Topic: Disease & Illness - Mental Illness
Shepherd of My Soul: Healing PTSD From Psalm 23 / SOKREAKSA HIMM
Sokreaksa Himm shares his incredible story of overcoming PTSD after the murder of 13 of his family members.
Context Beyond The Headlines Tackles Mental Health
Maggie John joins Cheryl Weber to give us a sneak peek into Context Beyond The Headlines' program focused on mental health which airs today at 9:30am/pm on YES TV.
Brooke and Lynn are recovering from Opioid addiction.
Finding Hope After Suicide Attempt / EMMA BENOIT
Emma Benoit became extremely passionate about suicide prevention after surviving a suicide attempt in 2017, the summer before her senior year in high school. She now shares about mental health and the hope she found.
Celesta and Jonathan Stevenson / RELIEVING THE PAIN : CANADA'S OPIOID CRISIS
A story of hope. Celesta and Jonathan's drug addiction was spiralling out of control. But the loss of a loved one set them on a path of freedom, and towards the love of Jesus.
Maggie sits down with Jeff Walsh, Brantford firefighter, got many calls for opioid overdoses during this career. Tragically, Jeff lost a son to opioid addiction.
Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare; Dr. David Juurlink (Sunnybrook), Tim McClemont, Carlin Patterson (Nurse), Scott MacDonald (doctor, crosstown clinic, N. Vancouver); Kevin Mast (Pastor Hope Centre)
Maggie John with Julia Beazley of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Colin Toffelmire of Ambrose University - Gov't Policy on Harm Reduction vs. Prevention
Are You Really OK? / DEBRA FILETA
Debra Fileta joins Lara Watson to share from her book "Are You Really OK?"
Mental Health Moment – Have You Dealt with 2020 / DEBRA FILETA
Debra Fileta discusses the importance of stopping and realizing how 2020 has impacted us and our mental health so that we can process the trauma and heal from it.
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Mental Health Moment – Are You Emotionally Healthy? / DEBRA FILETA
Debra Fileta discusses how we are not as healthy as we think we are. Especially if we look at our emotional health. She also shares how we can become emotionally healthy.
Overcoming Mental Illness / YOU ARE NOT ALONE
Mental illness is a huge issue in Canada. Sidelined by stigma, we often don't realize how big of a problem it truly is, with detrimental and sometimes debilitating daily impact on those effected by it. Is there hope for those living with a mental ill
Perseverance: Moving Towards Mental Wellness / ALLAN & BONNIE GALLANT
In 2017, Allan's life changed when he suffered a severe stroke. After a month of recovery and learning to speak again, he began the hardest battle of his life, a battle with mental illness; PTSD, severe Anxiety and Depression.
40 Days of Hope for Health Care Heroes - PTSD / AMY K. SORRELLS
Healthcare workers are suffering from their own epidemic of burnout and moral injury as a result of dwindling resources and being overworked. Amy K. Sorrells offers hope in this book!
Mental Health Matters!
Today is a day where mental health is being discussed across Canada. Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri weigh in.
Tips to Strengthen Your Mental Health
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri share some tips to help strengthen your mental health.
The COVID-19 Pandemic's Effect on Mental Health / BRETT ULLMAN
Brett Ullman joins Cheryl Weber to discuss the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on mental health.
Finding Quiet / JAMIE GRACE
Jamie Grace joins Mark Masri to share from her book "Finding Quiet."
Navigating Anxiety in the Midst of COVID-19 / DR. ANDREW L. BLACKWOOD
Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood joins Greg Musselman to talk about combatting anxiety in the midst of these unprecedented times.
The Stigma Behind Mental Illness / JEFF WATSON
Jeff Watson joins Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman to talk about Mental Illness and Mental Health as a whole.
Overcoming Abuse & Mental Illness / WADE SOROCHAN #HUNTLEYWEST
Wade grew up in a broken home, with a narcissistic mother. As a result, he became very sad, anxious and depressed which continued though most of his life. Today he shares how he has overcome his past.
Overcoming Addiction / MICHELLE TITIAN
Powerhouse singer/songwriter Michelle Titian joins us to share her story of overcoming addiction.
Best Blog of the Year / SARAH E. BALL
Recipient of the "Inaugural David Mainse Best Blog of the Year Award" at the recent Word Guild Annual Word Awards, Sarah E. Ball is an author, speaker, mom of five and mental illness survivor. She joins Greg Musselman to chat via Skype.
PTSD Awareness & Helpful Tips
June is PTSD awareness month and with June right around the corner, Maggie John and Greg Musselman share some helpful tips for coping with PTSD symptoms.
PTSD in the Police Force / P.C. SIMON TOYNE
P.C. Simon Toyne shares about his return to the church and his experiences as a police officer.
When Lightning Strikes Twice / MELODY LECLAIR
Melody Leclair joins Cheryl Weber to share about two of her children who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
Childhood Anxiety / TIM HUFF
A recent study showed that more than 50% of parents are concerned about their child's anxiety level. Here to speak about childhood anxiety, is Author and Social Justice Advocate, Tim Huff.
Brandon Kicknosway / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Crystal Lavallee is joined by Brandon Kicknosway to share about his struggles with suicidal thoughts.
Healing the Past / KRYSTLE MARRIOTT
Krystle Marriott had big dreams and visions as a child, but her past soon eroded those lofty dreams, facing a perpetual state of fear and anxiety after being sexually abused. Today she shares her story with Maggie John.
Life Stories: Jacob Williams
It is estimated that nearly one in ten Canadian Armed Forces veterans who served in Afghanistan is suffering from PTSD. Here's one man's story through this difficult journey.
Legalization of Marijuana & Mental Health / BARRY CHALIFOUX
Barry Chalifoux joins Cheryl Weber to chat about the legalization of Marijuana and the implications this may have on Canadian youth and mental health in general.
New Every Day / DAVE MEURER
Dave Meurer joins Maggie John to speak about his journey (chronicled in his book "New Every Day") through supporting his mother-in-law who lives with Alzheimer's.
Annette Walker / #JESUSSTRONG
Lorna Dueck speaks with 100 Huntley Street Prayer Partner, Annette Walker about rising cases of anxiety and depression.
Living with Bipolar Disorder / RACHEL DE BOER
Rachel de Boer joins Maggie John in the studio to share her journey with Bipolar Disorder.
Access to Mental Health Care Among Youth / DR. JON LEE
Dr. Jon Lee works as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Today he talked with Greg Musselman about access to mental health care among Canadian youth.
Stories of Hope: YOU'RE NOT ALONE
Maggie John and Greg Musselman open today's program which focuses on mental health and the hope of the gospel message.
Finding Hope in the Gospel Message
Lorna Dueck shares the importance of the Christian voice in conversations about mental health.
The Other Side of the Struggle / DANIELLE FOISY
Danielle Foisy has stood by her husband who struggles with mental illness for eight years. Today she joins Moira Brown to share some tips for spouses who are supporting their significant other through mental health challenges.
Mental Health at Christmas / DR. GRANT MULLEN
Lorna Dueck and Dr. Grant Mullen speak about some of the mental health challenges that can become more pronounced during the Christmas season.