Topic: Education
Major Success Does Not Bring Happiness / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares his personal life story.
Transitioning to Canada / JERO GURUNIAN
Greg Musselman speaks with Jero Gurunian about transitioning to life in Canada and what the experience of the school system has been like for his children and as a parent thus far.
Community Prayers - Schools / LARA WATSON
Our hosts have made it a priority to get out into the community and pray for people affected by COVID-19. Today Lara shares a prayer for those who serve in schools, students and parents.
Inmates Band Together to Pay Student's Tuition
Lara Watson and Mark Masri share a story about a group of inmates who pooled their money together to help pay for a student's $24K tuition.
Faith Values in the School System / DEANI A. VAN PELT
Greg Musselman and Lorna Dueck are joined by Deani A. Van Pelt to discuss the choices that parents are making for their childrens' education and how to maintain faith values in school.
The Best Things About Back to School / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to ask parents: what's the best thing about kids heading back to school?
Preparing to Head Back to School / DR. ANDREW L. BLACKWOOD WEB EXCLUSIVE
In this web exclusive, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood joins Greg Musselman to share tips to get students ready to head back to school.
Canadian wins Global Teacher Prize
Lorna Dueck and and Magdalene John speak about how the Global Teacher Prize was given to a Canadian teacher in Canada's North named Maggie MacDonnell.
Church on Campus / LIFT Church
Robin Wallar is lead pastor of Lift Church, which is a church on campus. He talks about church planting and his hopes to go across Canada with his initiative.
Grandmother Earns Bachelor Degree
Cheryl Weber shares an amazing story of a Grandmother who has earned her Bachelors degree, providing it's never to late to accomplish your dreams.
Your Circumstances Do Not Define You / STEVE ARTERBURN
Joe talks with Steve Arterburn about how your circumstances do not have to define the direction of your life.
5 Lessons Everyone Should Learn by 25 / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Cheryl share some lessons that everyone should learn by 25.
3 Ways Your Ego is Keeping Your From Gods Plan / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Cheryl continue their discussion on how your ego is keeping you from God's plan for your life.
Trinity Western Update & Yazidi Women Honoured / HOT TOPIC
Cheryl and Joe share an update from Trinity Western University regarding the law school legalities. They also share and article on Yazidi women honoured for bravery.
Grimsby Awakening / GREAT FAITH TOUR
Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck joins Cheryl and Joe to share the sites from the Great Faith Tour. Today, Lorna tours Grimsby, Ontario for the Grimbsy Awakening.
Hamilton Revival / GREAT FAITH TOUR
Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck joins Cheryl and Joe to share the sites from the Great Faith Tour. Today, Lorna tours Hamilton, Ontario for the Hamilton Revival.
Hurricane Aftermath in Haiti / BETSY WALL
Betsy Wall shares an update on the aid being done in Haiti from the result of Hurricane Matthew.
Coping with Stress / TARA LALONDE
Tara Lalonde, PhD, RP, is a Registered Psychotherapist. Today she chats with Cheryl on coping with stress.
Young Leaders / RYAN HARMON
One of the questions in any age is how does one relate to another? As part of our Generation 2 Generation initiative here at 100 Huntley Street, Carey Nieuwhof sits down with a number of young people, over different periods of time to have conversati
Facing the School Year in Faith
Joe Amaral and Cheryl Weber speak about the reality children and teens face as they head to school and how we need to keep our children in prayer this school year.
Back to School and Family Fun Fest!
Cheryl Weber speaks to Shelly Calcagno about parenting and kids going back to school and how you can bless your kids with backpack blessings.
Shelly Calcagno shares a back to school blessing for your kids!
Bless Your Kids this New School Year
It is a great idea to bless your kids as they head into a new school year. Shelly Calcagno shares some great ideas.
Be Strong & Courageous / BACKPACK BLESSINGS
Shelly Calgagno shares a back to school blessing for students.
New Educational Program - ADDO
Kevin Scott and Elizabeth Jay talk about the new children's program - ADDO.
52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid
Maggie John chats with Johnathan McKee on how to handle your child's obsession with their smartphone.
Shelly Calgagno shares her back to school blessing for students.
One Dress One Year
Bethany Winz chats with Carol McLeod about her book "One Dress One Year."
Great Reads For Parents - Sex Education
Shelly Calcagno shares some great reads to help with teaching on sex education.
Supporting Post Secondary Students through Candy
Andy Gourley is the Founder and Director of RedFrogs Australia and CEO of Red Frogs Support Network. He shares how his ministry reaches college and universities students through candy and kind acts.
Changing the Future for Special Needs Kids
John Hull speaks with Elizabeth Dulin about her work with the Lionheart School and how it is impacting special needs kids.
Reaching Young People of All Types
Mike Gordon Founder of The Rock House Ministries he shares about the ministry work he is doing and the upcoming LeCrae Concert he will be a part of.
Overcoming Crisis
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome.
Role Model Moms – Giving Moms a Chance at Education
Dave Addison is the Executive Director of Toronto City Mission which runs the Role Model Moms program.
Advice for Parents Facing the New Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario
Peter Jon Mitchell of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada gives some practical advice for parents who have children entering school under the new sex education curriculum.
Back to School Organization!
Today Shelly Calcagno shares some ideas to get the back to school season started off right.
New Ontario Sex Education Curriculum
Michael Coren and Magdalene John talk about the new Ontario Sex Education Curriculum.
Growing Leaders in Today’s Society
Tim Elmore shares about how we can grow leaders in today's society.
Talking to Your Kids About Sex
A panel discusses having "the talk" with your kids
Tricks My Dog Taught Me
Phil Callaway shares the lessons we can learn about life from our dogs.