Topic: Death & Grief
Shepherd of My Soul: Healing PTSD From Psalm 23 / SOKREAKSA HIMM
Sokreaksa Himm shares his incredible story of overcoming PTSD after the murder of 13 of his family members.
What do you do when you get the dreaded call from the EMS worker who asks if you are the next of kin? Well for Bev Beck that nightmare scenario played out in 2014, when she answered the phone and was told, her husband Bill was dead.
Losing a Loved One to Racial Hatred / CHRIS SINGLETON
Chris Singleton is a former professional athlete drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Following the loss of his mother in a racially motivated mass shooting, Chris has now become an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who has shared his me
August 16 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Exodus 12, and Exodus 12:14 is the key verse.
August 15 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Exodus 10-11, and Exodus 11:5 is the key verse.
August 1 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 9, and Mark 9:7 is the key verse.
Out of the Dark / MANDISA
What an amazing journey! Grammy award-winning music artist Mandisa tells an inspiring story of peaks and valleys, trials and joys, wins and losses.
Meant to Live / NANCY HICKS
Nancy is a speaker, teacher, podcaster and author. She has a story of loss, but also one of inspiration following devastating circumstances. Her book is called "Meant to Live."
Experiencing God / SCOTT MCNAMARA
Scott McNamara was 24 years old and hanging out with notorious gangsters. He was partying every day, living a dangerous lifestyle including doing a lot of drugs. One day he and a friend did a large amount of cocaine and his friend overdosed right in
When Jonathan Pitts took his wife of 15 years Wynter into his arms for their anniversary dance, he had no idea that within a month he would be on a completely different journey, navigating life after Wynter's sudden death at the age of 38. Also shari
God Never Left During Great Loss / ZELDA DUURSEMA
We will all face tragedies and loss at some point in our lives. How do we find a way through the pain and anguish? Zelda Duursema shares her heartbreaking story and how she found hope and a way forward.
Remembering Jay Weaver / BIG DADDY WEAVE
Jay Weaver has passed away after complications from Covid-19. Today we share memories of him and the impact their music had on many. We also share a special memory from musician Zach Williams.
Hearing the Voice of God / DAN LONEY
Dan Loneywas raised in a Christan home but after his father died in a tragic airplane accident his life took a turn. Dan fell in with a bad crowd and ended up living in a biker house surrounded by bad activity. His life had led him so far from God bu
God Healed His Heart After a Tragic Loss / KEN MICHELL
Ken shares the meaningful ways God tenderly expressed His love and care, both in 1997 and through to today. His story is one of gratitude to God for His healing and hope - much of which came through God speaking to Ken's heart through the avenue of t
A real life angel story!
Gifts For The Grieving This Christmas / DR. BILL WEBSTER
Bill Webster shares how we can get through this Christmas season if we are Grieving a Loss.
Making Christmas Meaningful After Loss / DR. BILL WEBSTER
Dr. Bill Webster through his years as a grief counsellor, knows that Christmas is often called "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." But for those who have experienced a significant loss, Christmas can actually be a very difficult time. Dr. Bill Web
Can We Live Life Fully? Even During Grief? / NANCY HICKS
Nancy Hicks shares about the loss of her son David, who died in May 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. She hopes to bring encouragement and hope to those who are also grieving precious loved ones, especially during the Christmas holidays.
Remembering Indigenous Veterans - The Story of Sanford Stinson
Over 12,000 Indigenous people fought in WW1, WW2 and the Korean War. According to the Indian Act they were deemed 'non-entities' meaning they had no land. Therefore they were not PAID to go to war, yet they went to fight for their families, communi
Half a Heart Leads to Healing Hearts Through Music / PAUL CARDALL
It's a miracle that GMA Dove Award winning artist Paul Cardall is alive. Yet the gifts of music that he brings us add up to something even greater. His story is in fact a testament to the human spirit, to determination and humility, and above all to
Suicide Prevention Awareness Day
Today we discuss suicide prevention.
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
A Story of Obedience and Faith / MOIRA BROWN
Former host Moira Brown shares how she got her start at 100 Huntley Street. She also shares one of the most impactful stories she has shared through Steve Saint.
A Musical Tribute to David Mainse
In this musical tribute, the Crossroads team honours the legacy of David Mainse.
Shirley Thiessen joins us to talk about grief and the "GPS" acronym which can help us through it.
Grief is a Refining Process / SHIRLEY THIESSEN
Shirley Thiessen joins us to share about the grieving process.
Things to Avoid Saying to a Grieving Person / SHIRLEY THIESSEN
Shirley Thiessen joins us to share some helpful insights on things you should avoid saying to someone who is grieving.
40 Days of Hope for Health Care Heroes - PTSD / AMY K. SORRELLS
Healthcare workers are suffering from their own epidemic of burnout and moral injury as a result of dwindling resources and being overworked. Amy K. Sorrells offers hope in this book!
Red Dress Day and the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Indigenous women and girls made up almost 25 per cent of all female homicide victims in Canada between 2001 and 2015.Red Dress Day commemorates this reality and raises awareness.
Loss & Unanswered Prayer / PASTOR KELLY STICKEL
Pastor Kelly Stickel joins Greg Musselman to speak about unanswered prayer and the loss of his mother.
Be a Hope Hero This Christmas / SHIRLEY THIESSEN
Shirley Thiessen, Author of "The Little Black Funeral Dress," shares some ways you can uplift people who may be grieving this Christmas season.
Markham Vigil
A special report on the vigil in Markham over the weekend following the plane crash in Iran.
Coping with Loss After Tragedy / BOB MANUEL
Bob shares a very personal story about the loss of his only son, Matthew, at the young age of 22.
For the Soldiers
A musical tribute for soldiers & their families.
Chonda Pierce or "the country comic" as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.
James Tughan is a celebrated Canadian Watercolorist whose most recent series, entitled "The Nine Faces of Christ" is on display at the RZIM Gallery in downtown Toronto.
Unexpected Loss / JOY BYERS
After losing three of the most important people in her life - all within the span of a week - Joy Byers experienced a devastating season of grief, heartbreak and anger with God.
Perfectly Human / SARAH C. WILLIAMS
When Sarah C Williams' beloved Cerian, was diagnosed with a lethal skeletal deformity during her first ultrasound, the picture-perfect pregnancy, childhood and family life she'd envisioned gave way to a heartbreaking reality.
The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength / NORMA JEAN MAINSE
Norma Jean Mainse joins Lorna Dueck in the studio to chat about how she is adjusting to life as a widow since the passing of our beloved Founder, David Mainse.
God Has a Plan / JUDEE & JOHN ORFINO
Judee Orfino shares her story of faith in the midst of difficult circumstances and significant health challenges.