Topic: Failure
Failure & Success / RUTH CHOU SIMONS
Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and speaker Ruth Chou Simons shares her journey of God's grace intersecting daily life with word and paintbrush. Her beautiful book is "Beholding and Becoming."
Danielle Strickland shares a Bible teaching on freedom & failure.
Lorna Dueck and Rick Goossen talk about how to deal with failure in business.
Brad Peterson of Tech4Kids Shares His Business and Story
Brad Peterson is the President & CEO of Tech4Kids he talks about popular toys this holiday season.
Caring for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY.
From Bahá’í to Christianity
Emily Armstrong shares her story from the Bahá'í Faith to Christianity.
Healing the Heart of Canada After a Troubled Past
Maggie Baratto shares her personal story of being a teenage runaway and having an unplanned pregnancy with an abusive man and her journey through 2 more unplanned pregnancies.
Will Davis Jr. Reveals 10 Things that Jesus Never Said
In "10 Things Jesus Never Said", Will Davis Jr. unmasks commonly believed myths about our relationship with God and shows readers how to replace this pervasive theology of failure with the truth of how Jesus really feels about them.
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack
Tricks My Dog Taught Me: Don't Quit
Canadian comedian and author Phil Callaway has written more than 25 books including his most recent "Tricks My Dog Taught Me'. Here he shares one trick he learned from his dog - Don't Quit!
How Do I Deal with Fear? - Jill Briscoe
Jill Briscoe shares the story of Elijah in 1 Kings and how God strengthened him and instructed him to stand in the presence of the Lord.
"Life is a Race We Run, So Run Till the Race is Won"
There are seasonsin our lives that are painful. God may not take the pain away, or take you out of that uncomfortable situation... but that doesn't mean He has left you. He is there with you every step.
12 Declarations to Start Your Day
Need a little pick-me-up to begin your day? Here are 12 verses to help you refocus your identity as a follower of Jesus Christ...
He Restores My Soul
I run to him. He restores my soul. He fills me up. He goes after each one of his flock.
Too Much at Steak
There was nothing more my dear man could do but leave me to fuss and fume. Proverbs 21:9 did not come to my mind at that moment "It is better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a contentious wife in a lovely home"
Ashley Cleveland Overcomes with God's Love
Grammy-winning gospel singer Ashley Cleveland used to wonder: "Why would the God of the universe want anything to do with somebody like me?" Yet, He pursued her for a long time and never let her go.
How Do You Pray When You Have Failed?
When Peter denied Christ three times, it was a major failure in his relationship with God. Peter teaches us that failure, if properly responded to, leads to surrender.
Self Control - The Brain Smart Path
Staying in focus is very crucial to make the Daniel Plan a success in your life. Here, Dr. Daniel Amen shares on how having self-control help in making good quality choices.
Tips to Maintain your Motivation
Let's face it, choosing between a donut and a diet is a matter of motivation. Want to live healthy, feel better and enjoy life, or satisfy a short-term desire to chomp on foods that are a waste and en
Bad Report Card Blues
Your child brings home a bad report card. Your first instinct may be to punish him in order to make him raise his marks. However, will that really solve the problem?
Finishing the Race
Krista DuChene joins us to talk about being the 2nd Fastest Canadian Marathoner, her faith, as well as her life being a marathon mom.
Journeying With God
Author Ted Kluck share about his personal story, coming out from a dark place.
'Defeat: The Fear of Failure' Part 2
Jerry sits down with Dr. David Jeremiah to discuss the fourth chapter - 'Defeat: The Fear of Failure' of his book, 'What Are You Afraid Of?'
'Defeat: The Fear of Failure' Part 1
Jerry sits down with Dr. David Jeremiah to discuss the fourth chapter - 'Defeat: The Fear of Failure' of his book, 'What Are You Afraid Of?' David Jeremiah, Jerry Johnston
What Are You Afraid Of? Failure
The most often repeated command in the bible is "Fear Not." "What Are You Afraid Of?" is a new series by Dr. David Jeremiah. In this episode, the fear of failure is the main focus.
Free to Dream - Your Past Doesn't Have to Stop You
Holley Gerth is a best-selling author and certified life coach. Her newest book "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream" encourages everyone to find that God-Sized dream, regardless of the size, and pursue
Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunity
Moira Brown speaks with Mark Rutland about the real meaning of leadership and how we can apply the principles to our own lives. Dr. Mark Rutland-President, Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, OK Book:
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
Moira Brown interviews Steven Scott about his latest book on 100 Huntley Street.
Cross Roads - Wm. Paul Young
Moira Brown speaks with William Paul Young about his journey from cleaning toilets to becoming a bestselling author for "The Shack" and now "Crossroads" Wm. Paul Young-Author; Speaker Book: "Cross
Still Standing - When Life Seems Impossible
James Merritt talks about what we need to focus on when life seems impossible. James Merritt is the Pastor and Host of 'Touching Lives'. Merritt's Book is "Still Standing"
Lessons From It's a Wonderful Life
Moira Brown speaks with Bob Welch about the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" Bob Welch-Author, "52 little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life" Book: "52 little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life"
What Would Jesus Read - Isaiah 54:4
Joe Amaral brings us teaching from Isaiah 54:4.
Does God Care
Greg Matte talks about his books, "Finding God's Will" and "I Am Changes Who I Am" Author, Pastor
Stay in Touch --Beating Yourself Up
Stay in Touch---"Beating Yourself Up"
Wisdom Walks - Admit it, Forget it, And Get Back in it
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Parenting Your Adult Children
Moira Brown speaks with Nancy Williams about some guidelines when parenting your adult children. ; Nancy Williams ; Licensed Professional Counsellor ; Book: "Secrets To Parenting Your Adult Chil
Wisdom Walks - Faith Overcomes Fear
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Are We Raising Our Boys To Be Underachieving Men?
The Full Circle Ladies discuss the recent article in Maclean's about whether or not we are raising our boys to be underachieving men.