Topic: Sports & Fitness - Basketball
NBA Referee Researches Ego and Finds His Faith / PATRICK FRAHER
Patrick Fraher's personal faith journey began when he started researching the human ego, and how it pertained to officiating NBA games. He now shares what he has learned in this venue.
Christina Laurice dropped by the court to get some feedback from young people on their greatest moments in life so far and how playing basketball has impacted their lives.
Voice of the Raptors / HERBIE KUHN
Co-Chaplain and in-house PA Voice of the Toronto Raptors, Herbie Kuhn joined Maggie John to talk sports and faith!
Faith and Family Night This Past Weekend
Magdalene John and Lorna Dueck share about the recent YES TV and Canadian Basketball League's Faith and Family Night.
Robert Melnichuk speaks with Garrett Kelly & Luke Moyer about the upcoming CBL Faith & Family Night on March 18th.
Holiday Sports / Jingle Hoops!
Joe Amaral shares a fun holiday sports video with basketball fan Magdalene John!
NBA Great and Global Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo
Dikembe Mutombo is a four-time defensive player of the year AND an eight-time All-Star champion. Today he speaks with John Hull about his basketball career, being the Global Ambassador for the NBA and his ministry work.
It's How You Play the Game - The Legacy of a Leader
Dr. David Chadwick shares about the legacy of a leader - particularly focused on famous basketball coach Dean Smith.
NBA Star Cody Zeller's Faith Stands Out
Exclusive backstage interview with NBA Player Cody Zeller at the K-LOVE Fan Awards!
'Linsanity' DVD Released; Director Calls Christian Athlete's Story 'Universal'
"Linsanity" Director Evan Jackson Leong said in a new interview that Christian NBA star Jeremy Lin's story is both universal and transcendental, as the DVD of the movie was released on Tuesday.
Take Your Best Shot
Jim Cantelon speaks with Austin Gutwein about how he is making a difference for orphans affected by Hiv Aids through his Hoops of Hope ministry. Austin Gutwein Founder, Executive Director of Hoops o