Topic: Religion
Fish Out of Water / ERIC METAXAS
Eric Metaxas joins Cheryl Weber to share from his most recent book, "Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life."
Dance2Change The World
On Saturday, November 3rd between 12-1pm, there will be an attempt to hold the Largest Worldwide Flash Mob/Dance Performance in the Guinness World Records in association with YES TV and PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS.
Carlo Espejo & Nicole Hamilton join Maggie John to chat about Dance2Change The World, a global movement of social healing that builds community across cultures, generations and belief systems.
How Great is Our God / DR. JAMES MERRITT
Cheryl Weber sits down for an interview in Atlanta with Dr. James Merritt to discuss his new book "52 Weeks Through the Psalms." Today they chat about Psalm 145.
Heartbreak Hotel / DR. JAMES MERRITT
Cheryl Weber sits down for an interview in Atlanta with Dr. James Merritt to discuss his new book "52 Weeks Through the Psalms." Today they chat about Psalm 137.
Open Doors Petition Update!
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman share an update about the Open Doors petition, which is advocating for rights to religious freedom in the Middle East.
Religious Freedom in Canada / WEB EXCLUSIVE
Cheryl Weber, Maggie John and Greg Musselman want to urge you to pray for Canada's religious freedom on Sunday, November 26th, 2017.
A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ / GEORGES HOUSSNEY
Georges Houssney joins Cheryl Weber and shares his story of growing up in church - and why an encounter years later with Jesus truly began to change his life.
Open Doors Petition
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman speak about signing the Open Doors Petition, which is advocating for rights to religious freedom in the Middle East.
A scholar of the Book of Revelation, his Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins has made history; becoming the 16th Cardinal in Canada. Today he sits down for an exclusive interview with Lorna Dueck.
Faith Renewed By Alpha / MARIE-ASTRID DUBANT
Maggie John speaks with Marie-Astrid Dubant, who is the Quebec Regional Director for Alpha Canada. Marie-Astrid started a new journey by renewing her faith through Alpha.
Detainment of Christians in Eritrea
Greg Musselman and Maggie John discuss the increasing detainment of Evangelicals in Eritrea who are being persecuted for proclaiming their Christian faith.
Impact of Alpha / RYAN MOFFAT
Maggie John sits down for an interview with Regional Director in Ontario for Alpha Canada, Ryan Moffat, who shares how his life has been impacted by Alpha sessions.
Greg Musselman chats with Pastor Robbie Symons about why he wrote his book "Passion Cry."
Check out an exclusive web interview with author Don Hutchinson who shares his opinions about religious freedom and churches in Canada.
What Happens When Freedom is Removed?
Maggie John & Kevin Pauls speak about North Korea's frequent presence in the news lately and share a clip of Rev. Lisa Pak speaking about Pastor Lim's imprisonment.
Gen 2 Gen Millennial Interview / KEVIN PANLILIO
Lorna speaks with YesTV Graphic Designer and millennial Kevin Panlilio.
Effective Ways to Talk About Your Faith Without Annoying Others
Kevin Pauls shares some tips on how to talk about your faith with others without being annoying.
What Could You Give Up?
Greg The Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to ask people what they could give up for Lent.
Can You Break Social Media Addiction?
Cheryl Weber speaks about social media addiction and shares some tips to unplug for Lent.
The Meaning Behind Lent & Ash Wednesday
Kevin Pauls & Cheryl Weber speak about the meaning behind Lent & Ash Wednesday.
It's Pancake Tuesday!
Kevin Pauls & Maggie John kick things off in the kitchen for Shrove Tuesday.
Levite Summit in Kelowna B.C.
Kevin Pauls & Maggie John talk about the meaning behind Lent & Shrove Tuesday in addition to the upcoming Levite Summit in Kelowna B.C.
Living Biblically Sitcom / HOT TOPIC
Kevin and Cheryl talk about a new television show called Living Biblically.
Religion vs. Relationship / GREG MUSSELMAN
Greg Musselman shares some teaching points regarding the difference between religion and having a personal relationship with God.
Is the Stage Set for the End of the World?
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and
When a Loved One walks away from God
Phil Waldrep shares the lessons he has learned from years of researching prodigals, providing parents with the answers they seek.
Shaila Visser shares on ALPHA Canada and focuses on the new revamp to reach out to Millennials.
Life Stories: Emily and Aaron Armstrong
Finding your purpose in this life can be a never-ending search for most people. We turn to many things to find it. A career… Money... Relationships... and religion. Emily and Aaron Armstrong were on this very same search in life.
Other Religions Experiences / IMAGINE HEAVEN
John Burke shares "Imagine Heaven" and shares todays about people of other religions having near-death experiences.
Our Brothers and Sisters in China
Greg Musselman, Cheryl Weber, and John Hull talk about Christians in China.
History Being Made in Cuba
Greg Musselman shares about the history being made in Cuba and what this means for religious freedom.
What is the meaning of the word Jihad? / NABEEL QURESHI
Nabeel Qureshi answers the question, what is the meaning of the word Jihad?
Knowing Jesus Through Persecution
Tom Doyle shares about the faith of those who are persecuted just for believing in Jesus.
Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith
A.J Swoboda shares his book, "The Dusty Ones"
The Underlying Questions Behind Faith Based Questions / RAVI ZACHARIAS
Dr. Ravi Zacharias speaks with Carey Nieuwhof about the questions people ask about faith and how we need to respond.
Lords Prayer Trending on Twitter
John Hull and Joe Amaral talks about the fact that the Lords Prayer is trending on twitter after a controversy over playing the Lords Prayer in UK cinemas was denied.
Does God Bless Those Who Bless Israel? / TARGET ISRAEL
Dr. Ed Hindson, co-author of "Target Israel", reminds us that Jesus was Jewish, the disciples were Jewish and the writers of the bible were Jewish. We as Christians come from a rich Jewish heritage.
Evangelicals Around the World
Evangelicals Around the World
The Phenomenon of Pope Francis
John Hull and Michael Coren talk about the phenomenon of Pope Francis.