Topic: Sports & Fitness
Skatepark Church / LAURA BRONSON
Laura Bronson shares how she turned to impacting youth in her own community through skateboarding when the pandemic hit.
Faith and Football / COACH DICK VERMEIL
Coach Dick Vermeil is a former American football head coach. He served as a head coach in the National Football League for 15 seasons as the Head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, the St. Louis Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs.
From Brokenness to the Olympic Games / AKEEM HAYNES
Former Canadian Olympic athlete, Akeem Haynes has a burning desire to help people persevere past their toughest times. By helping you develop resiliency strategies that will allow you to breakthrough mental barriers which will lead you to your breakt
NBA Referee Researches Ego and Finds His Faith / PATRICK FRAHER
Patrick Fraher's personal faith journey began when he started researching the human ego, and how it pertained to officiating NBA games. He now shares what he has learned in this venue.
Joshua Montana is an Indigenous Consultant to the oil and gas industry. He shares his story about growing up and becoming a leader.
Champion Boxer / SYD VANDERPOOL
Champion boxer (super middleweight) and certified coach and trainer, Syd "The Jewel" Vanderpool joins Mark Masri to share his remarkable salvation testimony.
Keeping Fit During Isolation
Anthony Cheam joins Mark Masri to speak about how we can keep in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Melissa Lotholz shares her story of endurance and overcoming.
RBG Week "Easy Workout Tips at the Park" / MAGGIE JOHN WITH ANTHONY CHEAM PART 2
Maggie John is joined by Life Coach, Anthony Cheam, who shares some great tips for fitness in the park.
The Fencing Master / LISA BEVERE
We often underestimate how our enemy see us. Bible teacher Lisa Bevere gives a short teaching on how we need to start reflecting the word of God in our lives!
Running Late...
Greg got a little carried away golfing before recording today's program!
2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman get excited as the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have begun! Go Team Canada!
Cindy is the first Canadian to win five medals at a single Winter Olympics.
Tim Tebow: More Than Just An Athlete
Kevin Pauls, Maggie John & Robert Melnichuk speak about a recent spring training clip of Tim Tebow in which he speaks about his passion for being known as more than just an athlete.
We Need Christian Media When Life Happens
Lorna Dueck, Joe Amaral and Cheryl Weber talk about stories in the news and how we as Christian media need to be there to guide people with what they are facing.
Marathon Runner Krista DuChene Does Canada Proud at Rio Summer Olympics
Canadian marathon runner Krista DuChene placed 35th on Sunday August 14th at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic games. DuChene ran 42 Kilometers before crossing the finish line with a time of
Gearing up for Rio 2016 Olympics / KRISTA DUCHENE
Krista DuChene, also known as "Marathon Mom", joins us by Skype to talk about her involvement as a Team Canada Member/runner at the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Grandpa Aims to Beat His Own World Record
Arvid Loewen is driving his bike from Vancouver to Halifax in order to beat his own Guinness World Record, all in support of the Mully Children's Family (MCF)
Chaplain to the Edmonton Eskimos Brent Kassian
John Hull speaks with the chaplain to the Edmonton Eskimos Brent Kassian and his wife Mary about working as a sports chaplain and Mary's ministry "Girls Gone Wise" that reaches out to young women.
The Unbreakable Susan Stewart - Former Canadian Olympian Basketball Player
Susan Stewart shares her journey of becoming a Canadian Olympian through basketball and her life after a brain injury and brain surgery.Susan Stewart shares her journey of becoming a Canadian Olympian through basketball and her life after a brain inj
100 Huntley at 2015 Pan Am Games: Canadian Gold Medalist Genevieve Morrison
100 Huntley Streey reports from the 2015 Pan Am Games with Canadian Gold Medalist in Freestyle Wrestling Genevieve Morrison .
100 Huntley at 2015 Pan Am Games: Marathon Runner Krista DuChene
100 Huntley Streey reports from the 2015 Pan Am Games with Marathon Runner Krista DuChene.
Faith Initiatives at the 2015 Pan Am Games
The Toronto 2015 Pan Am games is now officially 1 week old and the church has been very intentional about showing God's love with random acts of goodness.
100 Huntley at 2015 Pan Am Games: Swimmer Tera Van Beilen
100 Huntley Streey reports from the 2015 Pan Am Games with swimmer Tera Van Beilen
100 Huntley Reports from the Pan Am Games: Rowing Gold Medalist Kerry Shaffer
100 Huntley Reports from the Pan Am Games: Rowing Gold Medalist Kerry Shaffer
Orange Theory Fitness
Cheryl Weber has been burning calories through Orange Theory Fitness! Read on to find out how this works!
At Home Fitness
At Home Fitness
Project Fit: Update after 2 Months!
Magdalene John and Cheryl Weber updates us with the struggles and successes as they went through 2 months of their fitness & nutrition regiment!
Manny Pacquiao Fights for 'God' and 'His Country'
After their gloves touch, the bell rings and the dust settles on May 2, the world may be able to end the debate surrounding Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the best boxer of their era.
How You Can Change - Part 4
This week, ProjectFit life coach Merry C Lin looks at the last two strategies that can help you change your eating. "I'm particularly excited to introduce these two menu choices to you because they are so helpful in many realms of our lives."
Project Fit: Orange Theory Fitness
Cheryl Weber takes her project fit journey to Orange Theory Fitness!
Small Adjustments = Big Gains
Since we are on this journey for healthy and lasting change, I'm digging deep to overcome every roadblock and hindrance that gets in the way of me really achieving the results I want.
No Fads, Shortcuts or Temporary Transformations
Where ever you are on your fitness journey, please join me today in re-committing to the process. This is not just about external results, but permanent, lasting change that comes from the inside out.
I Thought I Was Going to Die... Seriously
As we approached THE STAIRS one guy was just taking his last step when he exclaimed "I'm going to throw up!" You would think this would be a sign that I should just hop back in my car and drive back home but nope, I didn't!!
Project Fit: Magdalene John Goes to the Gym
Magdalene John visits the gym (Good Life Fitness) in her journey to health.
My Injuries Mean I Can’t Work Out, Right?
For most of us, being limited does NOT mean we can't work out. It just means we have to find avenues that work for our body, especially as we age.
ProjectFit Life Coach - Session 2: What Needs Changing?
The more you know about "why" you eat the way you do, the more successful you will be at battling your problematic eating behaviours. As you do some of the exercises below, you'll begin to know what triggers problematic eating for you.
It’s Not the Scariest Place in the World After All!
Maggie explains the 3 reasons why she left the comfort of her home to hit the gym!
How to Deal with Metabolic Changes Throughout Every Decade
ProjectFit nutritionist Juliana gives us tips on how to deal with changes in our metabolism through the years.
Project Fit! Cheryl Gets Personal with Dr. Merry C. Lin
Today, Cheryl Weber will talk about her weight-loss journey with Dr. Merry C. Lin