Topic: Dance
Addison Aspilla joins us to share a dance challenge with our viewers.
More Than Just Great Dancing / Misty Lown
Lorna Dueck speaks with Misty Lown about giving back to the community through dance.
Do-it-Yourself Brain Improvement
Soulful Messiah
Dance company Ballet Creole goes on an Ontario tour with Soulful Messiah, a modern take on Handel's Messiah. FEATURED IN REPORT: Patrick Parsons-Choreographer, Soulful Messiah
Autistic Girl with DiGeorge Syndrome Dances and Brings Joy Through Dance
Produced By: Magdalene John Clara Bergs is a young girl from Toronto, Ontario who has Autism and DiGeorge Syndrome. She has been making quite a splash on YouTube and bringing joy to many all around t
God Honouring Dance
Dance Theatre Company bridges the gap between the church and dance communities with "God-honouring" dance. Karen Sudds has created Corps Bara Dance Theatre, a Christian dance company, to be a bridge i