Topic: Peace
July 30 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 7, and Mark 7:20 is the key verse.
July 27 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 4, and Mark 4:39 is the key verse.
July 23 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Genesis 49-50, and Genesis 49:10 is the key verse.
Jimmy Rushton shares how we can bring the peace in every day situations.
Merry Christmas / Peace is Possible
We share greetings from many of the different Nations represented in Canada.
Online Digital Pastoring / JUNIOR SMITH
Our digital pastor Junior Smith shares the amazing work that Crossroads is doing online to connect with people who need the love of Jesus.
What’s your Advice to those looking for peace?
We ask the question, "what's your advice to those looking for peace?"
Finding Peace That Passes Understanding / NORMA-JEAN MAINSE
Norma-Jean shares about how we can all find a peace that passes all understanding.
The Grandparent Challenge / NORMA-JEAN MAINSE
Norma-Jean shares about her growing family with, and how important it is that 100 Huntley Street is continuing the mission of sharing the good news of Jesus to those who need Him.
How Do You Find Peace?
We ask the question, "how do you find peace?"
Is Peace Possible?
We ask the question, "is peace possible?"
What Does Peace Mean To You ?
We ask the question, "what does peace mean to you?"
Is Peace Possible? / REV. KEVIN SHEPHERD
Rev. Kevin Shepherd shares a teaching and insight on whether "Peace is Possible".
What the Future Holds for Crossroads / REV. KEVIN SHEPHERD
Rev. Kevin Shepherd shares his vision and excitement for the future of Crossroads.
So Long, Normal / LAURA STORY
What do we do when life throws us a curve ball, and we lose all sense of normalcy? When our world feels shaken and out of control. Is there a way forward through adverse events, and unmet expectations, that can lead us to our best days yet? Laura Sto
Amplify Peace Panel
Danielle Strickland leads a panel to discuss the "Amplify Peace" movement.
Peace & Reconciliation / DR. JOHANNES REIMER
Moira Brown is joined by Dr. Johannes Reimer of the Peace & Reconciliation Network, who shares amazing stories from encounters around the world.
Today Issa Ebombolo and Rick Cober Bauman join Maggie John in the studio to chat about the Peace Clubs.
Maggie John is joined in the studio by Issa Ebombolo who is an advocate for peace and the founder of Peace Club Zambia.
Reset - Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture / DAVID MURRAY
Kevin Pauls chats with with David Murray about his book "Reset-Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture."
Peace Peace Wonderful Peace // KEVIN PAULS & DON SOMERVILLE
Kevin Pauls and Don Somerville perform "Peace Peace Wonderful Peace"
Building Peace Between Christians & Jews / REBECCA BRIMMER
Rebecca Brimmer chats with Cheryl Weber and Joe Amaral about how she's been working to build peace between Christians and Jews in Israel.
Not Much Peace on International Day of Peace
Magdalene John shares the continued need to pray for our world while there is so much pain and suffering.
Pause with Jesus
Chris Maxwell shares about appreciating the little miracles that happen around you every day. Trusting that God has your life in His hands.
Is Islam a Religion of Peace / NABEEL QURESHI
Nabeel Qureshi delves into the statement that many people make that, "Islam is a religion of peace"
Peacekeeping in the Middle East / CANON ANDREW WHITE
Canon Andrew White shares how his peacekeeping work started and shares stories from the front lines.
From Bahá’í to Christianity
Emily Armstrong shares her story from the Bahá'í Faith to Christianity.
Sheila Walsh encourages us to give our yoke to Jesus and get real rest from Him.
A Global Peacemaker / CANON ANDREW WHITE
Canon Andrew White shares his life of taking risks to make peace in the Middle East.
Shine Like Stars
Moira Brown encourages us to let our light shine for God as we receive His light!
Diary of a Tired Mom - Reflections from One of the Many
Ann Mainse shares a page from her diary and her secret to her daily renewed strength.
3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Stop Boko Haram
Crossroads Relief and Development Producer Cheryl Weber shares her outrage at the ongoing situation in Northern Nigeria as Islamic extremist group Boko Haram continue to murder over 2,000 people since the beginning of this year.
Christmas Word of the Day with Author Bo Stern - INCREASE
Author Bo Stern teaches about the word "Increase" in this segment from Isaiah 9. A great word for those who are struggling to find peace during the holiday season.
Hush the Christmas Hurry and Find the Holy
Ann Voskamp is a gift to the family of God. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women who most shaped culture and the church today, Ann shares how we can get back the real meaning of Christmas.
Extended Interview with Ebola Survivor Nancy Writebol
Missionary aid-worker Nancy Writebol made headlines when she was diagnosed with Ebola. Evacuated from Liberia and flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, she wasn't sure she would live to see her husband again!
A Scrabble Solution to the Scramble of the Season!
Moira Brown shares her wisdom on how she keeps her sanity leading up to a busy Christmas season!
Why We Remember on Remembrance Day
Among the ceremony and parades of November 11, it can be difficult to keep our focus on the purpose behind Remembrance Day.
It can seem like the end of the road and it feels like you can't move on. But he is strong and he has power. He gives his power to those who feel weak.
7 Actions to Fight Anxiety
what does the bible say about anxiety? And how can we suppress our anxious thoughts the very moment they occur? Here are 7 things you can do right now that will restore peace.
Empty Nest
As the children have left the home to pursue their own path in life, Moira reminds empty nesters that they can lean on the Lord in the midst of change.