Topic: Betrayal
Dealing with Betrayal / SHEILA WALSH
Sheila Walsh shares with Cheryl what we can do when someone betrays us.
Betrayed & Broken / DR. JAMES MERRITT
Cheryl Weber sits down for an interview in Atlanta with Dr. James Merritt to discuss his new book "52 Weeks Through the Psalms." Today they talk about betrayal.
Lorna Dueck is joined by Richard (Rick) Goossen to chat about navigating betrayal in business.
How to Start Restoring Broken Relationships / DR. NEIL T. ANDERSON
Dr. Neil T. Anderson shares on how we can start to restore the broken relationships we have in our lives.
There is Hope after a Marital Betrayal
Tara Lalonde, a Registered Psychotherapist, delves into how couples can come back after facing adultery especially in the light of the recent Ashley Madison Scandal.
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack
Trusting God, No Matter How You Feel
Ricky Texada, author of "My Breaking Point, God's Turning Point", sits down with Moira Brown to encourage us to trust God in the face of adversity.
Handling Betrayal - Bob Fu
By day, Bob Fu was a teacher in a communist school; by night, he was a preacher in an underground house church network. God's Double Agent tells the true story of Fu's conversion to Christianity, his arrest and imprisonment for starting an illegal ho
Surviving His Father's Attempted Murder - Kevin Albright
When his mother's home was broken into, the intruder's gun had been emptied in an attempt to kill her. Though she survived, Kevin Albright wanted to know who was responsible. Imagine the disbelief that came to him upon the discovery that the traumati
Pre-Armageddon Events
Dr Mark Hitchcock speaks about the events that leads up to Armageddon.
Wondering How Different Life Would've Been
Have you ever asked, "What if..."? Ever thought about "If only..."? Ann share a little on her answer to these questions!
Betrayal, The Deepest Cut
Carol Kornacki talks about the betrayal of people and how it can bring Wounds - Betrayal can hurt. Carol gives you an example of betrayal. God gave us our teeth and lips to keep peoples secrets
A Father Causing Scars to a Father That Heals
Moira Brown Speaks to Kevin Albright about how he found healing out of his abandonment from his father after his father tried to kill Kevin's mother. Book: "Finding My Father"