Topic: Suicide
Brody Haight / MY STORY
In grade school, Brody Haight began to smoke Marijuana, which during his high school years, led to an addiction to alcohol and heavy drugs. This is his story.
Offering Hope Where it's Needed Most / MARCEL KNOT
Marcel Knot battled with anxiety and depression and planned to end his life at 17. But something astonishing happened just as he reached the point of no return.
Life Stories: Angelina Steenstra
At the age of 22 Angelina Steenstra was dealing with the emotional pain of a teenage abortion and suicidal thoughts. But one phone call to the Crossroads prayer lines literally saved her life.
Finding Hope After Suicide Attempt / EMMA BENOIT
Emma Benoit became extremely passionate about suicide prevention after surviving a suicide attempt in 2017, the summer before her senior year in high school. She now shares about mental health and the hope she found.
God’s Rescue Plan / SHEILA WALSH
Sheila Walsh shares how God can rescue you even when it feels like the end.
Saved from Suicide / J. KEVIN BUTCHER
J. Kevin Butcher was a lead pastor and speaker he had all the accolades but one night on his way home from speaking his heart felt empty and he considered taking his own life. Shame he had felt for many years became the problem.
Mark Masri shares his song "Sorry" and the story that led him to write it.
Suicide Prevention Awareness Day
Today we discuss suicide prevention.
When Amanda was very young; she was sexually traumatized, which led her to fear and eventually anger and bitterness. When she was old enough to start drinking, she turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.
Crystal Lavallee is joined by Roberta Fiddler to discuss the alarming number of tragedies that have prevented Indigenous communities from grieving together properly.
Overcoming Hardships in Life / KAYON WATSON
Kayon has learned, through his personal journey of wrestling with God through a very challenging season of his life, that he needed to develop and deepen his personal relationship with Jesus as Lord of his life.
Kayla Stoecklein shares her shattering yet ultimately hopeful story of her husband's death by suicide, her journey to understand mental illness and the light she found in the darkness.
Brian Arcand sits down for an interview with Maggie John and shares how the pressures of life drove him towards suicide, yet God had a different plan.
Freedom in Jesus - Shavina Gladue / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Shavina Gladue joins us to talk about her journey through suicidal thoughts, the hope she found and how she is now living out her life of faith encouraging others whenever she can.
Youth Suicide
The #1 leading cause of death among Indigenous youth is suicide. Our team has been in a number of communities and seen first hand, the devastating impact suicide has on families and communities. Take a look at this.
Brandon Kicknosway / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Crystal Lavallee is joined by Brandon Kicknosway to share about his struggles with suicidal thoughts.
You're Not Alone / JAMES KELLY
James Kelly speaks about his organization, FaithTech; focusing specifically on the work they're doing to combat suicide.
Reclaiming Life: Faith, Hope and Suicide Loss / MAGGIE JOHN WITH KAY WARREN Pt.1
Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church with her husband, Rick, is an international speaker, author, and Bible teacher. When her youngest son, Matthew, took his life in April 2013, her life was dramatically altered by the catastrophic loss.
World Suicide Prevention Day / M.P. DAVID SWEET
MP David Sweet shares the story of his daughter Lara who passed away by suicide in 2017. 23 year old Lara's life was full of challenges, but she loved to help people and her many friends with acts of kindness.
Thank You For Your Support / IGNITING HOPE
We want to thank you for your support of this ministry to ignite hope in Canada's remote northern communities!
Arctic Hope Project / IGNITING HOPE
Cheryl Weber speaks with Bill Prankard about the Arctic Hope Project which is bringing transformation to remote northern communities effected by suicide.
Moses Bird has overcome drugs, alcohol and suicidal thoughts to live God's dream. Today Moses is a Missions Pastor.
Strength Built from Adversity / AILEEN JOHNSTON
Aileen Johnston shares her testimony with Moira Brown and explains how she is now able to minister to people who are struggling as a result of the strength that was birthed out of her own hardship.
Thanks from Steven Carleton!
Director of The Arctic Hope Project - Steven Carleton, shares his thanks for all of your support!
Greg Musselman chats with Director of FaithTech, James Kelly. With an extensive background in churches and business, he's positioned to creatively bridge the gap between faith and technology.
The Right Rev. Mark MacDonald / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Today The Right Rev. Mark MacDonald shares with Cheryl Weber what he has been hearing from indigenous people as he travels to communities all across the nation. He says that despair is the largest factor of indigenous suicide and identity crises.
Advocating For Change / THE DEBNEY FAMILY
Lorna Dueck and Greg Musselman are joined by the Debney family - Ken, Christine and their daughter Melanie - who share their story of how on August 21, 2014, their son/brother lost his silent battle with depression.
Huntley Hope | July 11, 2017
Featured: Inside Teen Suicide Documentary - Katie Alvestufer, Zach Myers, Kaitlin Brand, Brett Ullman.
Maggie John speaks with Barry Chalifoux about his suicide attempt at the age of 9 and the message of hope that he found in God.
The Portrayal of Teen Suicide in the Media / BRETT ULLMAN
Maggie John chats with parenting expert Brett Ullman about the controversial Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" and the steps that parents can take to discuss the issue of teen suicide with their kids.
Are We Doing Enough for Our Veterans?
Magdalene John and Mike Sherbino talk about the recent tragedy when a Canadian Veteran was involved in an apparent murder-suicide of himself and his family.
Thank You for Supporting the Arctic Hope Project
Bill Prankard is the Founder of the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Assocciation (BPEA), he has come to share an update on the Arctic Hope Project after you our viewers generously gave to this project on Giving Tuesday.
Thank You on Behalf of the Arctic Hope Project
We thank you on behalf of the Arctic Hope project for your generous donations on #GivingTuesday
We Need Change!
Today 100 Huntley Street teamed up with The Arctic Hope Project to raise $50,000 to alleviate the suicide epidemic happening in Northern Canada.
Today is Giving Tuesday!
Lorna explains why we need your support to help The Arctic Hope Project.
Addressing a Crisis
Cheryl speaks with Bill Prankard about the efforts of The Arctic Hope Project in the North.
Fighting the Suicide Epidemic
Cheryl speaks with Steve Carleton about the suicide epidemic in the North.
Reaching Out Through the Arctic Hope
Bill Prankard shares how Crossroads is partnering with the Arctic Hope Project in Canada's North.
Changing the Future for Aboriginal Youth
Steve Carleton shares the Arctic Hope Centre which will change the lives of aboriginal youth.
Coping with Suicide / SHAWNA PERCY
Shawna Percy speaks with Cheryl Weber about the death of her husband.