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BLOG // Mother's Day // LARA WATSON
Lara Watson shares an inspirational story of hope for YOU this Mother's Day!
Can We Live Life Fully? Even During Grief? / NANCY HICKS
Nancy Hicks shares about the loss of her son David, who died in May 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. She hopes to bring encouragement and hope to those who are also grieving precious loved ones, especially during the Christmas holidays.
Moms in the Bible - Lois and Eunice / PASTOR TANIA MEIKLE
Pastor Tania Meikle shares all this week about Moms of the Bible, with so many similarities to Moms of today!
Celebrating Moms - Unconventional Naomi Moms / PASTOR TANIA MEIKLE
Pastor Tania Meikle joins us this week to talk about Mothers including those who act as Mothers to so many children with a mothering spirit.
Moms in the Bible - Shunammite Moms / PASTOR TANIA MEIKLE
Pastor Tania has encouragement for Moms as we head toward Mother's Day with scriptures from Philippians 4:6-7.
Moms in the Bible - Rachel and Leah / PASTOR TANIA MEIKLE
Pastor Tania Meikle joins us all this week as we approach Mother's Day for some inspiring teachings.
The Joys and Complexities of Mother's Day / DANIELLE STRICKLAND
Bible Commentator Danielle Strickland joins us to share a Bible teaching for Mother's Day.
Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace
A child disappears . . . a foster mom faces an impossible choice . . . a baby's future hangs in the balance. When Deb Moerke and her husband decided to become foster parents, they never imagined how their lives would change.
What Does Motherhood Look Like?
Today we're talking Motherhood! Maggie John is joined by Colleen Blake-Miller, Julie Pickett, Melinda Estabrooks and Ruth Thorogood.
The Christmas Shoes / NEWSONG
Newsong performs their #1 hit "the Christmas Shoes"
A Mother is a Mailman
Carol McLeod shares the importance of of being the one who brings your child the facts they need to know for life.
A Mom is a Cartographer
Carol McLeod shares how a mother needs to set the right path for her children.
DIY Mother's Day Presents!
Shelly Calcagno is here to help you with some ideas for a DIY gift for your mom today!
Facing the Reality of Maternal Health / Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese
A warrior on the front lines of maternal health in Uganda is Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese she shares about the challenging situations she faces with mothers in Africa and what we can do to make a change.
Be a Warrior for your Child
Carol McLeod shares the need for child to have a warrior mom
Shelly Calcagno speaks with some amazing momtrepreneurs.
A Mom is a Comedienne
One of the roles as a mother is that of a comedienne - she is the primary source of joy in the child's life. Here's bible teacher Carol McLeod with more on this "job description".
A Mother's Job Description: Chauffer!
Carol McLeod shares the various roles a mother takes in the life of her child.
Role Model Moms – Giving Moms a Chance at Education
Dave Addison is the Executive Director of Toronto City Mission which runs the Role Model Moms program.
Support for New Moms and Unplanned Pregnancy
A group of moms discuss support for unplanned pregnancies.
Fighting for Maternal Health in Africa
Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese, M.D is an Obstetrician and Director of the International Women's Health Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON she is working to save the lives of mothers in Africa who die of childbirth related issues.
The Little Baby Girl
Aliza Latta spent some time in Uganda with our guest blogger, Katherine Brown. She chronicled her experience in Mulago, the largest hospital in Uganda, here...
The Princess has Arrived
Guest blogger, Katherine Brown, had conflicting emotions as she received news of the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton's new baby girl, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day
It's Mother's Day. The time when you can take some extra care to show Mom how special she is.
Mom, You are Not Alone
Moira Brown encourages her fellow moms as Mother's Day draws closer...
What is the Value of a Mother’s Life?
Guest blogger, Katherine Brown, mulls on the haunting question posed by Save the Mothers' Executive Director, Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese: What is the value of a mother's life?
Taking Back The Fringe Hours for Yourself!
Jessica N. Turner is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative, where she documents her pursuit of cultivating a life well-crafted. Additionally, she is a writer for HuffPost Parents and DaySpring's (in)courage, an advocate for World
Sand in My Sandwich - Parenting Through the Unexpected
Sarah Parshall Perry discusses her life as a parent to 2 kids on the autism spectrum.
Joy Moments
Sometimes the moments are overwhelming. Sometimes the moments are exhausting. Sometimes the moments frustrate us and make us want to pull out our hair. But we can find joy in the moment if we take time to look.
Life, Death and Motherhood at Mulago
Guest blogger, Katherine Brown, shares her raw emotions with us as she details her experience with life and death at the maternity ward in Mulago Hospital.
Touched by Tears
I couldn't help but wonder what my children will remember most about me. What will their thoughts be? What kind of LEGACY will I leave for them.
Field Trip: Maternal Health in Budondo
A new blog entry from Moira's guest blogger/daughter, Katherine, as she updates us about her first field trip with Save the Mothers.
My First Guest Blogger!
Moira Brown introduces her first Guest Blogger (and daughter), Katherine Brown! Katherine is working with Save the Mothers in Uganda as part of her internship program.
Moving to the Passenger Side
Sometimes we have to move to the passenger side, and let our kids start to set the route for their lives.
The Way to a Man's Heart - NOT!
An old English proverbs says, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Moira shares a little cooking misadventure in this clip!
Cultural Barriers: Maternal Health in East Africa
Losing 6,000 mothers every year in childbirth, Uganda has suffered a devastatingly high rate of maternal mortality. But changing those statistics IS possible.
A Mother's Influence
Our parents have made an impact on us, whether good or ill, but where ill, there is healing available to us. As women, we are made in the image of God.
Say No to the Dress
"That was it. I knew it was time to stop trying to be Supermom with a full-time ministry and two preschool children at home. I needed to resign from Crossroads and commit to motherhood."
Top 5 Songs For Mother's Day
Encouraging songs for all of the mothers out there who deserve a little pick-me-up! Hope these songs bless you!
Interview: Miss Kay on Overcoming Past Guilt, Forgiveness and Sharing Her Grandmother's Sage Advice
Miss Kay, the matriarch of the Robertson family whose country cooking brings her family together every Wednesday night for a prayer around the dinner table on the hit reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," talks about motherhood guilt, forgiving Phil and sh