Topic: Testimonies
Sharon Martell shares her testimony of how God's love completely transformed her life after being released from prison for attempted murder.
John Courtney shares his testimony.
Jamie Jamgochian / TESTIMONY
Jamie Jamgochian shares her testimony.
Akeem Haynes / TESTIMONY
Akeem Haynes shares his testimony.
Sylvia Mullally shares her testimony.
Tina Whitlock / TESTIMONY
Tina Whitlock shares her testimony.
Life Stories: Angelina Steenstra
At the age of 22 Angelina Steenstra was dealing with the emotional pain of a teenage abortion and suicidal thoughts. But one phone call to the Crossroads prayer lines literally saved her life.
Life Stories: Tyrone Flowers
At 18 years old, Tyrone Flowers decided he was going to make something of his life, by joining the US. Army. On his way home from passing his entrance exams, his life was about to change forever. Here's his story.
Lifestories: Maria Amaral
Maria Amaral shares her testimony of faith.
Beckah Shae is a two-time Dove Award Nominee, 2014's We Love Christian Music Awards Independent Artist of the Year and won 2017's JFH Awards for Christmas Album of the year. Today she shares her testimony.
Major Success Does Not Bring Happiness / DAVID ASH
David Ash shares his personal life story.
Roxy Flett-Ross shares about how a near-death experience completely transformed her life and brought her into relationship with Jesus.
Life Stories: The Davidsons
If it wasn't for your generous financial support, we would never be able to tell the great stories of people who have been transformed by Christ's love and who are now making a difference. K.R. and Gail Davidson know all about making a difference
Start Where You Are / RASHAWN COPELAND
Rashawn Copeland once sat in his room holding a gun in his mouth. Despite having money, romantic relationships and a flashy lifestyle others envied, he was miserable. Instead of his life ending that night, God intervened.
Annette Walker shares her story of how the Lord rescued her from discouragement and an unhealthy relationship, as the Holy Spirit brought a Scripture verse to mind.
His perfect plan for my life / ANGIE CHRICTON
Angie Crichton serves as Site Director for Next Door Social Space which first opened its doors in 2012. Angie joins us to share her personal faith story.
Deanna has a very special connection to 100 Huntley Street. Her story is that of a life of challenges but also changes when her Mom invited her to a meeting one night.
I Surrender - A Mothers Day Story / SARAH MARRITT
Sarah shares the story of her baby's birth that didn't quite go the way the family had planned. Sarah tells us about a wonderful song that helped her trust that all would be fine.
Fish Out of Water / ERIC METAXAS
Eric Metaxas joins Cheryl Weber to share from his most recent book, "Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life."
Champion Boxer / SYD VANDERPOOL
Champion boxer (super middleweight) and certified coach and trainer, Syd "The Jewel" Vanderpool joins Mark Masri to share his remarkable salvation testimony.
Cheryl Weber sat down for an interview with Christian Pop Band "I AM THEY" to talk music, faith and the power of testimony.
Gracia Burnham / TESTIMONY
Gracia Burnham explains her experience as a missionary who was kidnapped and held captive overseas.
Sohayla Courtin became a Christian as a teenager and found 100 Huntley Street to be a very important part of her faith journey. Sohayla shares her journey from growing up in Iran to her faith voyage in Canada.
Bob Fu shares about persecuted Christians in China.
Mama Maggie Gobran / TESTIMONY
Mama Maggie (Maggie Gobran) is the Founder of Stephen's Children. Her mission is to love the forgotten children of Egypt's garbage slums. She is meeting short-term & long-term needs of the impoverished families in Cairo's slums.
Father Gregory Boyle / TESTIMONY
Father Gregory Boyle shares how Homeboy Industries provides hope, training and support to formerly gang-involved individuals allowing them to redirect their lives.
Brothers, Curtis and Justin Hartshorn, share their experiences of wandering away from their faith and how God broke the chains in their lives, allowing them to follow Him in freedom ever since.
In this testimony, Kimberly Smith-Highland shares how the Lord has worked in her life and brought healing after suffering a violent gang rape while on a humanitarian trip.
A Drive-By Shooting Survivor / LUIS R. MONTOYA
Although he is not even yet out of his teens, Luis Roman Montoya has seen and experienced a lot of trouble, heartache and pain. Here's his story.
Life Stories: Sam & Naomi Tita
Sam and Naomi Tita went their separate ways after 12 years of marriage. But at their lowest point, both of them experienced something that would change them forever. Watch their story.
Woman Held Captive In Basement Finds Forgiveness Through a Song Heard on Radio
Mike Weaver of contemporary Christian band, Big Daddy Weave, shares his amazement of how God using his testimony to help others.
Surviving an Abortion - Melissa Ohden
Melissa Ohden always knew she was adopted. But it wasn't until an argument with her sister that she discovered the truth about her past. Though her biological mother wanted to have an abortion while she was five-months pregnant with Melissa, Melissa
Huntley Hope | July 25, 2017
Featured: Gracia Burnham.
George Beverly Shea was a Canadian-born American gospel singer and hymn composer. Shea was often described as "America's beloved gospel singer," and was considered "the first international singing 'star' of the gospel world."
Vulnerability Sparks Healing / KELITA
Kelita's life has been filled with tragedy involving alcoholism, mental instability, sexual abuse, and breast cancer. For years she hid behind walls but as soon as she began to be honest about her experiences she saw how it helped other people.
The Bible Altered His Story / JOHN PATHMANATHAN
John was supernaturally transformed and delivered from a lifestyle of gang violence, drugs and alcohol through reading a Gideon's Bible.
Lovely Things in Ugly Places / MATTIE MONTGOMERY
Mattie Montgomery shares his personal testimony and how we need to lay down the labels we use to define people.
Connecting With Our Partners / ARLENE REEMEYER
Maggie John sits down with Partner Representative Arlene Reemeyer, who discusses the importance of connecting with our partners.
Overcoming the Odds / JERRILL SPRINKLE
Jerrill Sprinkle, President of MP Equipment Company shares his personal testimony and growing up in the business world.
A Young Man and His Faith Journey/ MATT ROMER
Matt Romer, Associate Producer for Crossroads shares his testimony on how he came to faith in Christ, and how that love has shaped and changed his life.