Topic: Confusion
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Surviving an Abortion - Melissa Ohden
Melissa Ohden always knew she was adopted. But it wasn't until an argument with her sister that she discovered the truth about her past. Though her biological mother wanted to have an abortion while she was five-months pregnant with Melissa, Melissa
Overcoming Crisis
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome.
A Plan for Motherhood after Facing Infertility
If you don't believe in miracles this story might have you rethinking your stance on that. Cheryl Ettinger Neal is a Family Life Pastor at Glad Tidings Church here in Burlington but today she is here to tell us the miraculous story of how God blessed
A Life Out of Control... Changed
Keith M. Robinson lives consumed by a mission to tell everyone everywhere about the good news that rescued and restored him. By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics and intent to distribute (that's drug
Surviving His Father's Attempted Murder - Kevin Albright
When his mother's home was broken into, the intruder's gun had been emptied in an attempt to kill her. Though she survived, Kevin Albright wanted to know who was responsible. Imagine the disbelief that came to him upon the discovery that the traumati
Transformation and Trust in God - Paul Lafrance
Paul Lafrance, designer and owner of Cutting Edge Construction and Design; host of HGTV Canada's Decked Out and Deck Wars, has been generating innovative and state-of-the-art custom deck designs for over fifteen years. Beneath all the success, is an
Please Share Your Struggles with Someone
If you are going through a difficult time right now, please speak with someone about it. Call our prayer lines at 1866-273-4444. We have someone standing by 24 hours a day.
Shining Light in Midst of Darkness in the World
In view of the turmoil in Ukraine, Iraq and Israel, Crossroads Global CEO John Hull encourages us to be the agent of Light in these times, carrying faith, hope and love to those who are hurting.
One Woman's Journey from Death to Life
Patti Foster was in a tragic car accident. Because of her closed-head injuries and her long, arduous road of learning to live again, she, now, as a head-trauma survivor, passionately encourages us to live life to the fullest!
Pivotal Praying - When You're Facing a Crisis
What do you do when the whole world is crashing down on you? John Hull shows you how we can leverage our crisis with prayer.
Stay in Touch - From Why? to Praise
Ron talks about a word we have all used on many occasions. WHY? Ron says "In our faith journey, "why" is the most probing of questions, reaching down to the motivation, the rationale, the understand
When Love Takes You In, A Miracle Begins
Tom Watson has an incredible life story to share, a story not unfamiliar to thousands of foster kids in the Canadian system.
Stay In Touch - Ask God For Wisdom
Ron says---"I have faced seasons in my life where I didn't know what to do. There have been times when Ann and I have simply called out to God for direction, because we didn't have the slightest idea
Encountering the Invisible God
Moira Brown speaks with Jennie Allen about her DVD study - Chase Jennie Allen - Bible Teacher & Author DVD Study - Chase
Stay in Touch- Peace About the Future
In this segment Ron Mainse talks about having Peace About the Future.
Can Chaos and Grace Co-Exist?
Find out how Chaos and Grace go together. Join Moira as she sits down with Mark Galli, the author of his new book, "Chaos & Grace" and senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today.
Stay in Touch - God Is A Warrior
Ron Mainse shares about the age old tool of inner conflict or paradox found in the Bible.
My Fight With God
If you have ever wondered why life is sometimes unfair, if God really hears your prayers, or if you just can't figure out Scripture, My Fight With God promises to stir you into new conversations with