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Arts helping mental health / PORTAGE ARTS GROUP
A report on Portage Arts Group--How Art can help your mental health. Featured Artists: James Tughan, Amanda Leblanc, Heidi Brannan & Elizabeth Brooks
Streams in the Wasteland / JOSH TIESSEN
Josh Tiessen shares his art and journeys through what started him out in the world of art and how his family supported his calling. He shares a hard diagnosis his family faced and how it showed him how to draw closer to God.
A Healing Journey / JOHN TESH
John Tesh shares his journey through cancer and the remarkable healing he discovered.
The Importance of the Arts / NATION BUILDING PANEL
As we celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we talk about the importance of the arts to this country. Lorna Dueck and Kevin Pauls welcome panelists Doug Sikkema, Christina Crook, and Dr. Christopher Cuthill.
Great Autumn Reads For Kids
Shelly Calcagno shares some awesome reads for kids this autumn season.
Unseen Arms / AMY BROOKS
Amy Brooks is a joyful, exuberant, and faithful Christian whose vision is to glorify Christ by testifying to the unbeliever of His saving grace and by bringing encouragement to those who already know Him. Her writing honours her adoptive family and
Worship Through Artwork
Rob Longley is an artists who worships God through his art. He has a painting series which shares a depiction of Jesus as He is revealed in each book of the Bible using its stories or themes as a basis for the paintings.
Bible Journaling
Reading the Bible is an important part of our growth as believers. Now there are new ways to get deeper into Gods word. Bible journaling uniquely allows you to express your creativity and worship during your personal time with God.
Family Crafts for Long Weekend
Shelly Calcagno is back with some crafts for the family to do during the upcoming long weekend!
Advent: Keeping Jesus as the Focus
Here is Shelly Calcagno with some easy advent ideas that will help you focus on the celebration of Jesus in this Christmas season!
Coloring the Psalms with Shelly Calcagno
Shelly Calcagno always loved coloring as a child, but it just never seemed socially acceptable for her to pull out her crayons as a grownup - until recently!
Color the Psalms / NOVEMBER OFFER
Artist Michal Sparks created each coloring page to compliment a favorite verse from the book of Psalms and now invites you to add the colors.
Creating a Family Vision Board
It's never too early to have your children set goals for themselves. Imagine sitting down together as a family and taking time to think about the future - how you want to grow, goals to set - all this can be very significant in the life of a family.
Unwrapping the Greatest Gift
We can all get caught up in the Christmas rush. Take time this season to intentionally spend time every day remembering what Christmas is really about. After a beautiful month long journey, arrive on December 25th to Jesus and unwrap the greatest gif
SNOWvember's Here!
Moira Brown woke up on November 1st to a shocking sight - Blowing Snow! Here's how she spent her wintery weekend.
21 Years of Badlands Passion Play
Vance Neudorf, Executive Director of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, is joined by actor Gene Zacharias to talk about their experiences while working on this major annual production.
100-Foot Jesus Statue to Be Built in Nazareth?
A Christian Arab is working on his plan to build a statue of Jesus in Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus which is now dominated by Arab Muslim citizens of Israel. It will be, he says, larger than the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro in
Google, Vatican Restore Ancient Frescoes Found in Christian Tombs
The Vatican and Google are working together to bring to light early-century paintings and some paintings raises questions on whether there were women priests in the early Church.
"Planetshakers" Fastest Growing Church in Australia's History
With 300 people attending its first conference in 1997 in Australia, Planetshakers Awakening has grown exponentially, with tens of thousands joining gatherings at multiple events around the world.
Lecrae: Art Inside & Outside of the Church
Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae talks about following Jesus' model of being light in the darkness. Being criticized for his work with secular hip hop artists, he believes there is art from the church
The Darkness Where God Is
I peaked out of the window just long enough to see that all of the lights in the neighbourhood had gone out, not just ours.
July 31, 2013
Featured: Josh and Zac Tiessen
Canada Heart and Soul Documentaries - Made in Canada
David Mainse speaks with Karen Pascal who directed the Canada Heart & Soul Documentary "Made in Canada". David Mainse-Founder & Former President of CCCI-Former Host "100 Huntley Street" Karen Pascal
The Real Sue Thomas F.B.Eye
Moira Brown speaks with Sue Thomas about how she has been deaf since she was a young child and how God has used her as a secret weapon for the FBI and shared that story through the television series.
The Real Sue Thomas F.B.Eye - Part 2
Moira Brown speaks with Sue Thomas about how she has been deaf since she was a young child and how God has used her as a secret weapon for the FBI and shared that story through the television series
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Moira Brown speaks with Cheryl Nembhard about "The Ultimate Sacrifice" production, reaching todays generation with the gospel. Cheryl Nembhard Writer, Director, Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Exo
My Brother's Keeper
Toronto native, Cheryl Nembhard has dedicated her life to presenting God's love in creative, cutting edge and bold ways. Her newest Gospel Musical "My Brother's Keeper" marks the 5th production of he
"Hercules!" Actor Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" was a hit international TV show for 6 seasons. The world got to know Kevin Sorbo played the lead role. Since then the actor's star has been on the rise,
The Weibes - "Day By Day"
Shane & Angela Wiebe's new CD - "Hymns Collection"
Hymns Collection
Moira talks with Shane and Angela about their story and their unique engagement! Shane & Angela Wiebe's new CD - "Hymns Collection"
Ali Matthews and Rick Francis - "Baby"
Music Video: "Baby" Performed by Ali Matthews & Rick Francis
Tyndale and "Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible" #1
Tyndale and "Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible" are available on the Crossroads E-Store. David Teems Author / Musician / Recording Artist David's Book, "Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God
Mosaic Lead Pastor
Moira Brown had a chance to interview some amazing speakers at the Break Forth conference in January of this year. One of those speakers was Erwin McManus. He's an author, lecturer and Pastor...once n
Christian Clowning
Huntley Street reporter Magdalene John caught up with Hal Grant who transforms into Christian Clown Halaloo!
The Way Of The Cross
Natalie Faith explores various expressions of the Stations of the Cross from the annual Way of the Cross walk by the Roman Catholic Diocese in Calgary to the dramatic, artistic presentation by a Chris
Homeless At Christmas
Produced By: Magdalene John Christmas Play at Stone Church in Toronto deals with homelessness instead of the manger. FEATURED IN REPORT: Romeo Ciolfi-Writer and Director-Born For This Rob Covert-A
The Encounter
Moira talks with actor Bruce Marchiano about portraying Jesus again in a new film "The Encounter"
The Art of Being You
Ron talks with father & son Bob & Joel Kilpatrick, authors of "The Art of Being You - How to Live as God's Masterpiece"
The Art of Being You
Ron talks with father & son Bob & Joel Kilpatrick, authors of "The Art of Being You - How to Live as God's Masterpiece"