Topic: Community
The Baby Depot Gets a Store Front!
The Baby Depot has opened up a new boutique store in downtown Hamilton. The store is now available to the many families they assist with baby clothing and items.
Love Your Neighbour / JIMMY RUSHTON
Jimmy Rushton shares how God calls us to love one another.
Shawn's dream was to be a professional hockey player, but there was an intense battle going on inside Shawn. After a bible study, a lady shared 1 Tim. 4:7, 8… a verse that changed the direction of his life.
Community Prayers - Schools / LARA WATSON
Our hosts have made it a priority to get out into the community and pray for people affected by COVID-19. Today Lara shares a prayer for those who serve in schools, students and parents.
Community Prayers - Retail and Grocery Store Workers / MARK MASRI
Mark prays for you outside a grocery store, a community of workers during COVID-19 who have been essential workers throughout.
Navigating a Pandemic With Your Loved Ones / RYAN & JENNIFER WALTER
Ryan and Jennifer Walter join Lara Watson to talk about navigating the Coronavirus pandemic with your loved ones.
Christian Worship Duo / ETHAN & CHELSEA FENTON
Ethan & Chelsea Fenton are a husband and wife Christian music duo, based out of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, who are passionate about creating authentic worship music for the Church!
What Can The Rest of Canada Learn About The Maritimes?
Our Greg the Quirky Camera Guy took to the streets of Halifax to talk about what the rest of Canada can learn from the people of Halifax.
Giving Back to the Community / LIEUTENANTS DEREK & ANGELA KERR
Lieutenants Derek & Angela Kerr share about the love and support they received from The Salvation Army Food Bank during a difficult season and their lives and how they are now giving back to their community.
A Nation Supporting Humboldt
Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber discuss the outpouring of support that we've seen as communities and the nation have come together to honour the Humboldt Broncos.
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman chat about how the nation has come together to support Humboldt as they grieve unspeakable tragedy.
The Walking Pastor / JUDY PETERSON
Judy Peterson "The Walking Pastor" chats with Rob Melnichuk at BreakForth in Alberta about her one year trek across America - in which she aimed to share the gospel as a part of her internship program while working towards her Master's Degree.
How The World Has Changed Since 9/11 / SEAN SPEER
Greg Musselman is joined by Sean Speer. The two discuss how the economy and the world has changed since 9/11.
Our Time Women's Conference
Ann Mainse is a Co-Director for Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries. Ann is in the studio today accompanied by Moira Brown and Cheryl Weber to share about the Upcoming Women's Conference that the three will be speaking at.
Huntley On The Road!
Looking to bring Huntley to your Church or community? Find out how!
Cheryl Weber & Rob Melnichuk speak with Jason & Shawna Caldwell, who are the Directors of Hope 150.
Stories of Hope / SHIRLEY THIESSEN
Cheryl Weber & Rob Melnichuk speak with Shirley Thiessen, who is the Director for Stories of Hope for Hope 150.
5 Ways To Love Your Neighbour
Maggie John and Greg Musselman offer some practical tips to love and understand your neighbours, particularly people who are recent immigrants to the country or refugees.
Building Better Cities / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Greg Musselman and Lorna Dueck speak with Brian Beattie, Mayor Cam Guthrie, Neil Hetherington and Michael Van Pelt in the latest Nation Building Panel regarding building better cities.
No Greater Love Music Festival 2017
The "No Greater Love" Music Festival is coming to Alberta August 12 & 13! 100 Huntley Street on-air contributors, Rob Melnichuk and Kevin Pauls will be there to introduce bands and capture backstage exclusive footage. Don't miss it!
Live Fireworks from Kingston, ON / CANADA 150 SPECIAL
It's Canada Day! To celebrate we share live fireworks from TheCry event in Kingston, Ontario.
Featured: SPECIAL PROGRAMMING - Canada 150
Featured: SPECIAL PROGRAMMING - Canada 150
The Important Role Of Faith In Canada's History / RAY PENNINGS
Maggie John speaks with Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Cardus, Ray Pennings via Skype about the findings of a recent online survey regarding faith in Canada.
Spirited Citizenship / NATION BUILDING PANEL
Spirited Citizenship--the theme of this Canada 150 Nation Building panel.
Breakforth Alberta / DAN MACAULAY
Kevin Pauls in conversation with singer and worship leader Dan Mcaulay.
Rebuilding Fort McMurray / ANTHONY HOFFMAN
It was a year ago today that a massive wildfire was roaring through Fort McMurray, Alberta and Anthony Hoffman was one of the many heroic firefighters that fought what was called "The Beast."
D6 Conference / DR. RON HUNTER
Rob Melnichuk speaks with Dr. Ron Hunter at the Breakforth Conference in Alberta.
A designer applies his innovative mind on creating social impact / PHILIP YAN
Alexander Best chats with Philip Yan, founder of design firm GenesisXD, now co-founder of Red Propeller, to tackle unresolved environmental and social issues.
Young Leaders / JOANNA LA FLEUR
Carey Nieuwhof continues his interview sessions with the next generation. Today he is joined by Joanna la Fleur, Director of Communications at C4 Church.
Mobilizing People to Change the World / Eugene Cho
Eugene Cho is leading people in the charge to fight extreme poverty through "One Day's Wages"
We Gotta Get Back to the Fundamentals / WHOLEHEARTED MEN
Wholehearted Men represents Dave MacLean's passion to wholeheartedly lead so Christian men can wholeheartedly live
Connecting Through Many Formats
Lorna Dueck shares about connecting with people of all generations since she has arrived at Crossroads
Cycling Across Canada for the Mully Children's Home
Arvid Loewen is an Ultra-Marathon Cyclist who has just completed Cycling across Canada to raise funds for Mully Children's Home.
Together 2016 Conference / Michael W. Smith
Michael W.Smith chats with Maggie John on the upcoming Together 2016 Conference in Washington D.C.
Providing Hope through the Harvest House
Cal Maskery is Founder and Executive Director of Harvest House Atlantic - they provide help, guidance and support for many who are in need.
Be You. Do Good
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda.
Returning Home to Fort McMurray
We speak with Anthony Hoffman about what it is like as people return home to Fort McMurray after the devastating wildfire.
Shaila Visser shares on ALPHA Canada and focuses on the new revamp to reach out to Millennials.
Everyday Heroes of Fort McMurray
Once again, Cheryl Weber brings us compelling stories of people rising up to the occasion as the tragedy hits in Fort McMurray.