Topic: Changes
Youth for Christ Pivots in Times of Change
A story of how Covid-19 shutdowns have forced YFC Winnipeg to pivot and change two of their key outreach programs (Young Parents and Rig Program) and how their team creatively adapted to the needs of their participants.
Skatepark Church / LAURA BRONSON
Laura Bronson shares how she turned to impacting youth in her own community through skateboarding when the pandemic hit.
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
The Shaking of our Faith / So Long Normal / LAURA STORY
Laura Story shares that sometimes a shaking of our faith can lead way to a better place for us.
Transitioning into 2021
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri reflect on the year 2020 and how we should transition into 2021.
Tough Times to Ministry and Music / TED LYNCH
Ted became an alcoholic at a very young age and after a tough time, he gave his heart to the Lord the last night before being released from a short stint in jail. Eventually Ted started a youth ministry and is now hoping to tour with his music again!
Cyndi was 3 months into a maternity leave in 2011 when she ended up in hospital with flesh eating disease. She lost her hands and feet, but not her spirit or her faith. Cyndi Wikens is the Author of "Shine On"
How The World Has Changed Since 9/11 / SEAN SPEER
Greg Musselman is joined by Sean Speer. The two discuss how the economy and the world has changed since 9/11.
New 100 Huntley Street Programming
Lorna Dueck shares a special announcement about 100 Huntley Street's programming, as well as new initiatives on YesTV.
A Special Announcement
Lorna Dueck and Joe Amaral share about a special announcement in regards to 100 Huntley Street.
Finding Christ in a Downward Spiral / Pan Mushayandebvu
Pan Mushayandebvu shares his testimony of finding God in a very difficult place in his life.
Exclusive additional content with Gary Bates on the human genome.
Don't Be Afraid of Falling Out of Love / 52 Ways to Connect as a Couple
Popular author and speaker Jay Payleitner shows that becoming one includes more than just staying married. Its not just about compromise. And its not just about sacrifice and mutual submission. And its not just about sex. Its about unity. Solidarity.
Accomplished recording producer Brian Hardin experienced a mediocre Christian faith until one day, he purposed to read the Bible daily. His resolve led to the start of the Daily Audio Bible, which after eight years has had more than 55 million downlo
David Mainse speaks with Dr. John Hull
Crossroads' Founder David Mainse sits down with Dr. John Hull to discuss changes in John's life and the transition he is making to pulpit ministry.
Caring for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY.
Overcoming Crisis
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome.
Renewing and Equipping the Church to Make a Difference
Arlen Salte is Co-Founder & Executive Director of Break Forth Ministries and One of Alberta's 50 Most Influential People.
Helping Your Child through the Middle School Years / DR. KEVIN LEMAN
Dr. Kevin Leman shares his book "Planet Middle School" in which he delves into time-tested principles that will aid parents in helping their middle schooler not only survive but thrive during these turbulent years in Middle school.
9 Thoughts that can Change Your Marriage // SHEILA WRAY GREGOIRE
Sheila Wray Gregoire, an award-winning Author, Speaker & Blogger is here with her new book "Book "9 Thoughts that Can Change Your Marriage".
Transforming the City of Brantford, ON
Transformation in the City of Brantford.
One of Christian Music's Best-Loved Bands: Building 429
Tanner Keith sits down with Building 429
Freedom from Prostitution and Addiction
a story of life after prostitution and addiction
God-Breathed: How Does the Bible Help Amidst Change?
Experiencing God's Word in a powerful new way. Recapture the awe, mystery, passion and power of scripture in "God-Breathed" - where you'll personally experience a life transformed by the One who spoke everything into existence, including you.
Navigating Change in the Face of Opposition
Carey Nieuwhof's "Leading Change without Losing It" is a practical guide to Christian leaders on navigating change in the face of opposition.
Mastering Life: Rest is a Red Letter Commandment
Author and Pastor Robert Morgan shares from his latest book "Mastering Life Before It's Too Late" and the importance of rest.
How You Can Change - Part 3
And I'd love to encourage you and remind you that you are a beautiful child of God, and although becoming healthy and fit is a good goal, this journey is more about breaking free from the ties that hold you back from being all that God intends you to
360 Podcast Ep 5: God's Will
It's a question most of us struggle with: What is God's will for my life? In this episode we will hear from Chief of Staff for producer Mark Burnett, Johnnie Moore, hear a round-table discussion with Gary, Amy, Shauna, & Rachelle and music featured b
Why Am I Trying to Lose Weight in Front of a Million People?
I literally mulled and prayed over it for an entire month before I sheepishly brought it up in our guesting meeting: What do you think about following my weight loss journey on television?
What am I Supposed to do with My Life?!
Johnnie Moore gives us one of the most realistic responses to this question a lot of us have asked God.
Returning to Your First Love - Beth Jones
Bible teacher and author Beth Jones teaches us how to 'reset' this new year and how to keep the lines of communication open with God. She also lists practical tips we can use everyday to strengthen our prayer life.
"Life is a Race We Run, So Run Till the Race is Won"
There are seasonsin our lives that are painful. God may not take the pain away, or take you out of that uncomfortable situation... but that doesn't mean He has left you. He is there with you every step.
Surviving a Shark Attack - Bethany Hamilton
Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old when she went for her usual morning surf. Next thing she knew, she was being rushed to the hospital after a shark bit off her left arm. Despite the physical trauma she took, she has relied on God
American Soldier Survives IED in Iraq
American Soldier Shilo Harris is a War Veteran who survived an IED in Iraq and sustained sever injuries that would alter the course of his life.
Carlos Whittaker Challenges You to be a Moment Maker
Carlos Whittaker is a YouTuber, musician, author, husband and father. His latest book "Moment Maker" challenges you to be in the moment, rather than letting life pass you by.
Joyce Meyer - You Can Begin Again
For the month of August, Crossroads360 is featuring exclusive interviews with author and speaker Joyce Meyer.
Moving to the Passenger Side
Sometimes we have to move to the passenger side, and let our kids start to set the route for their lives.
The Renovation Project - Beth Jones
Have you ever renovated a kitchen? After demolition comes the installation phase. Compare this process to our minds: the more we paint and install our minds with God's word, the more transformed our mind becomes. Beth Jones explains...
Wrapped in the Newness of Life
Life's circumstances can be wearying, seemingly endless at times, robbing us of great expectations. The good news is that seasons come and go. Moira shares one of her seasons - being a new mom!
Mom's Weekend Off
Motherhood is always a tension. You long for the kids to become more independent, yet you want to be needed. At the end of the day, no matter what stage I am in, I am happy at the gift that has been given to me in my kids.