Topic: Spiritual Rebirth
Refuge - Experiencing God / KIRA FONTANA
Musician Kira Fontana remembers a tough time in her journey from spirituality to praying to God and experiencing the Bible. Kira says God had to show her darkness to reach her.
Do You Have A Heart That Is Alive? / HEAD TO HEART
Robbie Symons teaches from Ezekiel 36:26 in part 3 of Head To Heart to explain the importance of growing your "spiritual heart."
Spiritually Reset for 2017
Pastor Robbie Symons is Founding Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville Ontario and he shares how we can reset and become spiritually well as we enter 2017.
Korn Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's Dramatic Conversion
Welch sat down with 100 Huntley Street to discuss his dramatic conversion, departure from, and controversial return to heavy metal band Korn.
The Renovation Project - Beth Jones
Have you ever renovated a kitchen? After demolition comes the installation phase. Compare this process to our minds: the more we paint and install our minds with God's word, the more transformed our mind becomes. Beth Jones explains...
Newsboys' "We Believe" Resonating as Believers' Creed
"We are beyond excited to see radio's enthusiasm with our new single," remarked Tait. "This song is a testament and a definite creed for what we as Christians believe; Our hope and eternal salvation! There is nothing more igniting than to watch from
Jesus Cares about Your Heart
Author Steven K Scott points out we all need to have a new heart. When we meditate on the words of Christ, our heart can be cleansed as His words abide in us.
Ministries of the Holy Spirit
Steven K Scott tells us why Jesus said so much about the Father and yet so little about the Holy Spirit, while identifying 11 ministries of the Holy Spirit, such as spiritual birth.
Who Owns Your Home? Preparing for Spiritual Warfare
Lorie Harshorn speaks about her struggles and teaches us how to battle our struggles using God's Word. She teaches us how to keep the enemy out and how to find freedom.
Bohemian Wild Child Comes Home
Moira Brown speaks with Matt Harris about his time being homeless after years of drugs, Buddhism, and wandering all over the world and how God reached down and forgave him for everything. Matt Harris
Searching for Truth in the Supernatural
Sue Smith was searching to connect with the supernatural. She experienced power in some dark places through psychics and poltergeists but found truth in a relationship with God. Sue Smith - Locks &
The Importance Of Mentoring -- Sean McDowell
Sean McDowell talks about the importance of mentoring in transforming young peoples lives. Sean McDowell Author, Speaker Book: "The Unshakable Truth" To Get Your Copy:
The Machine Gun Preacher
You may have heard of the movie 'Machine Gun Preacher', but you haven't met the man behind the story. Sam Childers, the man known as the Machine Gun Preacher, shares his testimony and his book 'Anoth
Jesus Knocks on Muslim Imam's Door
Full Circle: Zak Gariba Pastor --Jubilee Celebration Centre - former Nigerian Imam is now a Christian pastor in Orillia.
Stay In Touch - A Fresh Start
Ron talks about " A Fresh Start"-- Remember back to the simplicity of the playground. The rules were easy. Playground law was reinforced by commands like "stamp it, stamp it, no erasies, no repeats,
Above and Beyond--Miracle for Jen #10
Miracle for Jen is the story of the miraculous survival from traumatic brain injury of Jennifer Barrick, the 15-year-old daughter of a Lynchburg, VA, family after the Barricks' van was hit head-on by
Heaven Is Now
Jim Cantelon speaks with Andrew Farley about his book "Heaven Is Now"
Red Letter Christianity and Hearing God's Voice
Tony is professor emeritus at Eastern University, and is the founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, an organization that develops schools and social programs in various
Stay in Touch - Transition #2
Ron brings us the second in a series called Transition. About the changes in our lives and moving forward with God's help. Today's subject is "Conversion"
Stay in Touch -- Breaking the Chains of Sin
Breaking the Chains of Sin-Ron Mainse
FAMILY DAY: Stay In Touch - Adopted Into God's Family
Adopted Into God's Family