Topic: Sex Industry - Slavery
Crossroads Cares - Human Trafficking - B.A.T.H. / DEVI LOY
Devi helps to transform lives of women leaving human trafficking with the love of God.
Human Trafficking in Canada / JOY SMITH
Joy Smith is recognized as one of Canada's leading anti-human trafficking activists. Today, she joins Cheryl Weber to talk about human trafficking in Canada.
Safe Home for Women Exiting Trafficking / MAGGIE BARATTO
The story of (BATH) Beauty for Ashes Transformation House - helping women out of the sex trade.
Redeeming Love / FRANCINE RIVERS
Francine Rivers is the International Best Selling Author of "Redeeming Love". It has now become a motion picture. Francine chats with Cheryl Weber.
Rescuing people from sex trafficking and homelessness / ATLANTA DREAM CENTER
Atlanta Dream Centre is a Faith-based Nonprofit that mobilizes the Christian community to rescue and prevent from sex trafficking and homelessness.
#NOTINMYCITY Movement with Paul Brandt
The Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMA®) Board of Directors honoured Paul Brandt with the 2019 Slaight Music Humanitarian Award for the leaps and bounds he has made in raising awareness and taking action to end child sexual exploitation.
Barefoot for 9 Years to Show Solidarity with Suffering Children
Jeff Brodsky hasn't worn socks or shoes in nearly ten years in an effort to show solidarity with suffering children around the world.
Human Trafficking in Cambodia / BRIAN McCONAGHY
Brian McConaghy of Ratanak International joins Cheryl Weber to speak about how his organization is partnering with Crossroads and working in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery.
Cybersex Trafficking / SAM INOCENCIO
Sam Inocencio joined Maggie John on today's program to speak about the efforts of IJM (International Justice Mission) to combat cybersex trafficking of children.
It's a Penalty / SARAH DE CARVALHO
CEO of the "It's a Penalty" campaign, Sarah de Carvalho, joined Maggie John to talk about how her organization is harnessing the power of sport to prevent trafficking, exploitation and abuse globally.
Fighting Human Trafficking & Exploitation / BRIAN McCONAGHY
Brian McConaghy works in Cambodia and partners with Crossroads Relief & Development to fight against human trafficking and exploitation. Today he joins Cheryl Weber to speak about the Christopher Neil case and the severity of this issue.
It was a critically acclaimed stage play and now it's an award-winning movie - Cheryl Weber is joined by Director Daniel Kooman and Lead Actor Giovanni Mocibob of the film "She Has a Name."
Hope out of the Christopher Neil Trial
A report on how Ratanak founding Director - Brian McConaghy was instrumental in gathering key evidence against Canadian pedophile Christopher Neil, and how Crossroads helped in buying the building to preserve the evidence.
Advocating Against Cybersex Trafficking / KELLY CAMERON
Cheryl Weber speaks with IJM's Kelly Cameron about her work in advocating against cybersex trafficking.
We Join In the END IT Movement to End Slavery
We Join In the END IT Movement to End Slavery and we share what Crossroads Relief and Development have done over the years to help stop slavery.
Flight Attendant Stops Human Trafficker
Cheryl Weber, Magdalene John & Todd Cantelon talk about a recent human trafficking situation that was stopped by a flight attendant you went with her gut and found a way to stop human trafficking in its tracks.
Conquering Kilimanjaro
Cheryl Weber talks about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on behalf of sexually trafficked women 5 years ago today.
Advocating for Survivors of Abuse and Trafficking
Kelita shares about how 100 Huntley Street changed her path and led to her helping survivors of abuse and sex trafficking.
Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking
Smita Singh is the founder of Mahima Care Homes, a ministry partner of Partners International. These are aftercare homes that rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking in India.
In Depth Report on One of the Largest Interpol Manhunt
A story on the case of Christopher Neil and what is being done to combat sex and human trafficking in Cambodia.
Your Donation is Helping Trafficked Children in Cambodia
Cheryl Weber brings us an update on Christopher Neil's case and how Crossroads played a role in bringing him to justice.
Canadian Christian Humanitarian Organizations Working in Cambodia Reveal a Hope-Filled Story as Christopher Neil Awaits His Sentence For Sex Crimes
Ratanak International and Crossroads Relief and Development share an untold story in response to the sentencing hearing of the notorious child sexual predator.
Official Trailer / CAGED NO MORE
CAGED NO MORE is a feature film that will raise awareness of human trafficking, aid in connecting anti-trafficking organizations, equip parents, schools and churches to aid in prevention, and assist in eradicating trafficking. Starring Kevin Sorbo, E
Caged No More
Trafficking for women and sex has become a worldwide phenomenon. Here at Crossroads' Relief and Development, we are working both near and far to combat this issue.
Helping Sex Trafficked Women Through Broth for Brothels
Andrea Shepherd is helping women being rescued from the sex trade (in support of International Justice Mission) by using her God given gifts to help others through "Broth for Brothels"
DIY Snowmen Nativity with Nathan Purdy
Our co-host Nathan Purdy shows Shelly Calcagno how to make nativity snowmen. Nathan is the founder of Pennies for Freedom, raising funds and awareness to help in the fight against human trafficking especially in regard to children.
Our Co-Host Nathan Purdy Shares His Work Against Trafficking
Nathan Purdy raises money to help stop trafficking of women and children.
Fighting Human Trafficking by Recycling the Canadian Penny
Barbara Purdy and her son Nathan share how they are fighting human trafficking by recycling the Canadian penny which is no longer in rotation.
Sex Trafficking
Relief and Development Overview
Everyone Has the Potential to Change the World
Christine Cane is co-founder of The A21 campaign - she travels the globe preaching, teaching, and advocating for justice.
“In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom” Premieres Nationwide January, 2015
Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant, "In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom" is a documentary on sex trafficking in the United States that features 6 modern-day abolitionists.
Hope for the Sold: Fighting Sex Trafficking
As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution. Jay and Michelle Brock traveled across ten countries to explore the issue, attempting to answer the question: "How can we prevent sexual exploitation
Canadian Folk Artist Jordan Raycroft Earns 2014 Juno Nomination, Interview and Performance Exclusive
Jordan Raycroft shares the stories, inspiration and message behind his 2014 JUNO nominated self-titled debut album plus exclusive performances recorded with Crossroads 360.
Giving Life to Exploited Girls in Uganda
Girls kidnapped during Northern Uganda's civil war begin healing
Ugandan Girls Begin School Program for Bright Future
Pader Girls School in Uganda helps exploited girls
Stories of Hope and Redemption out of Cambodia
Moira Brown shares as we feature Brian McConaghy who we have partnered with in the Fight against Child Exploitation-Human Trafficking. Brian McConaghy-Founding Director of Ratanak International-Forme
Hope in a Dark Community
The trafficking of children is a topic painful to talk about, yet the United Nations estimates that over a million are sold each year, nearly half for sexual exploitation. Crossroads Relief & Develop
Crossroads Relief and Development Projects
Cheryl Weber talks about the different projects that Crossroads Relief and Development are involved in through the help and support of our partners.
Good News Out Of Cambodia
Cheryl Weber sits down with Lisa Cheong shares a positive story of restoration out of Cambodia. Lisa Cheong-Cambodia Country Director - Ratanak International
Miss World Canada - What is Human Trafficking?
Tara Teng is a human rights activist and a modern-day slavery abolitionist. Her heartbeat and passion is to see all people, regardless of nationality, culture, gender, lifestyle or belief, thrive in f