Topic: Victory
Faith for Deliverance & Victory / JACQUELINE CRAWFORD
Jacqueline Crawford shares a Bible teaching on faith for deliverance.
3 Ways Your Ego is Keeping You From God's Plan / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Cheryl discuss how your ego could be keeping you from God's plan in your life.
10 Things to Stop Doing that will Help You Live the Victorious Christian Life
Dr. Neil Anderson is a bestselling author and has over 25 years of pastoral and teaching experience. He Lists 10 different things we need to stop doing to be able to live the victorious Christian life.
12 Declarations to Start Your Day
Need a little pick-me-up to begin your day? Here are 12 verses to help you refocus your identity as a follower of Jesus Christ...
Sheila Walsh Deals with Insecurity
Insecurity - the feeling of not being enough. It doesn't matter how many people say that you are amazing; if you don't feel it in your heart, you won't believe it. Bible teacher Sheila Walsh teaches on how we can conquer insecurity.
"Christ Is Risen" Lyric Video Released by Tenth Avenue North
The group chose to record "Christ Is Risen" because they found when they were leading worship at churches or camps they would always include this song it in their set because there is so much truth and celebration of Christ rising from the dead and c
Joy in Victory
Do you remember the old Road Runner cartoon where the happy-go-lucky little bird speeds through the desert, oblivious to the fact that his arch-enemy, "Wile E. Coyote," is hot on his trail?
Is Knowing the Holy Spirit Key to Victory?
Dr Jerry Johnston answers viewer questions about spiritual warfare.
20 Promises of Jesus
20 Promises - Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur / Best-selling Author "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken" The Words of Jesus.
Christ Tabernacle - "Desert Song"
Christ Tabernacle Singers sing "Desert Song"
"Victorious Living"-- Dean Merrill
Jim Cantelon brings us his interviews with Dean Merrill who updated the timeless works of author E. Stanley Jones. For your copy--For your best ministry gift - suggested amount is $20.00, but any dona
"Victorious Living" The Work of E. Stanley Jones -3
Jim Cantelon brings us his interviews with Dean Merrill who updated the timeless works of author E. Stanley Jones.
Stay in Touch -- Thought Life
Achieving victory in our thought life
Life by The Hour: Knowing When You've Had Enough - For Now
Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna BC talks with Jim about dreaming a big dream but taking small steps
Penetrating the Darkenss
Dr. Jack Hayford, Author of "Penetrating the Darkness - Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil".