Topic: Immigration
From Brokenness to the Olympic Games / AKEEM HAYNES
Former Canadian Olympic athlete, Akeem Haynes has a burning desire to help people persevere past their toughest times. By helping you develop resiliency strategies that will allow you to breakthrough mental barriers which will lead you to your breakt
Transitioning to Canada / JERO GURUNIAN
Greg Musselman speaks with Jero Gurunian about transitioning to life in Canada and what the experience of the school system has been like for his children and as a parent thus far.
Welcoming Refugees / KAYLEE PEREZ & ANN VOSKAMP
Cheryl Weber is joined by Kaylee Perez and Ann Voskamp to speak about the global refugee crisis and what we can do to help welcome refugees.
Newly ordained, Rev. Michael Spurlock, joins Greg Musselman via Skype to chat about his ministry work chronicled in his book "All Saints."
When Did You Come To Canada? / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg The Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to ask people when their families immigrated to Canada to gain a better understanding of the mosaic that makes our nation strong.
5 Ways To Love Your Neighbour
Maggie John and Greg Musselman offer some practical tips to love and understand your neighbours, particularly people who are recent immigrants to the country or refugees.
Advocating for Refugees / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Greg Musselman & Lorna Dueck speak with Wendy Adema & Helton Achaye about the role of the church in welcoming refugees to Canada.
A Refugee's Journey to Remarkable Business Leadership
Greg Musselman & Lorna Dueck share a clip of Art DeFehr who speaks about his journey as a refugee and his success in the manufacturing business.
Immigration & The Growing Church in Canada / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Lorna Dueck & Kevin Pauls speak with Panelists: Ray Pennings, Derek Ramkissoon & Jeeva Sam.
Spirited Citizenship / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Spirited Citizenship--the theme of this Canada 150 Nation Building panel.
Ins Choi is the creator of the popular TV comedy show Kim's Convenience.
Making the Transition to Canada
Lorna Dueck joins pastor Pat Klein to speak with an Armenian family about their transition to Canada.
Are Muslims trying to bring Sharia Law to the West? / NABEEL QURESHI
Nabeel Qureshi answers the question, "Are Muslims trying to bring Sharia Law to the West?"
Hospitals Attacked in Syria
Magdalene John and Johnnie Moore talk about the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the attacks that are happening there.
Serving New Refugees to Canada
David Adcock is Chief Executive Officer of ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas) today he shares his work with refugees and how Glad Tidings Church is welcoming 3 refugee families.
Facing the Refugee Crisis in Jordan
Cheryl Weber speaks with Greg Musselman about the ongoing refugee crisis.
Providing Safe Shelter for New Immigrants
With the current influx of 10,000 refugees from Syria entering our country and a promise of 15,000 more in a couple of months a lot of communities have been finding ways to make the thousands of new comers welcome in our country. One ministry who has
Supporting Refugees to Canada
Bill Devolin helps lead the refugee committee who are supporting this family and Udo Woelke is a church member and former refugee himself.
The Refugee Crisis and What is Being Done
Brian Stiller shares about the current refugee crisis and what is being done.
Dealing with the Refugee Crisis
Johnnie Moore and Cheryl Weber talk about the refugee crisis and how we need to fast track the process for Christians facing this problem.
Giving Furniture and Hope to New Immigrants
Compass Point church gives people new furniture and support as new residents to Canada.
The Multicultural Church
A look inside how we can react to the call for a multicultural church
Annual Migration of the Sheep
Author Robert Morgan akin the migration route of ancient shepherds to the different seasons we face in our lives 2000 years later!
Director's Cut - Welcome to Canada
Melinda Estabrooks speaks with the Director of the Canada Heart and Soul Documentary, "Welcome to Canada" Magdalene John about her experience directing this documentary.
Canada Heart & Soul - Welcome to Canada - Overview
Canada Heart & Soul - Welcome to Canada - Overview
Canada Heart and Soul Documentaries - Welcome to Canada
David Mainse speaks with Magdalene John who directed the Canada Heart & Soul Documentary "Welcome to Canada". David Mainse-Founder & Former President of CCCI-Former Host "100 Huntley Street" Magdale
Full Circle - Christmas at Matthew House in Toronto
The Full Circle Sofa Sisters visit Matthew House in Toronto...where they visit with some recent immigrants to Canada.
PEI Newcomers
Report: "P.E.I Newcomers" Produced By: Bridget Antwi Summary of Report: On average, Prince Edward Island welcomes 1400 newcomers every year. The bulk are economic immigrants, while the rest are famil
A Family's Journey Of Faith
Moira Brown speaks with Maria Amaral and her son Joe Amaral anout their journey from Portugal to Canada and the faith they found. ; Joe Amaral ; Host, Teacher, Author
Mentoring Fatherless Youth
Jim Cantelon speaks with Benjamin Osei about his work in the Jane and Finch area and how he did it all while separated from his family. Benjamin Osei "Youth Unlimited" Youth Worker
From Kenya to Canada
Moira speaks with Florence about her journey from her home in Kenya to Canada
DeChosen African Market - Edmonton
DeChosen African Market: Nigerian immigrant provides a taste of home in Saskatchewan and Calgary.