Topic: Enemies
Cheryl Weber chats with Bob Goff about his experience befriending an African Witch Doctor convicted of child sacrifice.
The Fencing Master / LISA BEVERE
We often underestimate how our enemy see us. Bible teacher Lisa Bevere gives a short teaching on how we need to start reflecting the word of God in our lives!
Joyce Meyer - How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past
Bible teacher and New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer shows us the biblical and Godly way to move past your pain and hurts.
Protection and Provision in the Tablelands
Author Robert Morgan dissects Psalm 23:5 for us - stressing on God's protection and provision.
An Introduction to The SHIYR Poets
The SHIYR Poets (pronounced 'Sheer') consists of Brian Doerksen, Calum Rees, Brian Thiessen & Teresa Trask.
Insights into the Middle East
Moira Brown speaks with Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew White about his insights into the current situation into the Middle East. Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew White-Pastor, St George's Church-Baghdad,Iraq-The Vicar o
Who Owns Your Home? Preparing for Spiritual Warfare
Lorie Harshorn speaks about her struggles and teaches us how to battle our struggles using God's Word. She teaches us how to keep the enemy out and how to find freedom.
Who is the Enemy Here?
Joe Manafo is a filmmaker, church planter, and author of the book "...And We Will Become a Happy Ending". Joe brings us back to question who the real enemy is. "The thing inside of us that tells us to