Topic: Acceptance / Belonging
Roberta Fiddler's Story / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Roberta shares her story of growing up in a big family in Waterhen Lake First Nation. She would envy those who died, she grew up in a home with a lot of alcoholism and domestic abuse. She started drinking and became violent.
July 11 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Genesis 28-29, and Genesis 28:15 is the key verse.
Finding Hope at a Gas Station / BILLY & JODIE BALLENGER
Billy & Jodie Ballenger have a story that reads like a movie script. For years they lived lives tormented by their own painful upbringings and destructive choices but there is SO MUCH hope in their lives today.
Life Stories: Dave Bowslaugh
Dave Bowslaugh was bullied in school and getting into fights. That resulted in a low self-esteem and a loss of identity. His journey towards wholeness was not easy but he is thankful for the ministry of Crossroads who is always there for him.
How Do We Figure Out Who We Really Are? / ASHLEY ABERCROMBIE
A great amount of the choices we make and the reactions we have to people and circumstances are the result of who we have been shaped to be.
How Do You Make a Good First Impression
Lara and Mark discuss what has the strongest impact when making first impressions.
We Believed / JEFFREY S. MOORE
Jeffrey is an award-winning author and with his wife Kristine are co-founders of Set Sail Ministries. He loves sharing his experiences and learnings on sonship, faith, healing and adoption.
When Your Kid is Hurting / DR. KEVIN LEMAN
Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, best-selling author, radio and TV personality, and speaker. In his latest book: "When Your Kid Is Hurting" Dr. Leman offers practical, time-tested strategies to best help hurting kids.
Testimony / VAHEN KING
Vahen King is an author, speaker, life coach, and ordained minister, but ​states, that her platform for ministry is everywhere she sets her foot!
Krystle Marriott / #JESUSSTRONG
Krystle has recently begun as a prayer minister on the Crossroads prayer lines. Ironically, she was encouraged by the prayers lines when calling in on several occasions since she began her Christian journey.
First Peoples Voices Associate Producer Crystal Lavallee welcomes Taanis Ryan to talk about her story as a survivor of the 60's scoop.
Come Matter Here / HANNAH BRENCHER
Hannah Brencher is a writer, TED speaker, and online educator with a heart for building leaders. She is the author of "Come Matter Here" and "If You Find This Letter." Named as one of the White House's "Women Working to Do Good" and a spokesperson f
A Drive-By Shooting Survivor / LUIS R. MONTOYA
Although he is not even yet out of his teens, Luis Roman Montoya has seen and experienced a lot of trouble, heartache and pain. Here's his story.
"If he doesn't cherish you, he's not the one." That's the theme of Gary Thomas's new book. He joins Moira Brown.
The Honour Drum / CHERYL BEAR & TIM HUFF
Maggie sits down with Cheryl Bear & Tim Huff to discuss their book entitled, Honour Drum, which was written to help encourage discussion about Canada's Indigenous peoples, and the rich history amongst teachers and students.
Ministering to the Muslim Women
JoAnn Doyle, Director of "Not Forgotten Women's Ministry", shares her heart about loving upon Muslim women - both at home and in the Middle East.
It's Not All About Jesus / WHOLEHEARTED MEN
Dave MacLean is a marketplace minister who feels called to lead Christian men to live wholeheartedly.
Refugees in History
Maggie and Cheryl chat about refugees throughout history.
Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely / LYSA TERKEURST
Lysa TerKeurst is the President of Proverbs 31 Ministries and Author of "Uninvited" The enemy wants us to feel rejected, left out, lonely, and less than. When we allow him to speak lies through our rejection, he pickpockets our purpose.
Rejection Breeds Discouragment / LIFE HAPPENS
Following an experience abandonment, betrayal, and spouses that have lost their way, the pain and loneliness of separation, the hardship of divorce, the reality of remarriage and blended families … be strong and be courageous. Their ministry toget
Becoming Distinctly You
International speaker and radio host Cheryl Martin shares her journey on becoming the woman God has created her to be.
A Transformation from Ashes into Beauty
The issue of sex trafficking has been in the news a lot lately. However, Cheryl Weber recently visited a small town in Ontario and discovered an extraordinary story of hope and redemption.
Father to the Fatherless / CHARLES MULLI
Charles Mulli's story began in the abyss of pain and suffering brought about by inexorable poverty and abandonment. Yet, he turned everything around and became a successful businessman. Little did he know the surprise God has in plan for him...
Mully Children's Family Mission Choir presents a delightful song, Njooni Njooni Tumwimbie Bwana (Come Let Us Sing to the Lord).
Wild in the Hollow – God in the Broken Places
Amber Haines is a woman haunted by God. Like Eve in the Garden, she craved the fruit that she thought would lead her to freedom. But the whispers of temptation led her instead down a path of isolation, dissatisfaction, and life-altering choices.
How God Met a Hopeless Drug User at Band Rehearsal and Transformed Him Into a Successful Businessman
14 year old Troy Walker did not expect to live past the age of 20 with the lifestyle he was living. Yet, God had a different plan for him. Here is his story.
The Authentic Man / WEB EXCLUSIVE
We discuss the way the media portrays men and what we as women need to do to help the men in our lives.
Will Davis Jr. Reveals 10 Things that Jesus Never Said
In "10 Things Jesus Never Said", Will Davis Jr. unmasks commonly believed myths about our relationship with God and shows readers how to replace this pervasive theology of failure with the truth of how Jesus really feels about them.
No Longer Slaves // BETHEL MUSIC
The official video of "No Longer Slaves" by Bethel Music, featuring Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, from the album, "We Will Not Be Shaken".
The Lie of Rejection
Shelly Calcagno, Director of Family Ministries here at Crossroads, holds the topic of adoption near and dear to her heart. Here's why...
The Broken Hallelujah Tour Brings Message of Hope to Youth
Mike Gordon is bringing a message of hope to youth through the Broken Hallelujah Tour and offering Crossroads "Generation at Risk" resources to youth leaders.
A Life-Changing Hope
Sean's world collapsed on itself, unable to break out of his addictions and the deep hurt in his heart. Until that day, when Jesus changed everything...
Living a Life Without Limbs with Faith
Nick Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs. One of his core belief is that: If you can't get a miracle, be one.
God Can Change Anyone - Even Canada's Most Wanted Criminal: Rick Osborne
Rick Osborne now speaks to youth about the choices he made in his life. In fact Rick says "Like everyone else in this world, I made choices through free will and suffered the consequences of those choices ... Personally, I needed to return to the God
A Life Out of Control... Changed
Keith M. Robinson lives consumed by a mission to tell everyone everywhere about the good news that rescued and restored him. By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics and intent to distribute (that's drug
The World Our Kids Live in Today
Bob co-authored The Dignity Revolution with award winning educator, Deborah Tackmann. "If this book does one think I hope it will teach people how to stop judging others by how they look or what they can or cannot do." He speaks to about 500,000 teen
Open Discussion on Body Image
Magdalene John speaks with a group of women about what women face today in the media in regards to body image.
Are Your Happy Feet Ready?
Moira Brown reminds us that all of us have different talents as we are all uniquely and lovingly created by God!
Reclaiming Wood, Reclaiming Lives
Brian Preston, founder of Lamon Luther, believes anything broken can be made into something beautiful. Thus, Lamon Luther was founded to build hope and create opportunities for the homeless.
Who Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?
When we truly reflect the image of Jesus, there will be no mistaking the portrait the world will see.