Topic: Sex Industry
Brittni De La Mora / BREATH OF LIFE
Brittni is a former adult film star now wife, mother and Pastor determined to share the gospel with those trying to exit the sex industry. She joins us to talk about the series Breath of Life we are featuring this month.
Safe Home for Women Exiting Trafficking / MAGGIE BARATTO
The story of (BATH) Beauty for Ashes Transformation House - helping women out of the sex trade.
Impacting Those in Need "One by One" / BECKY MURRAY
Becky Murray is someone who sees needs and responds. Whether it's street children in Pakistan, orphans in Kenya or girls at risk of human trafficking across the world, she is there, when these kids need someone the most; someone who is an extension o
Crossroads Cares Partnership with Ratanak International
Ratanak International works exclusively in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery.
Beauty for Ashes Transformation House / MAGGIE BARATTO
Beauty for Ashes Transformation House (BATH) is a residence for women exiting human trafficking, the sex trade and addiction. Their core mission is to empower women to experience peace and receive vision for a new beginning!
Empowered by Beauty for Ashes Transformation House / FAITH
Faith shares the impact that Beauty for Ashes Transformation House has had on her life.
Former Sex Industry Worker Shares Her Story / SAKINA MILLINGTON
Sakina Millington joins Cheryl Weber to share about her past experiences working in the sex trade industry.
Human Trafficking in Cambodia / BRIAN McCONAGHY
Brian McConaghy of Ratanak International joins Cheryl Weber to speak about how his organization is partnering with Crossroads and working in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery.
Cybersex Trafficking / SAM INOCENCIO
Sam Inocencio joined Maggie John on today's program to speak about the efforts of IJM (International Justice Mission) to combat cybersex trafficking of children.
It was a critically acclaimed stage play and now it's an award-winning movie - Cheryl Weber is joined by Director Daniel Kooman and Lead Actor Giovanni Mocibob of the film "She Has a Name."
Cambodian Taxis Rule the Roads
Kevin Pauls and Cheryl Weber talk about a new initiative young girls are taking in Cambodia to serve as scooter drivers.
Bringing Change to Sexually Trafficked Women
Sally Peter is Founder of Patched Social Enterprise.
Helping Trafficked Women
Maggie Baratto shares about Father's Heart Healing Ministries and helping trafficked women in Canada be restored and her heart to see the heart of Canada healed through the unconditional love of the Father.
Making an Impact Against Human Trafficking
Brian McConaghy is the Founding Director of Ratanak International that is working in the prevention, protection, and rehabilitation of people in Cambodia against sex trafficking. Today he shares how Crossroads Relief & Development Projects in Cambodi
Transforming More Lives Through Your Support
Maggie Baratto, founder of The Beauty for Ashes Transformation Home, joins us to give us an update and the testimonies since we aired the Beauty for Ashes report a few months ago.
In Depth Report on One of the Largest Interpol Manhunt
A story on the case of Christopher Neil and what is being done to combat sex and human trafficking in Cambodia.
A Transformation from Ashes into Beauty
The issue of sex trafficking has been in the news a lot lately. However, Cheryl Weber recently visited a small town in Ontario and discovered an extraordinary story of hope and redemption.
Reporting on the Christopher Neil Trial
Cheryl shares on the reports she will be bringing on the trial of Christopher Neil for the sex crimes he has committed.
Actor Alan Powell / CAGED NO MORE
Alan Powell shares about his role in "Caged No More," a film bringing awareness to sex trafficking.
Actor Kevin Sorbo / CAGED NO MORE
Cheryl Weber speaks with Kevin Sorbo about his new movie "Caged No More". It is bringing the issue of sex trafficking to the awareness of many.
Help End Human Trafficking!
Magdalene John shares how you can help us stop human trafficking!
Church in a Strip Club
Sharon Ninaber is Founder and Director of Church at the Manor in Guelph, Ontario. Church at the Manor is a missional church that meets in a strip club. It is focused on being the hands and feet of Jesus and seeing people come to experience the powe
Called To a Place You Never Wanted to Go
Helen Sworn was a successful businesswoman who left it all behind to follow God's calling to the streets of Cambodia.
Girls with Swords / LISA BEVERE
Lisa Bevere shares her book, "Girls with Swords" - What if you discovered you have been entrusted with an invisible, invincible, and incorruptible weapon? Would you use it? Move beyond study and wield the Word of God.
Leaving the Business World to Help Trafficked Girls
Helen Sworn was a successful businesswoman who left it all behind to follow God's calling to the streets of Cambodia.
Facing the Issue of Sex Trafficking in India
Dr. Merry C Lin talks about her experiences in India working with victims of human trafficking.
Everyone Has the Potential to Change the World
Christine Cane is co-founder of The A21 campaign - she travels the globe preaching, teaching, and advocating for justice.
Combating Sexual Exploitation
A discussion on how we can combat the issue on sexual exploitation here and around the world.
Giving Up the “American Dream” To Make a Change
The Jubilee Project is a production company founded by Eddie, Jason and Eric, who create videos about charitable causes. Their goal is for the body of Christ to unite and encourage one another to do good. Their motto is Doing Good is Contagious! Ed
Equipping Women against Poverty, Oppression and Exploitation
Michelle Rickett is founder and president of She Is Safe (formerly known as Sisters In Service), an international ministry mobilizing advocates to equip women against poverty, oppression, exploitation and spiritual darkness in the world's hardest pla
Bill C-36: You can Make a Difference
MP Joy Smith speaks about the power of one - one email, one prayer, one phone call, that can make a difference.
What is the Joy Smith Foundation?
MP Joy Smith shares her heart about the Joy Smith Foundation, a foundation that works to ensure that every Canadian man, woman and child is safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or force
Exclusive: MP Joy Smith speaks on Important Issues Surrounding Prostitution
MP Joy Smith continues the conversation with Dr. John Hull about Bill C-36 and why it is so crucial for the Bill to be passed.
Former Member of Newsboys Intercepts Human Trafficking through Music
Former member of Newboys, Bryan Olesen is the founder and lead singer of Christian pop/rock band VOTA. For more than a year now, the band has been working to help curb human trafficking between Nepal and India.
Off the Air with Bryan Olesen
Cheryl Weber sits with Bryan Olesen, former member of Newsboys and founder/lead singer of VOTA, to talk about his latest passion - fighting human trafficking.
Giving Life to Rescued Girls
Crossroads partner, Ratanak International, launch program to help exploited girls
Give Life to Trafficked Children
Brian McConaghy, founder of Ratanak International - a charity that serves Cambodian victims of sex trafficking
Giving Life to Children of Svay Pak
Crossroads is partnering with an organization that sponsors programs for sexually trafficked children
Stories of Hope and Redemption out of Cambodia
Moira Brown shares as we feature Brian McConaghy who we have partnered with in the Fight against Child Exploitation-Human Trafficking. Brian McConaghy-Founding Director of Ratanak International-Forme
Good News Out Of Cambodia
Cheryl Weber sits down with Lisa Cheong shares a positive story of restoration out of Cambodia. Lisa Cheong-Cambodia Country Director - Ratanak International