Topic: Selfishness
Dave Ramsey Reveals the Secret of the Rich
Dave Ramsey is the author of "The Total Money Makeover" and has helped hundreds of people get out of debt with his steps to financial success. Here he shares the secret of the rich. It may be more common sense than you think!
Lead a Dying Life
"Die Young" "God Girl" and "God Boy" (Bibles) Hayley and Michael DiMarco Michael- Author/Speaker/Publisher & Creative Director at Hungry Planet Hayley- Bestselling Author & Speaker
Truth to Go - Middle Class Jesus Part 2
Jim Cantelon interviews Tony Campolo and finds out what the "Red Letters" says about materialism. Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology at Eastern University and author of "Red Letter Christians"
Wisdom Walks - Serve Big or Go Home
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Stay in Touch - Overcoming Entitlement
"It seems that from a young age we humans develop a sense of entitlement. One that carries over even into adulthood, and can even carry over into our relationship with God."