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Kirk Cameron joins Lara Watson to chat about the film "Lifemark" which hits theatres today!
Redeeming Love / FRANCINE RIVERS
Francine Rivers is the International Best Selling Author of "Redeeming Love". It has now become a motion picture. Francine chats with Cheryl Weber.
The American Underdog / ANDY ERWIN
"American Underdog" is based on the inspirational true story of Kurt and Brenda Warner. Life made them underdogs. Faith made them champions. Undrafted as a quarterback out of college, Kurt found himself stocking shelves in a grocery store to help sup
They join us to share what exactly a "Godwink" is and their latest Hallmark Movie.
Bringing Hope to the Persecuted / KEITH GETTY
The Getty's have found there is a distinct connection between singing, creativity, and hymns which are full of truth and hope, and how these help Christians to persevere through difficult times.
The Girl Who Believes in Miracles / LARRY JAFFE
Larry Jaffe has produced his first feature film, "The Girl Who Believes in Miracles," that will premiere in theaters nationwide this Easter weekend. Today he joins Lara Watson to share about the film.
Film, Faith & Hollywood / TIFFANY ESPENSEN
Tiffany Espensen is 21 years old and is an American actress who can be seen in projects such as Marvel's Spiderman: Homecoming, Disney Plus' Kirby Buckets, NCIS, Criminal Minds, House M.D., Netflix's Monsterville and many more.
Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival (CIFF) / KEVIN SORBO & JASON BARBECK
Jason Barbeck and Kevin Sorbo join Cheryl Weber to talk about the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival (CIFF) which will be taking place virtually this year on September 18th-19th.
Selfie Dad / MICHAEL JR.
Known as one of today's most gifted comedians, Michael Jr. brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world. Today he joins Mark Masri and Lara Watson to speak about his new film "Selfie Dad."
I Still Believe / KEVIN DOWNES
Producer, Kevin Downes joins Greg Musselman to chat about the film "I Still Believe."
Maggie John's interview with Abby Johnson who's memoir the controversial film "Unplanned," was based on. The movie was released in Canada July 12.
Palau the Movie in Theatres April 4th & 6th!
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman chat about Palau the Movie which is being released in theatres April 4th and 6th!
Chris Pratt on Faith & Fame
Chris Pratt was recently featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, speaking about how his faith protects him from "the lion's den of fame."
The Movie Guide Awards!
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman chat about the Movie Guide Awards!
The Least of These / STEPHEN BALDWIN
Stephen Baldwin joins Cheryl Weber via Skype to chat about his new film "The Least of These."
Exciting Content on Castle!
Lorna Dueck joins Greg Musselman to chat about some exciting features on Castle!
Unbroken: Path to Redemption / SAMUEL HUNT
Samuel Hunt joins Maggie John to chat about his role in the film "Unbroken: Path to Redemption."
Paul: Apostle of Christ in Theatres Now!
Cheryl Weber got the chance to sit down in Nashville with actor Jim Caviezel to discuss his role in "Paul: Apostle of Christ," which is now playing in theatres!
Web Exclusive Content / JIM CAVIEZEL
Cheryl Weber got the chance to sit down in Nashville with actor Jim Caviezel to discuss his role in "Paul: Apostle of Christ." Check out this web exclusive content!
The 15:17 to Paris
Maggie John recently sat down with the real-life heroes who play themselves in the new Clint Eastwood movie based on their lives - The 15:17 to Paris.
Huntley Hope | December 27, 2017
Today on Huntley Hope, Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman take a look behind the scenes of the making of the new film "Ice Dragon."
Mully in Theatres Tomorrow!
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman chat about the movie "Mully" which is based on Dr. Charles Mulli's life and the ministry work that he has done through Mully Children's Family. The film will be playing in select theatres in Canada tomorrow!
Mully in Theatres October 12th / DR. CHARLES MULLI
Cheryl Weber chats with Dr. Charles Mulli about the theatrical release of "Mully" - a film based on Charles Mulli's ministry, Mully Children's Family Canada.
Must Watch List this Easter on PUREFLIX Canada
PUREFLIX Canada is now available on a device near you! With over 3500 faith and family titles, there is something for everyone and you can start with a free 1 month subscription at
Kevin Pauls speaks with Jason Barbeck & Rafael Kalamat about the upcoming release of their film "Adam's Testament."
Bestselling Author Paul Young talks The Shack Film
Kevin Pauls speaks with Paul Young about his bestseller "The Shack" and its recent big screen debut.
2017 Oscar Nominations / HOT TOPIC
Kevin shares his predictions for the 2017 Oscars.
The Value of Family Friendly Programming / Ted Baehr
Dr. Ted Baehr is Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® and noted Critic, Educator, Lecturer & Media Pundit. He shares about the 25th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala taking place on Friday, Feb. 10 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. He al
"Silence" Film Has Profound Impact on Liam Neeson
Cheryl Weber, Maggie John & Todd Cantelon discuss the impact that certain roles in films can have on the actors.
School Girl Raises Funds for Kids to See Film "Hidden Figures"
Maggie John & Todd Cantelon talk about a school girl who has raised $13,000 for kids to see the movie "Hidden Figures."
Women Are Priceless / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Cheryl discuss how women are valuable and priceless, and share the trailer for King & Country's new film, Priceless.
Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge / Hot Topic
Joe and Cheryl discuss Mel Gibson's new film Hacksaw Ridge.
Entertainment Report - Ben-Hur
Maggie John shares the details of the new remake of Ben-Hur
Maggie John chats with Roma Downey about her new remake of Ben-Hur.
In Loving Memory of Tim Lahaye
Timothy LaHaye, the evangelical minister and co-author of the "Left Behind" book series, died on Monday July 25, 2016. Here's an interview we did with him back in 2002.
Gods Not Dead 2 // THE NEWSBOYS
The Newsboys discuss their role in Gods Not Dead 2 and why they believe this movie shares such an important message.
"Daughters of Eve" Premieres March 27!
Throughout the bible, women play a significant role in the story of God. Crossroads is proud to present a brand new docu-drama "Daughters of Eve", featuring various women of the bible.
Miracles from Heaven / DeVON FRANKLIN
DeVon Franklin is the producer of "Miracles from Heaven" discuss the movie and the amazing story behind it.
3 Spectacular New Films You Don't Want to Miss!
It's going to be a busy time at the movie theatres for faith based films over the next couple of weeks!
Entertainment Report: Entertainment News
Magdalene John shares big news out of the entertainment industry