Topic: Work & Careers
Help! I work with people / CHAD VEACH
Pastor Chad Veach uses modern research and biblical principles to encourage you to lean into your leadership potential regardless of your level of influence or experience.
"Adulting" in the Modern World
Do you ever feel like you have days where you just can't "adult?" Well, in our current economic landscape, Millennials are finding it harder than ever to keep up with the demands and difficulties of every day life. Some of the reasons why may be su
Welcome to Adulting / JONATHAN POKLUDA
JP Pokluda joins Cheryl Weber to share about his book, "Welcome to Adulting" which offers Millennials a road map to navigating faith, finding a spouse, finances, friendship and the future.
Lorna Dueck sits down with Pastor Ken Shigematsu all this month! Today they chat about vocation.
Founder of Entrepreneurial Organization, Rick Goossen delves into the topic of stewardship with Lorna Dueck.
Summer Jobs Controversy / STEPHEN MAHER
Cheryl Weber speaks with Canadian Political Journalist Stephen Maher about the controversy surrounding the recent changes to the Canada Summer Jobs funding program.
In this series Rick Goossen chats with Lorna Dueck about various topics including sharing faith in the workplace.
Protecting Physicians Values / DR. DAVID GURETZKI
Maggie John speaks with Dr. David Guretzki about the EFC Doctor's Conscience Case taking place June 13th-15th, 2017.
Faith in the Spotlight / Inside Edition's Megan Alexander
Cheryl Weber speaks with Megan Alexander of Inside Edition about her book, "Faith in the Spotlight: Thriving in your Career While Staying True To Your Beliefs".
Influencing Your Workplace / HOT TOPIC
Mike shares tips on how you can be a positive influence in the workplace.
Kevin Pauls Joins The Team!
Magdalene John & Cheryl Weber chat with Kevin Pauls about how he has become an On-Air Contributor & Music Producer for 100 Huntley Street.
A Special Announcement From Joe Amaral
Joe Amaral sits down with Lorna Dueck to discuss his departure from 100 Huntley Street and the pull that he feels from the local church.
The Truth about Climate Change
Katherine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist. She studies climate change, one of the most pressing issues we face today.
How God Met a Hopeless Drug User at Band Rehearsal and Transformed Him Into a Successful Businessman
14 year old Troy Walker did not expect to live past the age of 20 with the lifestyle he was living. Yet, God had a different plan for him. Here is his story.
Journey Towards Marketplace Ministry
Founder of "Wholehearted Men" and author of "The Lies that Bind" Dave MacLean shares his revelation of what it means to be in full-time ministry for the Lord.
Life Stories: Shannon Stevens
Today we meet a young man in media production who was profoundly influenced by the godly example of his co-workers in his workplace.
Professional Skateboarder, Brian Sumner, Surrendering to Jesus
Brian Sumner is a professional skateboarder who rose to fame and riches at the young age of 19. It all come crashing down when things fell apart between him and his wife. Brain started seeking for an answer and diving into different religions of the
Actress Tasha Smith Pursues her God-Given Dream
Actress Tasha Smith always knew that being an actress was a dream that God had placed in her heart. Today, Tasha is fulfilling that dream, acting in many hit television series like Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse.
Transformation and Trust in God - Paul Lafrance
Paul Lafrance, designer and owner of Cutting Edge Construction and Design; host of HGTV Canada's Decked Out and Deck Wars, has been generating innovative and state-of-the-art custom deck designs for over fifteen years. Beneath all the success, is an
University Graduate Denied of a Job Due to Religious Beliefs
100 Huntley Street Reporter Magdalene John brings us an update on the case of Bethany Paquette - a recent graduate from Trinity Western University who got rejected in her job application and "attacked" on her faith in God.
My First Guest Blogger!
Moira Brown introduces her first Guest Blogger (and daughter), Katherine Brown! Katherine is working with Save the Mothers in Uganda as part of her internship program.
Exclusive: HGTV Host Paul Lafrance - A High School Dropout to a Successful CEO
Known for his popular HGTV shows like Disaster Decks, Decked Out and Deck Wars, the "Deck Guy" Paul Lafrance shares about his ups and downs in life!
Are Canadians done with the Bible?
Crossroads Global CEO Dr. John Hull sits down with Rick Hiemstra, Lawson Murray and Paul Richardson to take a deep look into the alarming trend of Canadians' Bible reading habits.
8 Essential Exchanges for Leaders
Kevin Paul Scott, co-founder of ADDO and author of "8 Essential Exchanges", give us a little peek into how we can become better leaders. Sometimes, we need to give up something in order to step up into another.
No Greatness without Goodness
Randy Lewis introduced an inclusive model in Walgreens distribution centers that resulted in ten percent of its workforce consisting of people with disabilities who are held to the same standards as those without disabilities.
Say No to the Dress
"That was it. I knew it was time to stop trying to be Supermom with a full-time ministry and two preschool children at home. I needed to resign from Crossroads and commit to motherhood."
100 Huntley Host April Hernandez Finds Faith Through Transformed Husband
April Hernandez, our 100 Huntley Street USA Host, and critically acclaimed actress ("30 Rock," "Dexter," "Freedom Writers") shares her story of coming to faith, and the struggles she faced along the way.
Police Officer Gives Life to Christ After Loss of Friend
Greg Harper is an Inspector with the York Regional Police. It was the tragic loss of a friend, and the influence of the Alpha Groups that caused Greg to think about where he would be should he suddenly lose his life.
Helping Families Step Out of Poverty
Engineering Ministries International Canada is a non-profit Christian development organization mobilizing volunteers who donate their professional skills to help families around the world step out of poverty.
A Working Mother
Many people don't realise that mothers do work! It's a job that often get no recognition. Yet, it is one of the highest calling. Ann Mainse shares her story.
Practical Needs for Ukraine’s Orphans
State run orphanages are home to more than 100,000 children in Ukraine. Many of these orphanages are run-down and have few resources for repairs or training programs.
"Full House" Child Star Candace Cameron on Balancing Life's Commitments
Candace Cameron Bure, best known for her role of "D.J. Tanner" on the hit TV series "Full House", talks about her new book - "Balancing It All".
3 Steps to Get Fit and Stay Fit
Daniel Plan's wellness advisor, Sean Foy, teaches 3 simple steps to help us burn 9 times more body fats and look younger!
Let God Open the Doors of Healing this Christmas
Moira Brown sits down with Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham Lotz to talk about her book 'Wounded by God's People' which discusses the unfortunate circumstance when people are hurt by the church and
Igniting Strategic Vision at Crossroads
Don Simmonds, Jerry Johnston, and new Crossroads CEO John Hull talk to viewers about new opportunities and the vision of Crossroads.
Equipping the Next Generation
Ron Mainse speaks with Melissa McEachern about the Internship program at Crossroads Ministry, where young people gets to have a hands-on experience and explore their strengths.
Walking the Straight and Narrow
6th Generation high wire walker Tino Wallenda reflects on the unique family tradition. Tino's nephew Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls and more recently the Grand Canyon. The book is called "Walking
MissionFest Toronto 2013
Sharon Ganesh brings an update on the MissionFest Toronto event. She also shares how she came to faith and joined the MissionFest Team. Sharon Ganesh - Executive Director, MissionFest Toronto http://
Equipping for Excellence -- Crossroads Internship Program
With the the Crossroads Internship program starting again this May, Equipping for Excellence coordinator, Melissa McEachern, joined Moira to talk about the four month program which includes hands-on e
Vocational Training - Mulli Children's Family
Girls in Kenya can have tough lives, especially if they are orphaned, abandoned, or desperately poor. Education is not affordable for many, so when the Mulli Children's Family rescues these kids, thei