Topic: Disabilities
Life Stories: Tyrone Flowers
At 18 years old, Tyrone Flowers decided he was going to make something of his life, by joining the US. Army. On his way home from passing his entrance exams, his life was about to change forever. Here's his story.
Your greatest fear and the life God gave you / HOT TOPIC
Cheryl and Mark talk about a touching story of a man who's greatest fear was having a child with disabilities. Until God decided that's exactly what would happen.
The Honourable David C. Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and his wife Ruth Ann Onley join Lara Watson to share their rich history with 100 Huntley Street. They reflect back on some treasured memories of their visits through the years. Th
Disabled Math Teacher Inspires His Students
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman share an inspiring story about a disabled math teacher who his students grew to love and look up to.
National AccessAbility Week / VAHEN KING
Vahen King joins Mark Masri to speak into National AccessAbility Week.
Giving People With Disabilities a Voice
Maggie John and Kevin Pauls share how 100 Huntley Street provides a platform for people living with disabilities to share their experiences.
How Can We Be More Inclusive of the Disabled?
3.8 million working age Canadians self-identify as "disabled". That works out to 13.7 % of our population. Although there is far more awareness of those living in our community with a disability, there is still a long way to go.
Living with MS / DION OXFORD
Dion Oxford joins Maggie John to talk about faith, and his life with MS after diagnosis 20-years ago.
Living with MS / DION OXFORD
Dion Oxford joins Maggie John to talk about faith, and his life with MS after diagnosis 20-years ago.
Adapting Toys for Kids with Special Needs
The hosts talk about a great project where toys are recreated to be accessible to kids with special needs.
The Strength You Need / ROBERT J. MORGAN
Robert J. Morgan shares his new book "The Strength You Need"
The Cutest New Model
Magdalene John shares the story of a sweet little boy who was turned down by a modelling agency before his story went viral on social media.
Helping People Through Christian Horizons
CEO of Christian Horizons Janet Noel-Annable shares.
When God Gifts You with a Special Needs Child
Moira speaks with Jen Forsthoff who shares her journey after God gifted her with a special needs child.
From Success to Significance
Jerrill Sprinkle is a Board Member for The Lionheart School which is a non-profit independent school for children ages 6 through 21 with autism or other disorders of relating and communicating. He shares on why he was called to be a part of this amaz
Overcoming Disability
For over 7 years, the second longest run in Ontario history, The Honourable David Onley, served as the Queen's representative (Lieutenant Governor) of the province of Ontario. David shares his personal story of overcoming disability.
The Honourable David Onley and Ruth Ann Onley
John Hull sits down with The Honourable David Onley and his wife Ruth Ann Onley about his time as Lieutenant Governor and what he is doing now.
Reaching Out to Families with Autism
Jeremy Sauvé shares about the Common Table Initiative with Epicentre Student Ministry
Unseen Arms / AMY BROOKS
Amy Brooks is a joyful, exuberant, and faithful Christian whose vision is to glorify Christ by testifying to the unbeliever of His saving grace and by bringing encouragement to those who already know Him. Her writing honours her adoptive family and
Facing Death Finding Life
Francesca Lalaikipianoi shares her amazing story of being born with Spina Bifida in Africa and being rescued from death. Facing depression, the desire to commit suicide. Her life was transformed when she learned of the love of Jesus and how now she
Facing an Unexpected Parenting Journey
Andrea Bourne Foster is the mother of 4 including twins with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. She shares how she has faced raising 2 kids with disabilities and how her faith has led her through.
Changing the Future for Special Needs Kids
John Hull speaks with Elizabeth Dulin about her work with the Lionheart School and how it is impacting special needs kids.
Caring for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY.
Helping People through Christian Horizons
John Hull speaks to Allan Mills about the work Christian Horizons is doing to help families of people with disabilities.
Raising a Family with Special Needs
Michelle Masters shares her families story. Raising a family with special needs
Gungor Releases Music Video "Light" Featuring Daughter Lucie Who Has Down Syndrome
"Light" was written following the discovery that Michael and Lisa Gungor's second daughter, Lucie, was born with Down Syndrome in 2014. This song is featured on their upcoming album ONE WILD LIFE: SOUL.
A Discussion on Legalizing Euthanasia
In February of this year, the Supreme Court struck down our nation's existing law banning assisted suicide and opened the door for its potential legalization. With the current ban in place for the next 12 months while the government considers how to
Blind Devotion - a Short Film in Partnership with Francis Chan and His Latest Book You and Me Forever
Jubilee Project is excited to share "Blind Devotion", the second in a series of two short films about unconditional love, in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book "You and Me Forever". "You and Me Forever" was written by Franci
The Drop Box – A Place for Unwanted Babies
Pastor Lee Jong-Rak is the creator of the Drop Box. His Drop Box is the first and only box in Korea that is for collecting abandoned babies who are physically or mentally handicapped or are just unwanted by their mothers.
Her Husband Suffered a Stroke, But the Power of Prayer Ignited Hope
Marci says her deeply rooted faith in a loving and merciful God gave her the strength and courage to walk through the most terrifying storm of her life...
Tim Tebow Hoping to Make Jesus 'Shine' With Valentine's Day Special Needs Proms
Tim Tebow's foundation may be hosting proms for special needs children on Valentine's day, but the Christian athlete is making sure he is not getting the glory for the events that will take place.
Artist Joni Eareckson Tada found Hope in midst of Despair
Author, artist and disability advocate Joni Eareckson Tada opens up about her story - how she went from depression and despair to an internationally known author and radio host by simply depending on God.
Finding Healing Through Faith - Bharath Samrat
There was a time when Bharath Samrat wished he was different. With femoral dysplasia, a deformation where one's knee bones are missing, Bharath was once told he would never walk. It wasn't until his friend introduced him to Jesus that Bharath found t
Book Review: Jon Weece's "Jesus Prom"
Shelly Calcagno brings us a book review of Jon Weece's "Jesus Prom"
Refuse to Let Others Determine Your Capability
Bharath Samrat as a child was told he would never walk, however, Bharath has spent his life proving others wrong as he recently climbed the tallest mountain in Africa!
Jeremy Camp Shares About His Brother Josh Who Has Down Syndrome
Jeremy Camp discusses standing up for your faith in your high school, how he got into music, and the special relationship he has with his brother Josh.
No Greatness without Goodness
Randy Lewis introduced an inclusive model in Walgreens distribution centers that resulted in ten percent of its workforce consisting of people with disabilities who are held to the same standards as those without disabilities.
Off the Air with Janet Nolan
We continued our conversation with Janet Nolan, CEO of Christian Horizons, about their work globally.
Building Bridges for People with Disabilities
CEO of Christian Horizons, Janet Nolan, shares her pride in her 25 year journey with the 50 year old organization, bringing the change in all levels (government, businesses and churches) here in Canada as well as around the world.
In Capable Arms - Conquering Disabilities and Insecurities
Sarah Kovac was born with a rare congenital birth defect that left her with arms that she could barely use. Through frustrations and pain, she had learnt to let go of her insecurities and let God use her.