Topic: Politics
100 Huntley Street On Location in Halifax / MAGGIE JOHN WITH BILL MILLS
Maggie John sits down with Truro, Nova Scotia Mayor Bill Mills who talks about political life, and his faith.
Summer Jobs Controversy / STEPHEN MAHER
Cheryl Weber speaks with Canadian Political Journalist Stephen Maher about the controversy surrounding the recent changes to the Canada Summer Jobs funding program.
Faith, Leadership and Public Life / THE HONOURABLE PRESTON MANNING
Lorna Dueck and The Honourable Preston Manning chat about his book "Faith, Leadership and Public Life."
Understanding Providential Placement / THE HONOURABLE PRESTON MANNING
Lorna Dueck and The Honourable Preston Manning chat about his book "Faith, Leadership and Public Life" as well as recognizing providential placement in our lives.
Religous Freedom in Canada / DR. ANDREW BENNETT
Lorna Dueck speaks with Dr. Andrew Bennett about religious freedom in Canada, and his new role with Cardus.
United States Presidential Inauguration
Cheryl Weber, Alexander Best & Lorna Dueck discuss the United States Presidential Inauguration.
Is the Stage Set for the End of the World?
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and
The Passing of Elsie Wayne
Joe Amaral and Cheryl Weber share about the passing of MP Elsie Wayne
Christian Persecution Conference
Cheryl Weber talks about attending the Catholic Archdiocese Press Conference focused on Christian Persecution around the world.
Prayer Changes Things / Michael Cassidy
Lorna Dueck shares a past guest who is proof that praying for the world has the ability to change the world.
Inquiry into Missing Aboriginal Women
Cheryl Weber and Carey Nieuwhof speak to Lorna Dueck about the recent inquiry into missing Aboriginal women.
A Law School for Trinity Western University
Cheryl Weber brings us the story of the court battle to give Trinity Western University a law school.
Praying for Our World In Need
John Hull and Magdalene John speak about many recent news stories and why we as a faith community need to pray.
The Honourable David Onley and Ruth Ann Onley
John Hull sits down with The Honourable David Onley and his wife Ruth Ann Onley about his time as Lieutenant Governor and what he is doing now.
Understanding the Headlines
Magdalene John and John Hull talk about updates in regards to Medically Assisted Death, and how both men on trial for the murder of Tim Bosma received a guilty verdict for first degree murder.
Moving Forward with Medical Assisted Death
With the deadline of June 6th coming up, the government is in a rush to get the complete legislation in place. Julia Beazley from Evangelical Fellowship Canada joins us with more updates.
Presidential Candidate Dr. Benson
Dr. Ben Carson talks about his childhood, facing his parents divorce, his struggle with anger and violence but how through reading the Bible he overcame that.
Dr. Brian C. Stiller delves into the region of the Middle East, encouraging us to keep the Middle East in our prayers.
Insider's Guide to Praying for the World
Brian C Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in churches, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. Today Brian is here t
Sign the Petition and Help Bring Reverend Lim Home!
Korean-Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim was sentenced to hard labor for life for "crimes against the state" after a swift 90 minute trial on December 16, 2015. However, his trips to North Korea have always been simply humanitarian in nature.
Dealing with the Refugee Crisis
Johnnie Moore and Cheryl Weber talk about the refugee crisis and how we need to fast track the process for Christians facing this problem.
Why is there a Need for a Book like “Target Israel”?
Authors of the book, "Target Israel", Dr. Ed Hindson and Dr. Tim LaHaye want to help give some insights to what God is doing in the nation of Israel.
Does God Bless Those Who Bless Israel? / TARGET ISRAEL
Dr. Ed Hindson, co-author of "Target Israel", reminds us that Jesus was Jewish, the disciples were Jewish and the writers of the bible were Jewish. We as Christians come from a rich Jewish heritage.
Voting is a Privilege That Not Everybody Has
Maria Shambare is a New Canadian Citizen from Zimbabwe. She shares the value in Democratic Voting and the privilege to vote.
Is Russia Fulfilling Prophecy in Syria?
What are the biblical implications of the current military alliance between Russia & Iran in Syria? Bestselling Author Joel Rosenberg explains in connection with end time prophecy.
Voting is a Privilege That Not Everybody Has
Maria Shambare is a New Canadian Citizen from Zimbabwe. She shares the value in Democratic Voting and the privilege to vote.
The Upcoming Federal Election in Canada
Michael Van Pelt, President of Cardus is with us today to talk about the issues that matter to us in this federal election and help us sort through how our faith might intersect with our vote.
Make Your Vote Count in Canada's Upcoming Federal Election
Make Your Vote Count in Canada's Upcoming Federal Election
Advice on Effectively Engaging Our Culture from a Biblical Perspective – Chip Ingram
Advice on Effectively Engaging Our Culture from a Biblical Perspective
50th Anniversary National Prayer Breakfast
The 50th anniversary of the National Prayer Breakfast
Culture Shock Book Offer
We live in a reactionary culture where divisive issues arise, people on either side throw stones, and everyone ends up more entrenched in their opinions than in reaching common ground--or even exhibiting common courtesy! If there ever was a time for
Reverend Lim, Missing in North Korea
Lisa Pak is a pastor and spokesperson for Light Korean Presbyterian Church, a Toronto area church whose pastor, Rev. Lim, has been missing inside North Korea for a month.
Ontario Sex Education Curriculum Plans – What You Can Do
Magdalene John sits down with Rick Hiemstra (Director, Research and Media Relations for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada) and MPP Monte McNaughton to talk about the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum scheduled to be introduced in September 2015.
3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Stop Boko Haram
Crossroads Relief and Development Producer Cheryl Weber shares her outrage at the ongoing situation in Northern Nigeria as Islamic extremist group Boko Haram continue to murder over 2,000 people since the beginning of this year.
Flashback: John Ashcroft about the Greatest Common Denominator
Ron Mainse shares a flashback moment on January 1, 1981 - when Former U.S. Attorney General, Governor and U.S. Senator shared about the common denominator for him in politics.
Rick Warren, Russell Moore Warn Against Current Sexual Revolution, Defend Marriage at Vatican Conference With Pope Francis
Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore and megachurch pastor Rick Warren, both speaking at a Vatican conference Tuesday, warned that Christians should not succumb to the current sexual revolution or waver on the Biblical truth about sexuality and ma
BREAKING NEWS: Shooting on Parliament Hill
Shots fired inside Parliament Hill and soldier shot at War Memorial. Prime Minister Steven Harper safe. Watch the breaking news live.
What is Bill C-36?
MP Joy Smith explains what Bill C-36 is. It is an answer to a Supreme Court ruling that rendered all the laws around prostitution as unconstitutional.
Bill C-36: You can Make a Difference
MP Joy Smith speaks about the power of one - one email, one prayer, one phone call, that can make a difference.
Bill C-36: Prostitution Reform Laws
Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, MB, Joy Smith speaks with Crossroads Global CEO, Dr. John Hull about Bill C-36 and why it is so crucial for the bill to be passed.