLAND
Karen Bjerland is the CEO of FaithLife Financial. She chats with Greg Musselman about blending our unique financial needs with our faith.
Trusting Our Canadian Economy / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Lorna Dueck & Kevin Pauls speak with Brian Dijkema & Sean Speer about trusting our Canadian economy.
A Special Thank You from Crossroads C.E.O. Lorna Dueck
Lorna Dueck shares a special message to thank those who helped us reach a very important goal.
An Urgent Message From CEO Lorna Dueck
CEO Lorna Dueck shares an urgent need with our 100 Huntley Street viewers.
Continue Viewing 100 Huntley Street on National Television by Helping Fund Airtime
Lorna Dueck is on a mission to expand two very specific things, the transformational content that reveals the message of Jesus and the broadcast system that actually delivers this good news to your home.
CEO Lorna Dueck Shares the Power of TV in Our Post-Truth Time
CEO Lorna Dueck shares a special message and need.
A Special Message from Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck
CEO Lorna Dueck shares a special message and need.
5 Best Affordable Cities to Live
With house prices rising everywhere Kevin Pauls shares the top 5 places in Canada where you can still get an affordable house.
Thank You for Supporting The Give Project
CEO Lorna Dueck shares an update on "The Give Project"
Would You Consider a Year End Gift?
Lorna Dueck asks for your help in continuing the Miracle on 100 Huntley Street by considering the ministry in your year end giving.
The Way We Shop is Changing
Joe Amaral and Magdalene John talk about how times are changing when it comes to the way we shop.
Christmas Spending / Greg the Quirky Camera Guy
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy hits the streets to talk to Canadians about their spending over the holidays.
We Can Reach Our Goal!
Jack Vanderkooy is Crossroads Chief Operating Officer and shares what brought him to the ministry and the need for support and how we can accomplish this.
We are Facing a Challenge
Lorna Dueck shares on why we are unable to send out monthly offers in our current financial situation.
Reaching Out When People Need Us
Linda Miller shares how 100 Huntley Street impacted her when she was a young mom.
A Troublesome Media Landscape
Lorna shares the troubles facing Canadian media and the importance of your support so we can help keep it strong.
Financial Mistakes People Make
Magdalene John and Cheryl Weber discuss the common financial mistakes that people make.
The Recovering Spender
Lauren Greutman shares the damage of her overspending results in an underwater mortgage, a car towed away, $40,000 in debt, and a $1,000 deficit per month in her family finances. Curbing spending addiction and successfully set up boundaries to keep
We Cannot Serve Two Masters / DR MICHAEL YOUSSEF
Lorna Dueck speaks with Michael Youssef on how money is the number one rival to Jesus.
Thank You, We Have a New Goal
We thank you for helping us reach our goal and ask for your support towards a new goal.
Wisdom for Marriage and Finances
If the foundation has fallen out from under you and you need to make a crucial decision today, why not seek the Lord for His wisdom? Pray and ask Him for guidance.
A Challenge from One of our Supporters
John Hull speaks with Rob Ennema about a special challenge for a certain demographic of our viewers.
Thank You! We Still Need Your Support
We share an update on our goal and what we still need your support to do!
We Need Your Support by Friday
John Hull, Joe Amaral, and Cheryl Weber speak about an important fundraising goal we have to make this week.
Inspiration From the Book of Matthew
Joe Amaral speaks about the book of Matthew and the correlation to the financial needs of Crossroads.
Have You Been Impacted by 100 Huntley Street
Joe Amaral shares how God used the ministry of 100 Huntley Street in his family's life.
Possible Canadian Postal Strike
News has broken today of a potential postal strike in just a few days.