Topic: Sex Industry - Prostitution
Safe Home for Women Exiting Trafficking / MAGGIE BARATTO
The story of (BATH) Beauty for Ashes Transformation House - helping women out of the sex trade.
Taanis Bellerose shares her incredible story of salvation in Christ after leading a life of abuse, prostitution and drugs.
Cheryl Weber interviews Jeevaline Kumar to learn more about the lives of Dalit Women in India.
Freedom from Prostitution and Addiction
a story of life after prostitution and addiction
Hope for the Sold: Fighting Sex Trafficking
As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution. Jay and Michelle Brock traveled across ten countries to explore the issue, attempting to answer the question: "How can we prevent sexual exploitation
Bill C-36: Prostitution Reform Laws
Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, MB, Joy Smith speaks with Crossroads Global CEO, Dr. John Hull about Bill C-36 and why it is so crucial for the bill to be passed.
Exclusive: MP Joy Smith speaks on Important Issues Surrounding Prostitution
MP Joy Smith continues the conversation with Dr. John Hull about Bill C-36 and why it is so crucial for the Bill to be passed.
Off the Air with Bryan Olesen
Cheryl Weber sits with Bryan Olesen, former member of Newsboys and founder/lead singer of VOTA, to talk about his latest passion - fighting human trafficking.
Prostitution Laws Deemed Unconstitutional
The Supreme court of Canada has ruled that the three prostitution laws that are in place are unconstitutional, and they've given parliament a year to write new ones. It's so important to ensure that laws are put in place that will protect exploit
The Scent of Water Part 2
Naomi Zacharias is the Director of Wellspring International
Trade of Innocents
International multi-award winning movie writer/director Christopher Bessette shares with us how he followed his calling and how he impacts the world today with his message through film. Report by Mind
This Is Our Love - Children of the World
Jody Cross continues his Truth To Go series about global issues affecting children around the world. Poverty, sex trafficking, hunger among them.
This Is Our Love - Real Life Offering
Jody Cross talks about the victimization of children around the world and how Jesus calls us to be a defender of them.
This Is Our Love - Least of These
Connect with your Creator through the heartfelt worship styling of This is Our Love, an interactive CD package. Featuring the sounds of Canadian Christian artists and international worship leader Dr.
Making Homelessness & Poverty Real To Youth
TOOLS (Toronto Ontario Opportunities for Learning & Service) helps break down stereotypes about poverty & the homeless.
Cambodia Cries Out - Help End Child Slavery
Director of Crossroads Missions shares about his time in Cambodia and explain what we are doing to help there. ; To help Crossroads Missions with the rescue of sexually exploited girls in Cambodia.
Cambodia Cries Out - HAGAR Foster Care
Cheryl Weber reports on the sex trafficking of children in Cambodia, she talks with Brian McConaghy, founder of Ratanak International about sex tourism and childhood sex slavery in Cambodia. HAGAR Cam
Cambodia Cries Out - Building New Lives for Girls
Ratanak International's Brian McConaghy shares about how they help girls in Cambodia in the sex trade after they are rescued gain new life through their ministry support. ; Brian McConaghy ; Founding