Topic: Reading
Inmates Band Together to Pay Student's Tuition
Lara Watson and Mark Masri share a story about a group of inmates who pooled their money together to help pay for a student's $24K tuition.
5 Tips for Summer Reading with Kids
Can't get your kid to pick up a book in the summer months? Check out five great tips to unleash your kids' inner bookworms this summer!
Great Fall Resources For Kids
Shelly Calcagno shares some great new resources for kids!
Great Autumn Reads for Women
Shelly Calcagno shares some great books to curl up with this fall!
Download YouVersion Through Crossroads 360
Ron Mainse shares how you can download the YouVersion App on your portable device or desktop.
Traditions Meet Technology
YouVersion explains how technology can you help spend time in God's word and help you become more connected with God than ever. Download the Bible app by YouVersion today!
Bedhead Devos: Mark 4, Behind the Scenes
Walking with God can be frustrating at times when we don't see the results from our prayers and efforts that we wish we were. Jesus offers us encouragement about God's ability to work behind the scene
Bedhead Devo: Mark 5, Faith vs Fact
There are times in all of our lives where people speak doubt into our minds. Too often, what they say seems based on facts. But what about when you add Jesus to the equation? Reading: Mark 5 Prayer:
Bedhead Devo: Mark 6, Living by Impulse
Living by impulse can be thrilling, but rarely is it beneficial in the long run. Learning to step back and filter our words, desires and actions is a discipline every disciple must acquire. Reading:
Armour of God - Shoes of Readiness
Jerry Johnston is bringing us teachings on how the armour of God can assist us against spiritual warfare. The shoes of readiness offer us stability in the truth when we come under attack in spiritual
Can I Be Separated From Christ?
Dr Jerry Johnston answers viewers questions about spiritual warfare.
The Armour of God - The Breastplate of Righteousness
Jerry Johnston is bringing us teachings on how the armour of God can assist us against spiritual warfare. The breastplate of righteousness is designed to allow us to have the power of God dwell within
How Do I Know If My Thoughts Are From Satan?
Dr Jerry Johnston answers viewers questions on spiritual warfare.
Armour of God - The Belt of Truth
Jerry Johnston is bringing us teachings on how the armour of God can assist us against spiritual warfare. The belt of truth is designed to prepare you against the day when the evil one attacks.
Four Levels of Demonic Spirits
Jerry Johnston speaks on Ephesians 6:12 and how the minute you start living as a Christian, you are engaging in spiritual warfare. Learn how to be armed and anchored against spiritual warfare.
There is a Literal Devil His Name is Satan
Jerry Johnston teaches on Ephesians 6:10 and talks about the realities of spiritual warfare. We need to put on the full armour of God as we are facing a true battle.
Finding God's Will - Can I Hear God's Voice?
Gregg Matte, Author of 'Finding God's Will' talks about the practical ways you can hear God's voice. God's Word, God's Spirit and God's People.
A Preview of The Bible and You
A preview of our latest documentary, The Bible and You. Produced by Mike Wright, The Bible and You looks at the reliability of the Bible and its relevance today. It's first airing is March 30th at
The Bible and You: The Teachings of Jesus
Dr. Craig Evans talks about the historical value in the bible and more specifically the teachings of Jesus. Author of "The Bible and You".
God's Story of Love and Transformation
Dr. Craig Evan's talks about his concern on culture's current lack of biblical knowledge. This new book, 'The Bible and You - God's Story of Love and Transformation' helps readers develop interest in
The Bible and Me
Dr. Craig Evans is a New Testament scholar and author of the book: "The Bible and Me". Here he talks about understanding the Bible and the importance of reading it with interest.
Freedom in Christ - The Last Adam
Neil T Anderson is the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries. Here Neil focuses on John 1:4 "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men"
Freedom in Christ - The Whole Gospel
Neil T Anderson is the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries. Did you know that most of Christians are living under about a third of the gospel?
What The Cross of Christ Means of 3
The Full Circle women discuss the Cross and what it has meant to each of them over this past year.
Dream Big - Does God Ever Change His Plan?
Heather Boersma Speaker / Author. Her Book is Dream Big: 30 Days to a Life Beyond all you could ask or imagine
Parent's Role in Children's Literacy
Advice for parents on how they can be positive influences on their child's literacy education.
Truth to Go - Iran and Israel #3
Jerry gives us a better understanding of the word 'covenant' as well as digging deeper into the promises of the Lord.
Stay in Touch - A Song In the Night
Ron tells us "Today, we're just wrapping up a brief four-part series based on Psalm 42. This familiar Psalm starts out with a sense of desperation, then helps us move on from things in our past, as w
Kay Arthur Passes on Precept Ministries to Son David
Moira Brown speaks with David Arthur, the son of Kay and Jack Arthur who founded Precept Ministries International in 1970.
The Badlands Passion Play - The Actors - Part 1
Passion Play - ACTORS Jim Cantelon sits down with some of the actors in the annual Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, Alberta about the roles they play in The Passion Play and the impact i
Worried or Afraid?
Steven K. Scott shares scriptures that bring us hope and comfort. Steven is an Entrepreneur / Best-selling Author "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken". The Words of Jesus.
The Voice of The Daily Audio Bible
Interview with Brian Hardin, Founder of the Daily Audio Bible. He's also written a book called "Passages", in his book Brian encourages how to read the Bible and offers practical ideas for immersing
Truth To Go- Leave Room for God
Robert Morgan's "The Red Sea Rules"
Moira Brown speaks with Wallace Henley about his book "Globequake" and how to remain fearless in an increasingly fearful world.
Wisdom Walks - Admit it, Forget it, And Get Back in it
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Stay in Touch - Beyond Just Hearing, Just Do It
"The Bible's book of James suggests that reading God's Word, the Bible is like looking into a mirror. It's an accurate reflection of ourselves, revealing where we need God's help. So we can ultimately
Penetrating The Darkness - Bringing God's Light in
Dr. Jack Hayford (President-King's University Los Angeles) is author of "Penetrating The Darkness". Dr. Hayford talks about God's hopes for us in Ephesians 1.
Feasts Today
Jim Cantelon speaks with Joe Amaral about Feasts Today. ; Joe Amaral ; Host, Teacher, Author ; DVD: "God's Holy Days"
First Fruits Explained
Jim Cantelon speaks with Joe Amaral about First Fruits. ; Joe Amaral ; Host, Teacher, Author ; DVD: "God's Holy Days"
God's Holy Days - Introduction
Joe Amaral ; Joe's DVD "God's Holy Days"