Topic: Children / Kids
Skatepark Church / LAURA BRONSON
Laura Bronson shares how she turned to impacting youth in her own community through skateboarding when the pandemic hit.
Has Your Child Ever Lost a Stuffy? There is Hope!
Greg Musselman and Mark Masri share an incredible story of a very important stuffed animal that went missing and the prayer that brought him back to his owners loving arms!
Let Little Children Lead Us / DANIELLE STRICKLAND
Danielle Strickland joins us to shares how children can teach us how to play and what happens to us when we do.
Meisha Watson joins Lara Watson to discuss the Castle Summer VBS program.
Transitioning to Canada / JERO GURUNIAN
Greg Musselman speaks with Jero Gurunian about transitioning to life in Canada and what the experience of the school system has been like for his children and as a parent thus far.
Ed Sanchuk, Acting Sergeant for the Ontario Provincial Police and Eunji Lee, Senior Marketing Manager at Axis, join Mark and Lara to discuss how we can keep our children safe online.
Crossroads Virtual Vacation Bible School / MEISHA WATSON
This Summer, Crossroads' streaming platform Castle is excited to once again offer a Virtual Vacation Bible School which will run August 2-6.
Happy Father's Day!
Kids weigh in on what they love about their Dads for Father's Day.
Tips for home schooling parents / HOT TOPIC
Lara talks about some ideas on how to cope for parents at home doing online learning with their children.
Community Prayers - Schools / LARA WATSON
Our hosts have made it a priority to get out into the community and pray for people affected by COVID-19. Today Lara shares a prayer for those who serve in schools, students and parents.
All this week we're featuring some festive fun with HEY MEISHA! right here on 100 Huntley Street. Today The Good News Kids share about hope.
Peace is Possible / PREVIEW OF HEY MEISHA!
KIDS LOVE Hey Meisha! Have a look!
Kids Off The Block / DIANE LATIKER
"What can I do?" That was the question Diane Latiker asked of herself as she watched the teens in her Chicago neighbourhood succumb at an alarming rate to gangs and gun violence.
Sunday School Series / HEY MEISHA!
Meisha Watson joined Mark Masri to chat about HEY MEISHA'S Sunday School Series.
Cindy Bultema joins Lara Watson to talk about GEMS Girls' Clubs and the importance of pouring into young girls and cultivating a sense of belonging.
Back to School / MEISHA WATSON
Meisha Watson joins Mark Masri to talk back to school and the message behind Hey Meisha!
New Day, New Way, New Hope / MEISHA WATSON
Lara Watson speaks with Meisha Watson about the importance of creating valuable children's content that promotes their well-being.
Virtual Vacation Bible School / MEISHA WATSON
Meisha Watson joins us to talk about an important Crossroads initiative this summer for kids!
Supporting Ukrainian Orphanages
Volodya Salaydyak joins the program to bring an update on Crossroads Cares Relief and Development work in Ukraine.
Today is Barbie Day!
Today is Barbie Day! Cheryl Weber, Mark Masri and Christina Laurice speak about Barbies and some of the changes that have been made to make the toys more inclusive.
We Believed / JEFFREY S. MOORE
Jeffrey is an award-winning author and with his wife Kristine are co-founders of Set Sail Ministries. He loves sharing his experiences and learnings on sonship, faith, healing and adoption.
Barefoot for 9 Years to Show Solidarity with Suffering Children
Jeff Brodsky hasn't worn socks or shoes in nearly ten years in an effort to show solidarity with suffering children around the world.
Hey Meisha! Saturdays on YES TV
Meisha Watson of the new YES TV program "Hey Meisha!" joins Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman to chat about the importance of sharing the message of Jesus with children.
Pastor Larry Keegstra is the Director for Camp Living Water in both British Columbia and Alberta. Larry's dedication and passion to see First Nation youth, as well as their families, encounter God's love has been his fuel for the past 37 years.
The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible / JOANNA RIVARD & TIM PENNER
Joanna Rivard & Tim Penner join Maggie John to share about "The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible" which aims to make the Bible more accessible for our kids.
Marijuana Legalization in Canada
Maggie John and Cheryl Weber talk about legalization of marijuana in Canada which goes into effect today October 17th, 2018.
The vision for Mary's Meals is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.
Helicopter Parenting / ARLENE MUSSELMAN & DR. MERRY C. LIN
Greg & Arlene Musselman chat with Dr. Merry C. Lin about helicopter parenting.
Faith Values in the School System / DEANI A. VAN PELT
Greg Musselman and Lorna Dueck are joined by Deani A. Van Pelt to discuss the choices that parents are making for their childrens' education and how to maintain faith values in school.
The Best Things About Back to School / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to ask parents: what's the best thing about kids heading back to school?
Backpack Essentials / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy took to the streets to ask: what are some of the essential items that you pack in your child's backpack?
Bullying in the Classroom / JONATHAN MCKEE
Maggie John speaks with Jonathan McKee via Skype about bullying in the classroom and strategies to combat this issue.
Food4Kids Program
In this report, Greg Musselman speaks with Carla Ricci and Nancy Phelan about the Food4Kids program which provides meals to school-children suffering from poverty.
Maintaining Faith in the Classroom / DR. ANDREW L. BLACKWOOD
Greg Musselman and Maggie John speak with Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood about how to keep your childrens' faith strong when heading back to the classroom.
5 Tips for Summer Reading with Kids
Can't get your kid to pick up a book in the summer months? Check out five great tips to unleash your kids' inner bookworms this summer!
Huntley Hope | July 18, 2017
Featured: Moira Brown with Solomon Mugabi, Hassan Wlerike, Anita Byaraki and the Watoto Children's Choir.
Summer Pureflix Content / CARLO ESPEJO
Carlo Espejo is the Chief Marketing Officer for Crossroads / YesTV / Tricord. He joins Maggie John today to talk about what is available to viewers this summer on Pureflix Canada.
Huntley Hope | June 6, 2017
Featured: Paul & Janna Lafrance.
Canadian wins Global Teacher Prize
Lorna Dueck and and Magdalene John speak about how the Global Teacher Prize was given to a Canadian teacher in Canada's North named Maggie MacDonnell.
Greg caught up with families at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory to see what they have planned for March Break.