Topic: Homelessness
Offering Hope Where it's Needed Most / MARCEL KNOT
Marcel Knot battled with anxiety and depression and planned to end his life at 17. But something astonishing happened just as he reached the point of no return.
The Poor People / JIMMY RUSHTON
Jimmy Rushton shares how we need to reach out and see each other as human beings.
Affordable Housing for Those in Dire Need / INDWELL
One organization that started more than 40 years ago with one couple that decided to take people in that were desperate for an affordable place to live is trying to make a difference in Southern Ontario.
From Brokenness to the Olympic Games / AKEEM HAYNES
Former Canadian Olympic athlete, Akeem Haynes has a burning desire to help people persevere past their toughest times. By helping you develop resiliency strategies that will allow you to breakthrough mental barriers which will lead you to your breakt
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Homeless Man Reunited With Family After 20 Years
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri share a heartwarming news story about a homeless man who was reunited with his family after 20 years.
St. Catharines Convenience Store Gives Back
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share an uplifting story about how a St. Catharines convenience store gave back to the community by helping those living in poverty.
Carpenter Builds Portable Shelters for the Homeless in Toronto
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri talk share a story of immense kindness this Christmas season.
Earlier this year, Gordon Petrie, a man who found himself homeless and needing shelter, sought refuge in a shed located on the property of Holy Cross Parish in Surrey, BC. What happens next is truly heartwarming.
Forced Paths, Ordered Steps / JEMAL DAMTAWE
Kidnapped at 15 and used as a child soldier, Jemal has seen a lot in his life. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and eventually wound up on the streets involved in gang life. Homeless and desperate, Jemal went to Union Gospel Mission (U
Huntley Hope | May 9, 2017
Featured: Tim Richter, Ian Baillie, Betty-Ann Humphrey.
Combatting Hidden Homelessness in Canada
Maggie John is joined by a panel of three amazing people who have dedicated their lives to serving those living in the margins of our community.
Experiencing Hidden Homelessness / IAN BAILLIE & BETTY-ANN HUMPHREY
We wanted to talk to people who are actually experiencing hidden homelessness and two very brave people have agreed to tell us their story - Ian Baillie and Betty-Ann Humphrey.
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness / TIM RICHTER
Tim Richter is the President & CEO of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH). He joins Maggie John via Skype to discuss the rising issue of homelessness in Canada.
Metro Community Church Fights Homelessness in Kelowna, BC / LAURENCE EAST
Cheryl Weber speaks with Laurence East who is the Lead Pastor of Metro Community Church in Kelowna, British Columbia about the growing issue of homelessness, specifically in Kelowna.
The Affordable Housing Crisis in Canada
A special 100 Huntley Street Report which outlines the affordable housing crisis in Canada, specifically focusing on Hamilton, Ontario.
Reaching Out to People on the Streets
Moira speaks with MaryAnne Connor Founder and President of NightShift Street Ministries and Author of "The Shift"
From Success to Significance
Jerrill Sprinkle is a Board Member for The Lionheart School which is a non-profit independent school for children ages 6 through 21 with autism or other disorders of relating and communicating. He shares on why he was called to be a part of this amaz
Helping the Homeless Where They Need It
Dillon Burroughs shares about doing church among the homeless and how he is seeing lives changed.
Meeting Needs Through Helping Hands
Corrine Hardie is Executive Director at Helping Hands Street Mission - Helping Hands Street Mission is volunteer driven and relies on the generosity of the community and neighboring communities to help meet the needs of those living in the Barton Str
The Homeless / LEE STROBEL
In his latest book "The Case for Grace", Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal experiential case for God, focusing on God's transforming work in the lives of men and women today. Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journ
How Poverty and Need Is Shifting
Good Shepherd combats homelessness, poverty, abuse & mental illness. A health & social services agency serving anyone who asks for help.
How Do I Christmas All Year Long?
Tim Huff shares his book, "The Yuletide Factor: Cause for Perpetual Comfort and Joy".
From Homelessness & Addiction to a Transformed Life
Sean Chace talks about his life living on the street addicted to drugs & alcohol and how his life was transformed through the kindness of some very special strangers.
Reclaiming Wood, Reclaiming Lives
Brian Preston, founder of Lamon Luther, believes anything broken can be made into something beautiful. Thus, Lamon Luther was founded to build hope and create opportunities for the homeless.
Responding to Needs in Our Community, Poverty and Food Insecurity
Shelly Calcagno leads a discussion on how we can help people in our community who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity.
Overcoming Addiction - Keith Alexander
Keith Alexander spent nearly a decade homeless on the streets of Toronto as a drug addict. After spending time in and out of jail and substance abuse recovery programs, a moment of clarity made Keith realize that he needed to find peace, accept Jesus
God is Able to Bring You Through Your Dead End with Joyce Meyer
New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer knows a thing or two about "dead ends". In fact, she was facing a whole load of it at one point of her life. Yet God brought her through each and every one of it.
Helping the Homeless Through Hockey
Gary Scullion is the President and CEO of Hockey Helps the Homeless. The organization exists to help raise awareness about homelessness as well as helping the homeless to get back up on their feet.
Teaching Children Compassion for Others
Tim Huff focuses on a pro-compassion message in his books which help kids understand other's who may be different from them.
Gateway to Help for Homeless in Toronto
Ron Mainse catches up with Dion Oxford of Gateway Ministry at the Street Level Conference. Dion Oxford-Founding Director-Salvation Army Gateway Ministry
Committed to Helping the Poor, Homeless, and Disenfranchised
T.H.E Street Level Network is a ministry that works to bring about significant change in our nation's response to homelessness, poverty and social justice.
Painful Past Doesn't Mean a Painful Future
Moira Brown speaks with Elizabeth Correia her life in and out of foster care, dealing drugs and becoming a young mom at 18 and how she was freed from her past to help other women in need. Elizabeth C
Helping The Marginalized Find Hope
Jim Cantelon speaks with Elliot Tepper about helping marginalized people find hope. Elliot Tepper Founder & International Director of Betel WEC Canada
Helping The Marginalized Find Hope
Elliot Tepper is the Founder & International Director of Betel, WEC Canada. Here Tepper talks about helping marginalized people find hope.
The Lobby
Produced By: Magdalene John A homeless outreach in the heart of downtown Edmonton, The Lobby, runs every Sunday evening. A dinner program for those who live on the streets, it is mainly run by young
Dirty Laundry Helps Clean Up Lives
Produced By: Bridget Antwi Gateway Linens, a ministry of the Salvation Army, is a job training centre in Toronto that helps homeless men find meaningful work by teaching them the tools of the laundry
Dealing with Female Homelessness
Produced By: Magdalene John What do people do when they have no place to go - Magdalene John reports on Good Shepherd Centres, a group trying to make a difference for women without a place to call t
We Can't All Belong
Moira Brown speaks with Tim Huff and Pat Nixon about their new project "The Street Level Network" taking care of the poor and the homeless. Tim Huff - Director of Community Engagement ?THE Street Lev
House Coffee Sanctuary
House Coffee Sanctuary Natalie Faith drops in at The House Coffee Sanctuary and talks to the Pastor/Manager Derrick Mitchell about his role and the ministry at The House. Natalie also spoke with Gat