Topic: Trinity
Going Back to the Basics
The heart of Author and Pastor Beth Jones' message is to help people get the basics of God's Word and inspire them to believe and live out the faith-filled adventure of following Jesus.
Three Gods in One: What is the Trinity?
Hank Hanegraaf, author of 'The Bible Answer Book' talks about the trinity and what Christians believe.
Josh McDowell: The Theology Of Forgiveness -- 5/10
Jim Cantelon talks to Josh McDowell about the book he wrote with his son Sean, "The Unshakable Truth" and how we can truly understand the forgiveness we are given by God. Josh McDowell Author, Found
The Trinity - Josh McDowell
The Unshakable Truth: Josh focuses on the trinity. For more than 40 years, Josh McDowell has spoken to tens of millions in 110-plus countries about the evidence for Christianity and what difference th