Topic: Abandonment
Special School for Orphans in the Ukraine
Recent statistics show that over 100,000 children in Ukraine are orphaned or abandoned to state care. The reality for many of these kids living in orphanages can be bleak. So when students from a loca
Mully Children's Family Needs Your Help
Mully Children's Family has been rescuing kids off of Kenya's streets for more than 10 years. This is the story of Margaret - who was not only rescued herself, but was instrumental in helping 6 others.
Krystle Marriott / #JESUSSTRONG
Krystle has recently begun as a prayer minister on the Crossroads prayer lines. Ironically, she was encouraged by the prayers lines when calling in on several occasions since she began her Christian journey.
A Street Kid's Transformation to a Karate Sensei
5 year old Stella Louku was living on the streets until she was rescued by the Mully Children's Family. That was when she saw hope in her future for the first time.
Father to the Fatherless / CHARLES MULLI
Charles Mulli's story began in the abyss of pain and suffering brought about by inexorable poverty and abandonment. Yet, he turned everything around and became a successful businessman. Little did he know the surprise God has in plan for him...
Caged No More
Trafficking for women and sex has become a worldwide phenomenon. Here at Crossroads' Relief and Development, we are working both near and far to combat this issue.
God is Able to Bring You Through Your Dead End with Joyce Meyer
New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer knows a thing or two about "dead ends". In fact, she was facing a whole load of it at one point of her life. Yet God brought her through each and every one of it.
Is It Spring Yet? Change is Coming
Spring is in the air. At least that's what they say. To be honest, as I look outside MY window, what I see is SNOW in the air! But Spring is definitely on my calendar. Yep, there it is, written in big stylized letters: Spring Begins.
The Story of Mykoli
More than 100,000 children are orphans in Ukraine. Many of them grow up knowing their parents are still alive but are unable or unwilling to care for them. Crossroads Relief and Development has partnered with a local seminary to bring hope and joy in
Restoration of Dignity for Women in Uganda
Marilyn Skinner, co-Founder of Watoto, authored a new book - Return to Dignity. Return to Dignity tells the story of 8 women who have experienced life transformation in Jesus through the ministry of Watoto's "Living Hope" program that ministers to ap
The Devil Has a Plan for Your Life
Moira Brown Speaks to Kevin Albright about how he found healing out of his abandonment from his father after his father tried to kill Kevin's mother. His book: Finding My Father"
Finding Faith Through Facebook
Moira Brown speaks with James Sindrey about his dangerous youth and how he found faith through the father he hadn't seen in 5 years. James Sindrey-Salvation Testimony-Healing, Physical & Relational
Stay In Touch - Immanuel
Ron speaks of the promises in Isaiah
Hope for Others
Geri Pearson Founder, Hope for Mothers Through Christ, Geri Pearson found Freedom from past abuse, fear, guilt and shame. She desires to share the redeeming power fo Christ to give hope to other mot
When "I Do" Becomes "I Don't"
Laura Petherbridge is an Author / Speaker and she sits down to talk about the layers of loss people suffer after divorce. Her book is called "When "I Do" becomes "I Don't"
Minus Negative
Meagan Kelly tells us about the Minus Negative Ministry....a Ministry in Edmonton reaching out to youth by getting them to reach out to the Urban Poor.
Firm Foundations
Sarah Berchtold is President, Firm Foundations Romania Sarah and friends began a ministry centered around orphanages in Romania where they provide thousands of diapers each year to abandoned children
Sarah Berchtold - "Unwanted"
Sarah Berchtold of Firm Foundations is also a very talented singer. She is accompanied by guitarist Kris MacQueen.
A Grandpa raises funds for orphans in Kenya
Moira talks with Arvid Loewen (with Charity) about his motivation for raising funds and awareness for the Mully Children's Family in Kenya. He has written a book "Hope for the Hopeless"
This Is Our Love - Real Life Offering
Jody Cross talks about the victimization of children around the world and how Jesus calls us to be a defender of them.
God, You've Got Mail: 15 Ways to Abundant Provision
Danette Crawford joins Ron and Ann to talk about her book, "God You've Got Mail: 15 ways to abundant provision."
Bible Rescues Men at Sea and Hollywood Executive
Moira Brown speaks with Joe Kissack about his journey as a Hollywood Executive and the book that changed his life Joe Kissack - Author/Speaker, Former Hollywood Studio Executive Book: "The Fourth F
A Thousand Things to be Thankful For
Ann Voskamp's beautiful, heart-aching stories of the everyday give you a way of seeing that opens your eyes to ordinary amazing grace, a way of being present to God that makes you deeply happy, and a
Stay In Touch - A Million Miles Away
The theme for this Stay in Touch - A Million Miles Away
Reaching Out to Street Kids - Part 2
Bill Wilson is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Metro Ministries.
You Can't Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future
Moira Brown speaks with Reggie Dabbs about how he was born after his mother sold herself for $20 to feed her family and how he ended up in foster care and how he has chosen to use that pain for good.
Short Testimony - Runaway child
The Moore's son ran away as a teen, which led to Dave calling out to God and making a committment to Him.
Bringing Hope to Chinese Orphans
Moira Brown speaks with Nicole Chmelar about her work with orphans in China. ; Nicole Chmelar ; Co-ordinator - "Bring Me Hope" Ministries ; DVD: Hannah's Story ;
Discovering the Father's Love
James Jordan explains our worth in God the Father's love for us and how forgiving our parents releases blessings in our lives.
Denise Jordan explains when we forgive our parents for their shortcomings, God the Father will make up the deficit.
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Moira Brown speaks with LeeAnn Lowery Bell about her life of drugs, alcohol before finding God at a Coffee House. ; LeeAnn Lowery Bell ;
Abandoned Disabled Boy Raises Help For Other Children Like Him
Produced By: Natalie Faith Baby Samuel was abandoned because of his physical deformities that he was born with. He was placed in a government orphanage and discovered by Charlotte Seehawer from Calga
Stay in Touch - God Vindicates The Looted
Ron Mainse speaks on how God vindicates the looted
Picked Up For Dead
Jim talks with Miles about his journey from street kid to preacher
Living the Fairytale Dream Despite an Abusive Past
Moira talks with "But For God" author Debra Evans about how her abusive childhood led to an abusive marriage.
Stay In Touch - Praising God Despite Our Feelings
Praising God Despite Our Feelings
Understanding The Role of a Father's Love
Ron Mainse speaks with James and Denise Jordan about the importance in all of our lives to have love from a Father and how we can have that love even with the absence of a Father.
Understanding The Role of a Father's Love
Ron Mainse speaks with James and Denise Jordan about the importance in all of our lives to have love from a Father and how we can have that love even with the absence of a Father.
Choosing To Let Your Past Affect Your Future - Part 1
Jim Cantelon speaks with Bill Wilson about his ministry to those living in the ghetto in New York City and all around the world. Bill Wilson Author, Pastor -- Metro Ministries New York City