Topic: Drinking
Roberta Fiddler's Story / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Roberta shares her story of growing up in a big family in Waterhen Lake First Nation. She would envy those who died, she grew up in a home with a lot of alcoholism and domestic abuse. She started drinking and became violent.
Brody Haight / MY STORY
In grade school, Brody Haight began to smoke Marijuana, which during his high school years, led to an addiction to alcohol and heavy drugs. This is his story.
God Met Me at my Lowest Point / WADE SANDERSON
Wade Sanderson grew up in Pine House Lake, Saskatchewan and how even from a young age he wondered about the meaning of life. He faced a lot and started drinking in high school and it became his mechanism to cope until it almost destroyed him, however
When Amanda was very young; she was sexually traumatized, which led her to fear and eventually anger and bitterness. When she was old enough to start drinking, she turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.
Stan & Sally Bragg Full Interview / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Stan and his wife, Sally, grew up in Toronto. They were partiers. One day Stan had an encounter with God and his wife thought he was an alien. Sally was watching 100 Huntley Street and gave her life to Christ while watching.
Moses Bird has overcome drugs, alcohol and suicidal thoughts to live God's dream. Today Moses is a Missions Pastor.
Supporting Post Secondary Students through Candy
Andy Gourley is the Founder and Director of RedFrogs Australia and CEO of Red Frogs Support Network. He shares how his ministry reaches college and universities students through candy and kind acts.
Freedom from Prostitution and Addiction
a story of life after prostitution and addiction
Lead Guitarist of Korn Brian Welch
Lead Guitarist of Korn Brian Welch shares his faith story
Forgiving Her Alcoholic Mother
Julie Meyer, worship leader at Kansas City's International House of Prayer, talks about growing up with an alcoholic mother and how daily she needed to cry out to God to help her move past hate and bitterness, into love and forgiveness.
My Husband Won't Stop Drinking, But I Pray, Fast and Confess My Sins
Crossroads360 answers viewers questions on spiritual warfare. Jerry Johnston tackles the question "My husband drinks - I fast, I pray, I confess my sins and the drinking wont stop. Am I missing someth
Bondage Breaker
Moira Brown continues her amazing discussions with author/theologian Neil Anderson. Founder/ President Emeritus - Freedom in Christ Ministries. Author "The Bondage Breaker" & "The Bondage Breaker - T
Cutting the Strings to a Destructive Past
Jim Cantelon speaks with Amy Jackson about her past of drug and alcohol abuse and how Sharon as a mother continued to pray until her daughter found freedom. ; Book: "Cut The Strings" ;
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Moira Brown speaks with LeeAnn Lowery Bell about her life of drugs, alcohol before finding God at a Coffee House. ; LeeAnn Lowery Bell ;
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Moira Brown speaks with LeeAnn Lowery Bell about her life of drugs, alcohol before finding God at a Coffee House. ; LeeAnn Lowery Bell ;
Full Circle - "When I Do Becomes I Don't"
Laura Petherbridge is an Author / Speaker and she sits down to talk about the layers of loss people suffer after divorce. Her book is called "When "I Do" becomes "I Don't".
God Can Bless After a Mess, Jason Crabb
Grammy award-winning vocalist Jason Crabb speaks with Moira Brown about his music ministry along with his work with The Gaithers and how blessings can come out of pain.