Topic: Painting & Drawing
Coloring the Psalms with Shelly Calcagno
Shelly Calcagno always loved coloring as a child, but it just never seemed socially acceptable for her to pull out her crayons as a grownup - until recently!
Glorifying God with Your Gifts and Talents
Brothers and prodigies Josh and Zac Tiessen talks about their serperate journeys to the discovery of their talent. Josh Tiessen started painting at a young age and has received many awards since then,
Canadian Artist Trisha Romance
Canadian Artist Trisha Romance sit down with the Full Circle girls to discuss the inspiration behind her artwork. She also shares of the illness that she has lived with, and continues to live with. Th
Project Heroes-Honouring Through Art
This report features the artists behind Project Heroes, a national exhibition honouring Canada's fallen through a series of portraits and memorabilia. The aim is to paint 157 portraits- one for ever
Entire Family Faces Trouble With Grace - Part 2
Moira Brown speaks with David & Barb Smith about their families journey through cancer and how they found grace through it all. David Smith Ontario Director of Corporate Chaplains Canada Ontario Ar