Topic: Discipleship
July 24 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 1, and Mark 1:17 is the key verse.
The Problems We Face & God's Truth / RANDY ALCORN WEB EXCLUSIVE
What are the problems we're facing related to knowing God's truth?
The Voice of God / WHEN GOD SPEAKS
Pastor Robbie Symons teaches from part one of this week's teaching series, "When God Speaks."
Break Forth Canada 2017 - Concert Update
We wanted you to be among the first to know that we have had to make a big change to one of the concerts at this year's event. Because of an ongoing immigration issue, The Newsboys have had to step down this year. The good news is MercyMe is stepping
Becoming a Disciple Making Church
Dr. Neil T. Anderson shares his book "Becoming a Disciple Making Church". In the book he shares proven methods for turning believers into disciples and helping pastors and leaders to resolve personal & spiritual conflict in the church.
52 Weeks With Jesus, Fall In Love with the One Who Changed Everything
Jesus Christ is the most influential human to ever walk the earth. We've heard and seen so many depictions of Him that we think we know Him better than we actually do. If we took the time to really look at Him, we might be surprised at what we'd find
Seeking Older, Wiser Counsel With Joy Eggerichs
Joy Eggerichs on the need for inter-generational counsel and wisdom.
The Battleground of God and Science
Dr. Andy Bannister, the lead apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Canada, sits down with Moira Brown to discuss about the the role of God in the scientific arena.
Always Be Prepared to Give a Reason
Surprisingly, it was the questions raised by the Muslims that got RZIM Canadian Director Dr. Andy Bannister digging deeper into his faith and pushed him towards the path of Apologetics.
Each One Find One - I Was Invited
Whether it's in our professional role, social settings, church, at school - no one wants to be alone. We can influence and impact others by simply inviting them into the conversation and the bigger picture.
Jeremy Camp: Why It's Important to Read The Bible
Jeremy Camp talks about how he needs the Bible for spiritual sustenance.
Discipled by Gangs Now Disciple of Christ, The Story of Hip Hop Artist Flame
Growing up, FLAME was exposed to a maze of gangs, drugs and hip-hop. His dad dealt with addiction, his mom suffered from Schizophrenia and also battling heavy depression. Despite their own struggles, they wanted a better life for their son.
Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Ron Mainse emphasizes that it was in the place of prayer where Jesus was able to receive power, strength and direction from the Father.
Dr. Sears - Reduce Your Waist
Dr. Sears, or Dr. Bill as his "little patients" call him, is the father of eight children as well as the author of over 30 books on childcare. Dr. Bill is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Choosing What Matters In An Age of Distractions
Moira Brown speaks with Arthur Boers about his book "Living Into Focus" - taking time out of our busy world to focus on what truly matters. Arthur Boers-Associate Professor at Tyndale Seminary in Tor
Francis Chan - Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples
Francis Chan coming to 100 HUNTLEY STREET MARCH 5 & 6! A preview on his latest book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples. Francis Chan is the best-selling author of books, Crazy Love, Forgotten
Miracles Are For Real #16 - Truth To Go
How God Speaks To Us James Garlow is the Pastor - Skyline Church, CA His book "Miracles Are For Real" is available in our estore
What does it mean to follow Christ
Change your perspective and view of what Christianity is all about. Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
27 Missions of Jesus - The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
The 27 Missions of Jesus Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
The Missions of Believers - The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
The Missions of Believers Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author of the book The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.
The Promise of Christ - The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
The Promises of Christ - Faith Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author of the book The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.
Operation Mobilization
George Verwer OM Founder & International Co-Ordinator Operation Mobilization, which is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting. Book -- "Drops from a Leaky Tap" Free do
Seeking Gods Face
Phil Reinders Author, "Seeking the Face of God" http://crossroads.cs/store
The Disciple: God's Blueprint with David Sawler
Christine Williams brings us the words and work of David Sawler David is lead Pastor of Lighthouse Community Church, Nova Scotia Book --"The Disciple" where David talks about the most basic yet mis
The Grace of God - Discipline is an Expression of Grace
Join pastor Andy Stanley as he traces grace through the Old and New Testament, observing God's grace at work in the lives of some of the best-and worst- characters. He also uses personal stories from
Loving My Children - The Resolution for Women #9
Loving My Children. Priscilla talks about the "Resolution for Women" series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of "The Resolution for Women" and she's a
"Victorious Living" The Work of E. Stanley Jones - 4
Jim Cantelon brings us his interviews with Dean Merrill who updated the timeless works of author E. Stanley Jones
Stay in Touch - Transition #1
Ron brings us the first in a three part series called Transition. About the changes in our lives and moving forward with God's help. Today's subject is "Closure"
Journey To The Extreme - Karl Hargestam
Ron Mainse speaks with Karl Hargestam, President of Joshua Campaign International about his book "Journey Into The Extreme" based on a calling on his life to go into remote areas of Africa.
This Is Our Love - Kindness
Jody Cross talks about being fully alive and fully embracing what God has for us.
Reactivate A Missional Form of Discipleship
Jim Cantelon speaks with Alan Hirsch about having a missional discipleship for a missional church. Alan Hirsch Activist, Author, "Untamed"